1971The Concert for Bangladesh/images/dvd/George Harrison/1971 - The Concert for Bangladesh.jpg2xDVD5Proshot6
1986Heartbeat '86/images/dvd/George Harrison/1986 - Heartbeat86.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1987-02-19The Silver Wilburys Live 1987/images/dvd/George Harrison/1987 - The Silver Wilburys Live 1987.jpg01. Opening Credits/Woke Up With The Blues
02. Checkin' Up On My Baby
03. She Caught The Katy
04. Farther On Down The Road (vocal Jesse Ed Davis)
05. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
06. Enter Bob Dylan
07. Matchbox/Gone Gone Gone
08. Lucille (John Fogerty joins group)
09. Crosscut Saw
10. Bacon Fat
11. Knock On Wood
12. Midnight Hour
13. Honey Don't
14. Blue Suede Shoes
15. Watching The River Flow
16. Proud Mary
17. Johnny B. Goode
18. Willie And The Hand Jive
19. Peggy Sue
20. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
21. Twist And Shout
22. Closing Credits
1991Rare & TV Volume 1/images/dvd/George Harrison/1991 - Rare and TV Volume 1.jpgCollection of TV appearances by George Harrison in the 1980s and 1990s. Some very obscure stuff along with more commonly-seen footage, with music clips (usually "+"When we was fab"+") edited out. The picture quality is pretty ropey, but certainly watchable.

"+"This DVD is volume 4 of a set I have created when transfering my videos to DVD. All of them in this range will be PAL, have menu and chapters and will be Beatles & Solo titles but not mixed. Quality varies on different items but you might find some stuff you haven't seen before."+"

Today Show April 1986
Be Bop A Lula 8/12/90
Countdown 24/2/88
Blue Night 6/12/90
San Remo Festival 26/2/88
Kino 1988
Saturday Night Live 1976
Rapido 2/12/89
This Is Love Promo
Off The Wall 10/10/87
Off The Wall 111/11/88
Off The Wall 1989
End Of The Line Promo
MTV 1988
News At Ten 9/6/86
1991Rare & TV Volume 2/images/dvd/George Harrison/1991 - Rare and TV Volume 2.jpgPress Conference NZ 28/11/84
Wogan With Olivia
Formel 1 20/2/88
Hall Of Fame 20/1/88
Musik Scene 5/3/89
Sweet Dreams 18/2/90
Show Fenster ZDF 20/11/87
1991Rare & TV Volume 3/images/dvd/George Harrison/1991 - Rare and TV Volume 3.jpgDick Cavett Show 23/11/71
Subarasiji Nakamatai ll 24/11/91
Japan TV Nov 1991
ll Caso Rai 8/3/88
Wilbury Twist Promo
Donnington Race Track MGP
1991-12-01Live At The Yokohama Arena/images/dvd/George Harrison/1991-12-01 - Live At The Yokohama Arena.jpgDisc 1:
I Want To Tell You, Old Brown Shoe, Taxman, Give Me Love, If I Needed Someone, Something, Fish On The Sand, Love Comes To Everyone, What Is Life, Dark Horse, Piggies, Pretending (Clapton), Old Love (Clapton), Badge (Clapton), Wonderful Tonight (Clapton), Got My Ming Set On You, Cloud Nine.
Disc 2:
Here Comes The Sun, My Sweet Lord, All Those Years Ago, Cheer Down, Devil’s Radio, Isn’t It A Pity, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Roll Over Beethoven.
BONUS: George Harrison & Eric Clapton Interview, London
1991-12-03Live In Osaka, Japan/images/dvd/George Harrison/1991-12-03 - Live In Osaka, Japan.jpgCloud Nine
Here Comes the Sun
My Sweet Load (that's what it says!)
