MCP-002Television Nine Special/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-002 - Television Nine Special.jpgApparently this Canadian TV station got the rights to broadcast THE BEATLES BIG NIGHT OUT 1964 appearance, but hacked it up by adding a few US acts. It was broadcast in 1965.
Hosted by Robin Seymour, a Windsor/Detroit TV personality. The Big Night Out Segments are unique as they are direct videotape, not a kinescope, and no time code, though the quality isn't that great (probably because of the PAL to NTSC transfer, as the other groups are great quality).
1. TV Nine Special Intro
2. The Beatles: Opening Sketch
3. The Beatles: Arrive On Boat
4. Lionel Blair: Customs Dance Routine
5. The Beatles: Customs Sketch
6. The Beatles: All My Loving
7. Lesley Gore: A Girl In Love
8. Billy Joe Royal: Down In The Boondocks
9. Paul Revere & The Raiders: Louie Louie
10. Paul Revere & The Raiders: Stepping Out
11. The Beatles: I Wanna Be Your Man
12. Billy Joe Royal: I Knew You When
13. Lionel Blair: Dance Routine
14. The Beatles: Fan Mail Sketch
15. Paul Revere & The Raiders: Louie Louie Go Home
16. Kim Weston: Take Me In Your Arms
17. The Beatles: Till There Was You
18. Lesley Gore: Sunshine Lollipops & Rainbows
19. Lesley Gore: My Guy, My Town & Me
20. The Beatles: Prease, Mr. Postman
21. The Beatles: I Want To Hold Your Hand
MCP-0038mm Films/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-003 - 8mm Films.jpgHouston 65
Hollywood Bowl 65
St. Louis 66
Memphis 66
Chicago 66
Cleveland 66
Dodger Stadium 66
Tonight Show 68
Esher 69
London 69
MCP-007The Beatles At Shea Stadium/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-007 - The Beatles At Shea Stadium.jpg01. Introduction with "+"I'm Down"+"
02. opening Acts 1: The Discoteque Dancers & King Curtis
03. opening Acts 2: Brenda Holloway & Sounds Incorporated
04. The Beatles
05. Twist & Shout
06. I Feel Fine
07. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
08. Ticket To Ride
09. Act Naturally
10. Can't Buy Me Love
11. Baby's In Black
12. A Hard Day's Night
13. Help!
14. I'm Down
MCP-012Magical Mystery Tour/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-012 - Magical Mystery Tour.jpgTransfered from MPI VHS. Hi Fi Stereo sound.
Bonus "+"on the set"+" footage
MCP-019Newsreels/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-019 - Newsreels.jpgBeatles Welcome Home
Guess Who?
Beatles get Showbiz Top Award
Beatles Take Over Holland
Beatles In Washington (Raw Footage)
Beatles Like Home Best
Beatles At The Palace
How To Be Man About Town
Beatles Off To America
Bag One Exhibit (Raw Footage)
Beatles In Rishikesh
Ringo's All Right, Zak
Tonsills Good-bye
John's Rolls Royce
The Beatles Come To Town
Cheer Up, Ringo
Beatles Conquer Aussies
Patti Modeling
Let's All Be Beatles
Beatlemania Grips Gotham
Apple Boutique Opening
Julian's Caravan
Beatlea Conquer America
Xmas Toys Preview
Ringo Leaves The Hospital (Raw Footage)
George Gets Married (Raw Footage)
MCP-020The Beatles In Japan/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-020 - The Beatles In Japan.jpgTHE BEATLES IN JAPAN
The Beatles Live In Tokyo 1966
Original 1967 Japanese TV special sandwiched by a new intro and outro added in 1980.
Recorded direct from the reboradcast on 3/4"+"

Toshiba-EMI in-store promo

MCP-021Once Upon A Time In America/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-021 - Once Upon A Time In America.jpgIncludes the entire David Frost’s “Once Upon A Time” ABC-TV Special from 1975, 60 minutes, plus a short documentary about Beatlefest '74 titled "+"Welcome To Pepperland"+" 20 minutes.DVD51
MCP-023On The Beeb/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-023 - On The Beeb.jpgPreviously available on b.b.b.t. group, however that version was out of sync. This is the fixed version
New York 2.7.64 / Grandstand 2.22.64 / Variety Club Awards 3.18.64 / A Degree of Frost 5.18.64 / Follow the Beatles 8.3.64 / Tonight show 10.1.64 / Not Only But Also 1.9.65 / Tonight Show 6.18.65
MCP-025Film Chain/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-025 - Film Chain.jpgSOUND 16mm Films:
- Experiment In TV
- Frost On Sunday
- Apple / Encore Films
- The Beatles Come To Town (widescreen)
- John Lennon – Cold Turkey
SILENT 8mm Films:
- Tumult Um Die Beatles
- Die Beatles In Germany
- In Liverpool, London, Paris
- A Hard Day’s Night Premiere
- Arrival In New York
- Triumphant Appearance In The U.S.
BONUS: Cinnamon Cinder
MCP-028The Beatles In Australia/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-028 - The Beatles In Australia.jpgA mix of sound and silent footage from the tour downunder.
Art cover by Wogew

