MCP-015Compilation/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-015 - Compilation.jpgÐodge podge of ringo clips in various qualities.

01. Sentimental Journey promo
02. It Don't Come Easy promo
03. Back Off Boogaloo promo
04. Late Night LineUp 1969
05. Various Newsfeeds
06. In A Memphis Court Room
07. Airport Arrival in L.A.
08. Live with Jerry Lee Lewis
09. Atlanta 1992 Soundcheck
MCP-035Compilation 2/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-035 - Compilation 2.jpg01. With Keith Moon on In Concert
02. John Davidson on the set of Caveman
03. The Parkinson Show 1981
04. Australian Wedding News
05. LAX Airport super 8mm
06. Good Morning Britain 1984
07. What's My Line? 1986
08. Gene Autry Special
09. Granada TV "+"I Feel Fine"+" 1986
MCP-041Ringo 69/89/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-041 - Ringo 69-89.jpg1. "+"Will The Real Mr. Sellers...."+"
BBC-TV 1969 documentary narrated by Spike Milligan. Sort of an infomercial for "+"The Magic Christian"+".
Includes appearances by Ringo, and Paul & Linda, as well as a glimpse of John.

2. Press Conference at the NY Palladium for Ringo's first All-Star Band Tour.
Complete raw footage from 1989
MCP-051Ringo und die Stadt am Ende des Regenbogens/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-051 - Ringo und die Stadt am Ende des Regenbogens.jpgA two-part German TV show from 1976 with Ringo interviewed in a Hamburg
hotel room as well as interviews with other people. As this is german
language I have no idea what it is about, and why the other people are
interviewed, but if you collect everything, here is something obscure.
What is a Regenbogen?

When it all began: Ringo Starr, drummer of the Beatles, tells childhood
stories and draws a colourful picture of his hometown Liverpool and its
inhabitants. Friends and neighbours recall times spent with him. With
unique and rare documents this film gives light to the beginnings of
British pop music from the mid fifties up to 1962, when the Beatles had
their first modest hit single "+"Love Me Do"+" and played their last show at
the Hamburg Star Club. Horst Konigstein's documentary Ringo und die Stadt
am Ende des Regenbogens denies to be a servile story of cheering or a
simple summary of the Beatles' early career. It is dealing with questions
that in times of glory usually are kept under the rug: How do four young
ingenuous musicians from Liverpool cope with instant fame? How do they
face the high expectations of their audience and critics?
MCP-063Compilation 3/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-063 - Compilation 3.jpg1. Tonight
2. Drowning In The Sea Of Love
3. Hey Baby
4. You Don't Know Me
3. I'll Still Love You
6. Voor De Vuist Weg 1976
7. Parkinson In Australia 1982
8. Ron Wood "+"Buried Alive"+"
9. Jerry Lewis Telethon 1979 "+"Money"+" & "+"Jumping Jack Flash"+" with
Todd Rungren & Bill Wyman
MCP-068A Cellarful of Rrats/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-068 - A Cellarful of Rrats.jpgBottom-of-the barrell material:

A collection of outtakes from the Ringo Starr 1978 TV special.
Lovingly transferred from piss-poor old VHS cassette.
Only for the hardcore fan. Chapter marks at each scene change or slate.
MCP-082Caveman Chronicles 1981 DVD1/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-082 - Caveman Chronicles 1981 DVD1.jpg1. Donahue (missing first couple of minutes)
2. The Barbara Walters Special
3. Barbara Walters outtake - from "+"Best of"+" special
4. The Today Show
5. TV Commercial
6. The Merv Griffin Show
MCP-083Caveman Chronicles 1981 DVD2/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-083 - Caveman Chronicles 1981 DVD2.jpg1. Good Morning America
2. The Tonight Show
3. The Tomorrow Show
4. Entertainment This Week
5. Entertainment Tonight
6. The Merv Griffin Show

7. 4th Of July News Report 1984
8. BBC Evening News: Wedding 1981
9. Jerry Lewis Telethon - On The Phones 1979
10. House Fire news reports 1979
11. Japanese TV 1976
12. "+"Hey Baby"+"
13. "+"I'll Still Love You"+"
14. "+"You Don't Know Me"+"
15. Vancouver 1975
MCP-090Rotogravure Interview/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-090 - Rotogravure Interview.jpg1. Laugh In 1969
2. Rotogravure Interview 1976
3. Schweppes
4. KCET-TV Fund Drive
MCP-111Ognir Rrats/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-111 - Ognir Rrats.jpgDisc 1 - Ognir Rrats
01. Opening Credits / George Harrison
02. I'm The Greatest
03. Yellow Submarine
04. You're Sixteen
05. The Mike Douglas Show
06. Act Naturally
07. With A Little Help From My Friends
08. George Harrison
09. Heart On My Sleeve
10. Hard Times
11. A Man Like Me

12. Good Morning Britain 1984
13. The Michael Parkinson Show 1980

Disc 2 - Supplemental disc
01. NewsCenter4 "+"5 Minutes"+"
02. The Mike Douglas Show
03. Donahue
04. Everyday
MCP-118Son Of Dracula - Bite It!/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-118 - Son Of Dracula - Bite It!.jpgThe complete "+"Son Of Dracula"+" Apple movie starring Ringo with Harry Nilsson
and Keith Moon, supposedly as broadcast on Canadian TV
MCP-155Ringo's Restaurant/images/dvd/Ringo Starr/MCP/MCP-155 - Ringo\'s Restaurant.jpgIn 1987, Ringo, among other investors, opened up a restaurant in Atlanta called "+"The London Brasserie"+". This DVD documents this.
First up is a press conference held to announce the restaurant. Ringo attended the opening on September 26, 1987. The next video shows his arrival at the airport in Atlanta. Then we arrive at the restaurant. Finally, a group of musicians, including Jerry Lee Lewis, Isaac Hayes, and Jermaine Jackson entertain the crowd. At one point Ringo gets onstage. The music continues with Ringo on drums.