All Those Years Ago
Cheer Down
Devil's Radio
Isn't it a Pity
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Roll Over Beethoven
199210th Anniversary of Handmade Films/images/dvd/George Harrison/1992 - 10th Anniversary of Handmade Films.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1992The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992/images/dvd/George Harrison/1992 - The Dark Horse Years 1976-1992.jpgDark Horse Feature, This Song, Crackerbox Palace, Faster, Got My Mind Set On You (Version 1), Got My Mind Set On You (Version 2), When We Was Fab, This Is Love, Cheer Down (Japan Live), Devil’s Radio (Japan Live), Cloud Nine (Japan Live), Taxman (Japan Live), Shanghai Surprise.DVD5Proshot2
1992-10-15Bobfest MSG Soundcheck/images/dvd/George Harrison/1992-10-15 - Bobfest MSG Soundcheck.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1994Video From The Material World Volume 1/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 1.jpgHarrison on Rockabilly
Rockabilly rehearsals with Carl Perkins
George & Ravi on David Frost Show
Today Show Interview Series
Shanghai Surprise
Producing ‘The Life Of Brian’
Good Morning America
Rescuing Monty Python
Beatles Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction
1994Video From The Material World Volume 2/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 2.jpgJohnny B. Goode
Prince’s Trust ’87
West 57th
NBC Today Show (Part 1)
MTV – ‘Got My Mind Set On You’ World Premiere
NBC Today Show (Part 2)
Entertainment Tonight (Part 1)
Rock Hall Of Fame coverage
‘Freedom’ from the motion picture ‘Water’
Entertainment Tonight (Part 2)
Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame induction (Part 2)
Carl Perkins
1994Video From The Material World Volume 3/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 3.jpgGeorge Harrison VH-1 Weekend (Parts 1-3)
The movie life of George
1994Video From The Material World Volume 4/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 4.jpgThe Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Royal Albert Hall – April 6, 1992
ABC – In concert profile – 1992
MTV Awards 1994
Billboard Century Award 2004
1990 Camp Wilbury Home Video
1994Video From The Material World Volume 5/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 5.jpgBobfest Rehearsals
George Returns
Much music promo
Much music interview
1994Video From The Material World Volume 6/images/dvd/George Harrison/1994 - Video From The Material World Volume 6.jpgRock Legend George Harrison & Eric Clapton – Live in Japan – December 17, 1991DVD5Aud/Proshot1
2000A Dark Horse On A Dark Race Course/images/dvd/George Harrison/2000 - A Dark Horse On A Dark Race Course.jpg1) Give Me Love (Video-montage)
2) From “The Concert For Bangla Desh”, New York, Aug.01, 1971:
- My Sweet Lord / Bangla Desh
3) Promo 1974: Ding Dong, Ding Dong
4) NBC-TV-Studio, New York: Dark Horse
5) “Rutland Weekend Television”, UK-TV, Dec.13, 1975: The Pirate Song
6) US-Interview, Nov.17, 1976
7) “Saturday Night Live”, US-TV, Nov.19, 1976:
- Here Comes The Sun / Homeward Bound (both performed with Paul Simon)
8) ”DISCO 77”, German-TV, Feb.05, 1977: This Song
9) Promo 1977: True Love
10) Promo 1979: Blow Away
11) Promo 1981: All Those Years Ago
12) From Carl Perkins UK-TV-Special, Oct.21, 1985:
- Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby / Your True Love (with Dave Edmunds)
13) From Prince’s Trust Rock Gala, London, Jun.06, 1987: While My Guitar Gently Weeps
14) The Traveling Wilburys: Handle With Care (Video 1988)
15) The Traveling Wilburys: End Of The Line (Video 1989)
16) The Traveling Wilburys: The Wilbuty Twist (Video 1990)
17) Video 1991: Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
18) Newscast about Royal Albert Hall Concert, London, Apr.06, 1992
19) From The “Bobfest”, New York, Oct.16, 1992:
- If Not For You / Absolutely Sweet Marie
20) “Yin & Yang”, VH-1-TV, Jul.24, 1997: All Things Must Pass
21) Newscast about attempted murder on George, Dec.30, 1999
22) Newscast about George’s Death, Nov.30, 2001
23) Last Interview, Summer 2000 / Video: My Sweet Lord 2000
BONUS: A memorable Interview with George and Ringo on the Mike Aspel Show, UK-TV, Fe. 1988
2000Promo Collection/images/dvd/George Harrison/2000 - Promo Collection.jpgMy Sweet Lord 2000 (intro), Any Road #1, Horse To The Water#1, Blow Away, This Song, Crackerbox Palace, Got My Mind Set On You, This Is Love, Faster, When We Was Fab, Any Road#2, All Things Must Pass, Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby, Your True Love, Instrumental, Glad All Over, Here Comes The Sun (SNL), Homeward Bound (SNL), Here Comes The Sun (Prince’s Trust), While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Prince’s Trust), Absolutely Sweet Marie (Dylan Anniversary), Horse To The Water#2, Handle With Care, Inside Out, Nobody’s Child, She’s My Baby, Wilbury Twist, End Of The Line, Won’t Back Down, Brainwashed EPK, Real Love, Free As A Bird, While My Guitar Gently Weeps (acoustic).DVD5Proshot1
2001Hare Krishna Tribute to George Harrison 1943-2001/images/dvd/George Harrison/2001 - Hare Krishna Tribute to George Harrison 1943-2001.jpgFrom the first time George Harrison saw Hare Krishne devotees chanting on the streets of London, he wanted to meet them. This is the inside story of how he forged lifelong friendships with Hare Krishna devotees and helped make the Hare Hrishna mantra world famous. Approx. 1 hour, color video.DVD5Proshot1
2001Живаго/images/dvd/George Harrison/2001 - Живаго.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Brainwashed/images/dvd/George Harrison/2002 - Brainwashed.jpgBrainwashed EPK (7 minutes approx.)
2005FILM A Beatle In Benton, Illinois/images/dvd/George Harrison/2005 - FILM A Beatle In Benton, Illinois.jpgA Beatle In Benton is a documentary of the first American visit by the Beatles' lead guitarist George Harrison. While John Lennon went to Paris, Ringo and Paul went to Greece, George, accompanied by his brother Peter, arrived in Benton, IL in September 1963. George & Peter were in Benton to visit their sister Louise Harrison-Caldwell, who had moved to Benton in March 1963. During this time, Louise would often visit local radio stations plugging her brother George's band, the Beatles. This video contains exclusive interviews!
Russian language only
2011Living In The Material World/images/dvd/George Harrison/2011 - Living In The Material World.jpgwith russian subtitles2xDVD5Proshot1
2011Living In The Material World (Bonus DVD)/images/dvd/George Harrison/2011 - Living In The Material World (Bonus DVD).jpgDVD5Proshot1