Disc One
1. Adelaide News Report & Raw Footage
2. Sydney News Report & Raw Footage
3. Sydney Press Conference
4. Welcome To Australia Ringo
5. Adelaide

Disc Two
1. Raw Footage Part One
2. Raw Footage Part Two
3. Raw Footage Part Three
MCP-029Beatles '64/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-029 - Beatles \'64.jpgDISC 1:
1. Washington DC Press Confernece
2. Channel 5 New York Raw News Footage
3. CBS Raw News Footage
4. Dallas Press Conference
5. Denver Raw Footage
6. Chicago
7. The Beatles Visit Ohio
8. John & George Off To Tahiti

1. Coney Island Raw Footage
2. Forest Hills Tennis Stadium Raw Footage
3. Delmonico Hotel Raw Footage
4. Mitchell Field
5. Los Angeles Press Conference
MCP-030Revenge of the 5th Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-030 - Revenge of the 5th Beatles.jpg1. Ed Rudy on The Joe Franklin Show WOR-TV New Jersey 1984
2. Ed Rudy Talk Album TV Offer
3. Murray the "+"K"+" profile from 2 On The Town (a few months before Murray's death)
4. Pete Best at Blue Meanie Records signing posters and records 1984
MCP-031In The Sixties/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-031 - In The Sixties.jpg1. First U.S. News Report 1963 (shown 12-9-1980)
2. The Jack Paar Show 1964 (original broadcast)
3. A Hard Day's Night Tickets on sale in NYC
4. Bob Burns at Winnepeg Airport 1964
5. Hollywood Bowl 1964 Raw Footage
6. Houston 1965 Press Conference
7. Sam Houston Colliseum 1965 (20th anniversary news)
8. Tokyo 1966 Footage
9. Memphis 1966 Newsreel
10. Toronto Press Conference 1966
11. Beatles Burning & Washington Press Conference 1966
12. Portland 1966 Footage (20th anniversary news)
13. Seattle 1966 Footage (20th anniversary news)
14. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1968 "+"Hey Jude"+"
15. The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour 1968 "+"Revolution"+"
MCP-032The Beatles In Japan Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-032 - The Beatles In Japan Volume 2.jpgThis is another "+"The Beatles In Tokyo 1966"+" TV special, this time titled
"+"From Beginnings To Today"+". It is presented by someone who seems to have
access to a 2"+" tape of the black suit concert. Luckily, his friend the tape
operator is there to spin up the 2"+" tape machine.
The presenter also provides a look at the Budo Kan Hall as it stands today
(or at least when this show was made), and includes various Beatles footage
from all time periods.

- Rock And Roll Music
- She's A Woman
- Day Tripper
- If I Needed Someone
- Baby's In Black
- I Feel Fine
- Yesterday
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- Nowhere Man
- Paperback Writer
- I'm Down
MCP-036Celluloid Heroes/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-036 - Celluloid Heroes.jpgWashington Concert
AHDN Baby Carriage
AHDN Coming To This Theater
AHDN Behind The Scenes
AHDN Are You Ready?
Magical Mystery Tour
Yellow Submarine
A Mod Odyssey
Let It Be
The Magic Christian
How I Won The War
The Concert For Bangla Desh
The Last Waltz
All This & World War II
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
All You Need Is Cash
The Man Behind The Beatles

Help! TV Commercials
Yellow Submarine TV Commercial
The Compleat Beatles Video Trailer
MCP-037Big Night Out 1963 & Shindig! 1964 Uncut/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-037 - Big Night Out 1963 and Shindig! 1964 Uncut.jpgBig Night Out - Studio One, Didsbury Studio Centre, Manchester
This is the complete appearance of the variety show Big Night Out
September 7, 1963, hosted by Mike and Bernie Winters.
Fellow guests in the edition included Billy Dainty, Patsy Ann Noble and
Lionel Blair.
It was transmitted across most of the ITV network, 7:40-8:30 pm,
on Saturday September 7, 1963.

The Beatles miming to four songs:
01. From Me To You
02. She Loves You
03. Twist And Shout
04. Ending with 'I Saw Her Standing There'

The Beatles on Episode #4, taped in England in front of a Fan Club
audience, first broadcast on 7 October 1964.
This performance was recorded in London October 3, 1964 for broadcast
in the States on October 7, 1964.

01. Shindig! Trailer
02. The Beatles "+"Kansas City"+"
03. Jimmy O'Neill intro
04. Karl Denver Trio
05. Lyn Cornell
06. Tommy Quickly
07. Sandy Shaw
08. Sounds Incorporated
09. P.J. Proby
10. The Beatles "+"I'm A Loser"+"
11. The Beatles "+"Boys"+"
MCP-039In The Sixties Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-039 - In The Sixties Volume 2.jpg"+"Extra"+" on the 1961 8mm movie

01. ITV 12-5-63
02. ITV News 1963
03. Cleveland 1964 for "+"Upbeat"+"
04. "+"This Hour Has Seven Days"+" 1964
05. Australia 1964 with Bob Rogers and Aunt Mimi
06. Jacksonville Press Conference 1964
07. Minneapolis Press Conference 1965
08. Jerk With A Badge
09. In Spain 1965
10. Die Beatles in Germany 1966
11. British Movietone News - Circus Krone 1966
12. Rock Years 1966
13. The Ed Sullivan Show 1967
14. Magical Mystery Tour News 1967
15. Encore News
16. Channel 4: The Sixties
17. German TV Clips
MCP-040Lucky Stars On Merseyside 1963/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-040 - Lucky Stars On Merseyside 1963.jpg1. Intro
2. Billy J. Kramer "+"I'll Keep You Satisfied"+"
3. Cilla Black "+"Love Of The Loved"+"
4. Tommy Quickly "+"Kiss Me Now"+"
5. Gerry & The Pacemakers "+"You'll Never Walk Alone"+"
6. The Breakaways "+"That Boy Of Mine"+"
7. The Searchers "+"Sugar And Spice"+"
8. Spin-A-Disc with Bob Wooler
9. Gerry & The Pacemakers "+"I Like It"+"
10. The Beatles "+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+"
11. The Beatles "+"All My Loving"+"
12. The Beatles "+"Twist And Shout"+"
13. Gold record presentation with George Martin
14. The Beatles "+"She Loves You"+"


"+"This Is Your Life, Gerry Marsden"+" from 1985
with appearances by Paul McCartney, Cilla Black, The "+"Original"+" Pacemakers
MCP-043All You Need Is Love/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-043 - All You Need Is Love.jpg"+"All You Need Is Love"+" - a film by Tony Palmer from a script by Derek
Taylor. From London Weekend Television (missing the first few seconds).

In the mid-70s, Tony Palmer produced a 17-part TV series called "+"All You
Need Is Love"+" which was a story of popular music from Blues through swing
to Elvis, The Beatles and Glam. This installment of the series deals with
The Beatles, The Byrds and Donovan. Some of the vintage footage was from
Tony's own 1967 TV-special "+"All My Loving"+". otherwise we get glimpses of
archive material and both Paul McCartney and John Lennon reminisc in
contemporary (1975) interviews. The script was written by Derek Taylor,
the publicist for both The Byrds and The Beatles at different points in
the sixties.

- "+"Dope Sheet"+" 1999 feature on the TVC team (The Beatles Cartoons & Yellow
- "+"PM Magazine"+" on John's Psychadelic Bently
- "+"PM Magazine"+" The Unknown Beatle: Pete Best
MCP-0458mm Films Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-045 - 8mm Films Volume 2.jpgNTSC DVD -Includes upgrades from material found on MCP-003 plus new stuff
NY Arrival
NY Arrival # 2
Pop Movies Present The Beatles Triumphant Appearance In The US
Pop Movies Present The Beatles In Liverpool, London & Paris
Hollywood Bowl 1964
Hollywood Bowl 1964 #2
Hollywood Bowl 1965
Chicago 1966
Dodger Stadium 1966
Tumult Um Die Beatles
Mystery Clip
Candlestick Park 1966
Cavendish Avenue
MCP-047The US Touring Years: Raw News Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-047 - The US Touring Years. Raw News Footage.jpg1. WGN Chicago 1964 (26 minutes)
2. KABC LA 1965 (35 minutes)
3. Cow Palace 1965 & Candlestick Park 1966 (18 minutes)
MCP-05720 Years After/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-057 - 20 Years After.jpgREPORTS ON THE ABBEY ROAD SHOW
01. NBC Overnight Report on Abbey Road Show 1983
02. Good Morning Britain Report on Abbey Road Show
03. TV AM Abbey Road Studios Tour

04. Good Morning America Part 1 (2/7/84)
06. Tom Snyder with Pete Bennett and Cousin Brucie
07. News4 New York (Channel 4)
08. WPIX-11
10. NBC-TV
11. Good Morning America Part 2 (2/8/84)
12. WABC-TV (Channel 7)
13. Good Morning America Part 3 (2/9/84)
14. PM Magazine on KBTL Radio
15. News7 at 5:30 (2/10/84)
MCP-058Les Beatles A Paris/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-058 - Les Beatles A Paris.jpg1. Aujourdhui
BEATLES STORY - FRENCH TV 1976 (B&W 30 minutes)

2. Paris 1965 - from French VHS release
- Twist and shout
- She's A Woman
- Ticket To Ride
- Can't Buy Me Love
- I'm A Loser
- I Wanna Be Your Man
- A Hard Day's Night
- Baby's In Black
- Rock And Roll Music
- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
- Long Tall Sally
MCP-065Christmas at the BBC/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-065 - Christmas at the BBC.jpg'A Hard Day's Night' + 'Magical Mystery Tour'
As televised by the BBC in 1979. Featuring the original mono soundtracks.
MCP-067The Capitol Tape/The Encore Reel/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-067 - The Capitol Tape, The Encore Reel.jpgTHE CAPITOL TAPE
Almost one-hour of video from a Capitol Records source, around the time
of the production of the "+"Love Me Do"+" video.
- "+"Venus & Mars"+" promo
- "+"Silly Love Songs"+" promo
- "+"My Love"+" promo
- "+"Instant Karma"+" Top Of The Pops
- "+"Beatles Welcome Home"+"
- "+"Beatles Take Over Holland"+"
- Swedish "+"In His Own Write"+" interview
- Sweden 1964 concert newsreel
- Drop In 1963

Compilation reel of 16mm films from Encore Films.
- Guiness Book of World Records narrated by Flip Wilson
- JFK press conference
- Australian Press Conference
- MBE Interview
- "+"The Beatles' Hollywood Bowl Concert"+"

- Drop In 1963 (from yet another source)
MCP-072The MTV Tapes/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-072 - The MTV Tapes.jpgThe bulk of this DVD is from a tape obtained around 1989.
To start is around 15 minutes of footage shot on the set of the Buck Owens
collaboration with Ringo Starr of a remake of "+"Act Naturally"+". Also present
on the set is Ringo's daughter.
Then there's a few McCartney & Wings promos taken from the MTV vault.
Next up is a clip of George posing for photos with Dave Edmunds and Jeff
Lynne backstage at the Prince's Trust concert. Olivia and Dhanni are also
Up next is "+"Ou Est Le Soleil"+" from the MTV vault, with MTV logo and time
From a different tape are two "+"Milk & Honey"+" promos and three "+"Tug Of War"+"
promos from the record company tapes.
To fill this out is a bizarre jam session from a Dick Clark special (at
least I was told it was Dick Clark special...). This 9-minute piece
includes Pete Best and Billy Preston rocking out on "+"Roll Over Beethoven"+",
along with Chuck Berry, Hoyt Axton, Elvin Bishop, Eddie Money, Seals &
Crofts, Frankie Avalon, Johnny Rivers, Bo Diddley, Charlie Daniels, Marvin
Hamlisch, Nigel Olsson, Rick Danko, Donald Byrd, Doug Kershaw, Stanley
Clarke, Charlie Rich, Mongo Santamaria & Doc Severinson.
And as if that wasn't enough, there's some Australian news reports on

Sourced from MTV master tapes

- Ringo: On the set of "+"Act Naturally"+" with Buck Owens
- Paul: "+"With A Little Luck"+"
- Paul: "+"Getting Closer"+"
- Paul: "+"Arrow Through Me"+"
- Paul: "+"This One"+"
- George: Behind the scenes of "+"The Princes Trust"+"
- Paul: "+"Ou Est Le Soleil"+"

plus these videos with slates
- John: "+"Borrowed Time"+"
- John: "+"Nobody Told Me"+"
- Paul: "+"Take It Away"+"
- Paul: "+"Ebony and Ivory"+"
- Paul: "+"Tug Of War"+"

- Pete: Dick Clark's All-Star Jam (also with Billy Preston)
- "+"Anthology"+" news from Austrlia
MCP-073Yesterdays/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-073 - Yesterdays.jpg- The Mersey Sound 1963 "+"She Loves You"+"
- Liverpool Empire 1963 from TOTP
- This Hour Has Seven Days Canadian TV 1964
- Boston 1964 Press Conference
- Arrival in Copenhagen 1964
- Arrival in Sydney 1964
- Australian Footage # 1
- Australian Footage # 2
- Austria arrival 1965
- Return from Austria - London 1965
- MBE Press Conference
- 1966 Interview - Reuters TV
- Shea Stadium 1966 CBS raw footage (interview with audience)
- Lilla Journalen
- The Beatles Through The World
- WELT Wochenschau Journal
MCP-075Yesterdays 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-075 - Yesterdays 2.jpgPART ONE - More Silent Films
- The Beatles In New York, Paris & LA
- The Beatles At The Stadium - Cinesound
- A Hard Day's Night Premiere
- ABC News Buckingham Palace 1965
- Salisbury Plain 1965
- Die Beatles In Germany

PART TWO - Leftovers
- Yellow Submarine Premiere
- All You Need Is Love And The Beatles
- Our World 1967 - from Capitol tape

PART THREE - News Reports
- Australian Fan Shows Off His Collection
- America Censored
- Backstage Pass 1981
- Abbey Road News 1983
- Beatle City Opening News
- BBC News - The Beatles At The Beeb
- Beatles Live at the BBC News
- Sotheby's Auction
- The Beatles Museum
- The Beatles Shop
- WABC-TV New Found Beatles News
MCP-076....and now a word from our sponsors/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-076 - and now a word from our sponsors.jpgA plethora of Beatles related TV commercials (in varying quality).

Includes The Ed Sullivan Show, Shindig!, Help!, Yellow Submarine,
Rock & Roll Music, The Beatles Decade, Live at the Hollywood Bowl,
Anthology, Anthology 2, Beatles Ballads, 20 Greatest Hits,
1962-1966/1967-1970, Venus & Mars, Tug Of War, McCartney II, Wings Over
The World, All The Best, Rockshow, London Town, Flowers In The Dirt,
Brainwashed, Goodnight Vienna, Choose Love, Walls & Bridges, Milk & Honey,
Wonsaponatime, Pussycats, Chants Of India, and many more.
MCP-077Yesterdays 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-077 - Yesterdays 3.jpg30 Anni - Italian TV clip compilation
Morcambe & Wise 1963
Money - Thank Your Lucky Stars 1963
Twist & Shout - Lucky Stars on Merseyside 1963
Royal Variety Show 1963
Jack Paar - rebroadcast
Wimbleton Palais 1963 silent
American Bandstand 1964
Richard Lester UK TV 1964
Melbourne 1964 - as shown on Night Moves
Blackpool Night Out 1965 clip - The Sixties
Munich 1966 clip - as shown on Show News
Southwest at 6 1967
Grammy Awards 1971
Tomorrow Never Knows/Within You Without You - Top Of The Pops 2

MCP-079The Sixties: The Beatles' Decade/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-079 - The Sixties. The Beatles\' Decade.jpgThis is the decade of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll and the Beatles are right
in the thick of it. This series puts into context events around the globe,
and in Britain, that took place during the sixties. And asks what is the
real legacy of the swinging sixties? We follow the Beatles career from
Liverpool to the world stage and from innocence to drug taking.
We hear from: Mary Quant, Sian Phillips, Hunter Davies, Paul Gambaccini,
Alan Bleasdale, Rita Tushingham. Lord Heseltine, Steven Berkoff, Tony Benn,
George Melly and Philip Norman, to name just a few. They tell us where
they were at key moments in the decade the shooting of JFK and the Cuban
missile crisis and what the sexual revolution and the end of a class bound
Britain meant to them.
By the end of the decade, Britain had genuinely changed. Youth culture had
been born. Political protest had taken to the streets; and blind, class
deference had gone forever. The Beatles had personified this social
revolution - and their split coincided with the return of conservatism.
But in the historical ebb-and-flow of the decades that followed much of
this change would be permanent. The world really would never be the same

Programme 1: Teenage Rebels 1960- 1961
The Beatles' decade began in Liverpool in July 1957 when 16 year old John
Lennon and 15 year old Paul McCartney met. This chance encounter produced
one of the most important musical partnerships of the 20th Century. They
listened to American artists and hung out in the Jacaranda coffee bar.
They were part of a new breed of "+"teenagers"+" who benefited from their
parents increasing affluence. Fashion was changing too, and Mary Quant
designed youthful and colourful dresses. In America, youth was winning too,
and Kennedy was elected President. The Beatles went to Hamburg in 1960 and
discovered freedom, sexual freedom. But the Cuba Missile Crisis posed a
great threat to world peace. Working class writers and actors started to
emerge along with the Beatles. Everything was changing. Music, consumer
goods, fashion - the sixties generation really did seem to have it all.

Programme 2: Sex, spies and rock & roll 1962 - 1964
In Liverpool in 1962 the Beatles caused a sensation at the Cavern Club.
They had only one single to their name. But a fateful meeting with Brian
Epstein was to help them top the charts. Epstein changed their image from
the American biker look and realised the Sixties was the selling decade.
Youth was all the rage and the old Tory Prime Minister Harold McMillian
seemed out of step with the times. The Profumo sex scandal nailed the
Tories and before long Harold Wilson's Labour government took power. The
age of deference had passed and the Beatles played up their cheeky persona.
As Beatlemania was exported around the world, it embodied the optimism and
national pride which had infected Britain. By the end of 1964 Britain had
shifted into a modern age. The Beatles success was evidence that a more
meritocratic society had arrived and class barriers had fallen.

Programme 3: Swinging Britain 1965-1966
By 1965 the cultural renaissance of Britain was in full swing and the
Beatles embodied the feeling of optimism. Having won over at home the
Beatles were ready to take on the world. The new fashion labels like Biba,
new faces like Twiggy and hair dressers like Vidal Sasson were an important
ingredient in the Swinging London explosion. However, the economy was in
a terrible state Harold Wilson had inherited huge debts and done little to
stem the problem. And The Beatles lives as superstars had turned into a
living hell by 1966.

Programme 4: Street Fighting Years 1967 - 1968
In April 1967 The Beatles produced the drug fuelled Sgt Peppers, an Album
that was to change everything. The Beatles had turned to eastern mysticism
and become distant from their mentor, Epstein, who died suddenly. Britain
was undergoing a radical transformation from the legalisation of
homosexuality and abortion to the relaxation of theatre censorship and
introduction of the 'no contest' divorce. But soon the social revolution
was overtaken by political revolt on the streets against the Vietnam War.
At the beginning of 1968 the Beatles took control of their own careers.
They had a grand vision of a media empire and set up a number of companies
under the name Apple. It was a disaster. Privately the Beatles were arguing
about Yoko, about what they should record, about the future. Outwardly they
were still sensationally successful. But there was trouble brewing.

Programme 5: The Party Is Over 1969 - 1970
As the decade came to an end a more chaotic world was to come. But what
had changed dramatically during the 1960s was the education system and
the introduction of the 11+ . Both John Lennon and Paul McCartney went
onto Liverpool Grammar schools. But now their new wives, Linda and Yoko
with very different personalities, had one thing in common - they were
strong, independent women. In this they typified the changing relationship
between men and women which was beginning to emerge in the late sixties.
The Beatles split up and Harold Wilson gone, the Sixties had well and
truly ended.
MCP-080Ringo's Private Reel/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-080 - Ringo\'s Private Reel.jpgShe's A Woman / Ticket To Ride / Lady Madonna
Paperback Writer / Strawberry Fields Forever / Day Tripper
Don't Let Me Down / Hello Goodbye #1
It Don't Come Easy / Sentimental Journey / Suicide / Hello Goodbye #2
Back Off Boogaloo / Rain / Hello Goodbye #3 / Something
A Day In The Life

The quality on "+"Chronology"+" is better than this disc, however what you have here is the unedited, unprocessed original 3/4"+" tape copied to VHS, which then proceeded to deteriorate for many, many years.

I offer this as a record of a time when multiple versions of "+"Hello Goodbye"+", "+"Something"+", "+"A Day In The Life"+", the Chiswick Park "+"Rain"+", as well as almost every chapter on this tape, was never seen on home video. (Well, actually I had a copy of "+"Something"+" shot on 8mm at a Beatlefest from the 1st row aimed up at an angle.)

As bonus filler I have added:

Video Jukebox
John Peel presents an interview with Richard Lester, and the promos for "+"Strawberry Fields Forever"+", "+"Penny Lane"+" and "+"Hello Goodbye"+"

The "+"A Day In The Life"+" promo taken from a short film titled "+"Watch Out For Your Ears"+".
This film featured Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, and The New Animals, as well as including this Beatles promo. It looks the same to me, but I offer it due to it's unique source. One of the Hendrix clips in this film is the one of him performing "+"Sgt. Pepper"+" at the Saville Theatre, and the Joe Cocker clip is a promo for "+"With A Little Help From My Friends"+".

The Dirty Mac
from a black & white workprint for the Rolling Stones Rock N Roll Circus.

Chicago 1964 excerpt
from It's Only Rock N Roll's website auction
MCP-081Beatlemania/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-081 - Beatlemania.jpg1. Beatlemania (BBC-TV special about the state of Beatlemania in 1983
more of a documentary about the fans)
2. BBC-TV Nationwide on Brian Epstein
3. The Tube 1983 with Dezo Hoffman
MCP-08416mm Gems/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-084 - 16mm Gems.jpgThree 16mm sourced films.
1. Vara TV Show 1964 - nice 30 minute copy
2. Hollywood Star Newsreel - not really a gem, but not from a re-broadcast. 20 minutes.
3. Let It Be Outtakes - original black and white silent footage from a UK source (c.1981). All of this footage may be replicated in "+"Winter of Discontent"+" however this is the raw footage in it's original form, "+"as nature intended"+". 40 minutes.
MCP-088This Is Your Life, Sir George!/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-088 - This Is Your Life, Sir George!.jpgTHIS IS YOUR LIFE
Season 20, Episode 10
January 30, 1980
with appearances by
Paul McCartney
Dudley Moore
Billy J. Kramer
and more
25 minutes

March 21, 1986
8 minutes

Episode Two: Melody
December 29, 1997
with appearances by
Brian Wilson
Paul McCartney
Celine Dion
Billy Joel
and more
48 minutes

MCP-09125 Jahre Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-091 - 25 Jahre Beatles.jpg1. 25 Jahre Beatles: Phanomen und Legende - ZDF/ORF, 1985
2. Sgt. Pepper CD Release news
3. TempBeatle - US TV "+"Fridays"+", 1980
MCP-092The Beatles And The Sixties/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-092 - The Beatles And The Sixties.jpg1. The Beatles And The Sixties - Japanese NHK-TV, 1982
2. The Story Of The Beatles - Dutch TV, 1983
MCP-093Yesterdays 4/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-093 - Yesterdays 4.jpgThe Dezo Hoffman 8mm Movies
"+"Twist And Shout"+" Japanese TV promo
A Hard Day's Night Featurette
A Hard Day's Night Premiere 8mm
Live clip 1964
MBE Interview 1965
Blackpool Night Out 1965
British Movietone News 1966
Murray The K In New York excerpt (from "+"What's Happening!"+")
Brian Epstein on Hullabaloo (with Andrew Loog Oldham)*
1970 clip
Beat Club: "+"They Are Not Dead"+" Special excerpt ("+"We Can Work It Out"+"/"+"Paperback Writer"+"/"+"Revolution"+"/"+"The Ballad Of John And Yoko"+"/"+"Stand By Me"+")
Vintage clips shown on Italian TV
Behind the Scenes of "+"Birth Of The Beatles"+" from German TV, with Pete Best
Abbey Road 1983 News
The Rutles "+"I Must Be In Love"+" Warner Bros. promo
Murray the K on American Bandstand 1966*
Badfinger "+"No Matter What"+" promo
Badfinger "+"Come And Get It"+" from Beat Club
Badfinger "+"Rock Of All Ages"+" from Beat Club
Badfinger "+"No Matter What"+" promo 2
MCP-100Songbook CBS-TV 1970/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-100 - Songbook CBS-TV 1970.jpg1. The Ed Sullivan Show
2. The Beatles - Two Of Us
3. Commercial: Ben-Gay
4. Dionne Warwick - We Can Work It Out
5. Commercial: TUMS
6. The Muppets - Octopus' Garden
7. Peggy Lee - Something
8. Edward Vialella - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
9. Commercial: Pacquin Hand Cream/Norelco
10. Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme - Love Song Medley
11. Commercial: Mercury Monterey
12. Duke Ellington & His Orchestra - Salute The Beatles
13. Peggy Lee - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
14. Dionne, Peggy & Paul - Yesterday
15. Commercial: FemIron/Nikoban
16. Peter Gennaro - Beatles Medley
17. The Beatles - Let It Be
18. Commercial: Tender Touch Bath Oil/Enden Shampoo
19. Goodnight
MCP-103Yesterdays 5/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-103 - Yesterdays 5.jpgINTERTEL PROMOS
- We Can Work It Out (version 1)
- Day Tripper (version 2)
- We Can Work It Out (version 2)
- We Can Work It Out (version 3)
- Day Tripper (version 3)
- Help!
- I Feel Fine
- Ticket To Ride
- I Feel Fine (Fish and chips)

- Paperback Writer
- Paperback Writer
- Paperback Writer
- Rain
- Please Please Me
- Please Please Me
- Please Please Me (as shown on "+"Top Of The Pops"+")

- Richard Lester UK TV 1964
- Wimbleton 1964 silent
- Andere Tijden 2000 *(originally shared by cagney on JPGR - thanks!)
- The Trailer That Saved The Beatles' Lives
- Revolver Press Conference
- Hollywood Bowl 1965 8mm
MCP-106Kum Back!/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-106 - Kum Back!.jpgThe Let It Be Outtakes Video, Transfered during the production of “Nobody Told Me/Stepping Out” videos 1984:
01) Silent color clip (John & Yoko), 02) All Things Must Pass, 03) Old Hilbilly Way/Oh Donna, 04) House of The Rising Sun, 05) Commonwealth, 06) Peter Sellers Visits, 07) All Things Must Pass, 08) Another Silent color clip (John & Yoko), 09) A Quick One (color - out of sync), 10) Black & White silent (John & Yoko), 11) Yoko's Jam, 12) Get Back, 13) Let It Be, 14) Let It Be Playback, 15) Let It Be, 16) For You Blue Playback, 17) I Got A Woman, 18) Let It Be, 19) Two of Us, 20) Let It A, Let It Be, 21) You Really Got A Hold On Me, 22) Yoko Jam 2, 23) Let It Be, 24) I Told You Before Don't Come Near My Door, 25) Dig It Playback, 26) I Want You, 27) I Got A Feeling, 28) Can You Dig It, 29) All Things Must Pass, 30) Paul Speaks, 31) Save The Last Dance For Me, 32) Ringo & Billy Jam
Thank Your Lucky Stars 1964:
01) Color Bars, 02) I Feel Fine, 03) She's A Woman, 04) I'm A Loser, 05) Rock And Roll Music.
MCP-110Around The Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-110 - Around The Beatles.jpgUK TV show - April 28, 1964 transferred from 16mm film (black and white).

01. Intro
02. Twist And Shout
03. Roll Over Beethoven
04. Long Tall Sally
05. Millie Small
06. Long John Baldrey
07. Sounds Incorporated
08. PJ Proby
09. Millie Small
10. Sounds Incorprated
11. The Vernon Girls
12. Long John Baldrey
13. Cilla Black
14. PJ Proby
15. A Midsummers Night Dream
16. PJ Proby
17. Cilla Black
18. Hits Medley
19. Shout!

Audio only
20. Music Rehearsal
21. Sheakspeare Rehearsal
20. Murray The K Interview
21. Paul Drew
22. Klas Burling Interview

Audio sourced from "+"As It Happened Baby"+" and "+"27 April 1964 to 30 May 1964"+"
MCP-112From The North/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-112 - From The North.jpgBroadcast in 1985, Channel Four had an evening of "+"Granada In The Sixties"+".
This DVD is the rebroadcast of "+"The Music Of Lennon And McCartney"+" from
that special evening. Includes commercials.

Bonus pieces:
Granada TV In The Sixties - 30 minute overview, broadcast the same evening
World In Action 7.31.67 original broadcast with Mick Jagger. This had been
rebroadcast by PBS in the US, but this copy is from my PAL copy that I had
obtained prior to that rebroadcast.
MCP-113Shea Stadium August 15, 1965/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-113 - Shea Stadium August 15, 1965.jpgIncludes reorganized version of the BBC 1979 "+"Christmas With The Beatles"+"
broadcast, put in semi-chronological order.

Shea Stadium - August 15, 1965:
01. Traveling To Shea Stadium
02. Murray The "+"K"+"
03. The Discoteque Dancers
04. King Curtis
05. Brenda Holloway
06. Sounds Incorporated
07. Cousin Brucie/Dressing Room
08. Ed Sullivan
09. Twist & Shout
10. I Feel Fine
11. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
12. Ticket To Ride
13. Act Naturally
14. Can't Buy Me Love
15. Baby's In Black
16. A Hard Day's Night
17. Help!
18. I'm Down

an audio-only "+"The Beatles Abroad"+" BBC broadcast, with photo slideshow.
MCP-1151962-1970/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-115 - 1962-1970.jpgA collection of newsreels and news footage.

Too much to list. Chapters every 2 minutes.
Good stuff. Wish it was better quality.
If anyone has a master, please share it!
MCP-120The IF Tapes Volume One/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-120 - The IF Tapes Volume One.jpgTwo complete IF Productions tapes from the late 70s.
A little nostalgia for the old folks.

The Beatles In Minneapolis
Wings In Minneapolis

American Bandstand 1967
John: Old Grey Whistle Test
The Beatles Come To Town
John: Interview In Holland 1970
Dave Clark 5: Pathe News
MCP-121The IF Tapes Volume Two/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-121 - The IF Tapes Volume Two.jpgTwo complete IF Productions tapes from the late 70s.
A little nostalgia for the old folks.

Australian Interview
The Man Behind The Beatles
Dark Horse
The Ed Sullivan Show

Ding Dong
Only You
Blow Away
Drowning In The Sea Of Love
No No Song
Tokyo 1966 TV excerpts
Lennon In Malibu
George on CBS News
MCP-122Yellow Submarine From BBC Xmas 1979/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-122 - Yellow Submarine From BBC Xmas 1979.jpgThe BBC Xmas with the Beatles broadcast version.
A little clipped at the beginning.
MCP-123Japanese TV Anthology/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-123 - Japanese TV Anthology.jpgA compilation of clips from Japanese television that deal with the Beatles' visit to Japan in 1966. Also includes a segment on John's visit to Japan in 1979 with an interview with Yoko (speaking in her native tongue).2xDVD51
MCP-124BBC Christmas With The Beatles 1979: Magical Mystery Tour/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-124 - BBC Christmas With The Beatles 1979. Magical Mystery Tour.jpgMagical Mystery Tour (original mono soundtrack)

- Southwest At Six
- Outtakes Compilation *
- I Am The Walrus (Anthology) *
- Outtakes Compilation **
- You Made Me Love You (Anthology) **
- Movie Trailer **

* borrowed from "+"At The Movies"+" DVD
** borrowed from "+"Sgt. Peppers' Magical Mystery Tour"+" DVD
MCP-125Upgrades Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-125 - Upgrades Volume 1.jpgUpgrades of material previously issued on MCP DVDs

Sydney Press Conference 1964 - new source - previously issued on MCP-028
Hollywood Bowl 1964 - new source - previously issued on MCP-031
Dodger Stadium 1966 8mm - new transfer - previously issued on MCP-003
The Pat Deese 8mm Films - new transfer - previously issued on MCP-003
MCP-129SONY Presents Let It Be/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-129 - SONY Presents Let It Be.jpgDVD51
MCP-130British Pathe News/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-130 - British Pathe News.jpgDVD51
MCP-131YouTube 2013/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-131 - YouTube 2013.jpgDVD51
MCP-132YouTube 2014/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-132 - YouTube 2014.jpgDVD51
MCP-133The Morecambe And Wise Show 'Hello Bongo'/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-133 - The Morecambe And Wise Show \'Hello Bongo\'.jpgThe uncut episode with timecode
01 ATV intro
02 The Morecambe And Wise Show opening
03 "+"This Boy"+"
04 "+"All My Loving"+"
05 Cooking For Pleasure skit
06 Western Movies skit
07 "+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+"
08 "+"Moonlight Bay"+"

Excerpts without timecode
09 ATV Intro
10 "+"This Boy"+"
11 "+"All My Loving"+"
12 "+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+"
13 "+"Moonlight Bay"+"

And just to fill some space......
14 Morecambe And Wise on Parkinson 1972
MCP-134The Ed Sullivan Show February 16, 1964 Uncut/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-134 - The Ed Sullivan Show February 16, 1964 Uncut.jpgWhile we wait for the HMC Sullivan DVDs, here is the February 16th show as originally broadcast, complete with Kent cigarette commercials, and promos for The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Judy Garland Show.

From my VHS tape.
MCP-137Rage 1987/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-137 - Rage 1987.jpgBroadcast in Australia for the 20th anniversary of Sgt. Pepper. Almost 4 hours long!

Movie Medley
Love Me Do
Please Please Me
She Loves You
Nowhere Man
Rock And Roll Music
From Me To You
This Boy
Ticket To Ride
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
You’re Going To Lose That Girl
Hello Goodbye
All You Need Is Love
Hey Jude
Let It Be
One After 909
The Long And Winding Road
Get Back
Stand By Me
Slipping And Sliding
Coming Up
Blow Away
Wrack My Brain
Give Peace A Chance
Letting Go
Ding Dong Ding Dong
Take it Away
Crackerbox Palace
Old Siam Sir
Nobody Told Me
Ebony and Ivory
Getting Closer
All Those Years Ago
Jealous Guy
A Day In The Life
Walking On Thin Ice
Stop And Smell The Roses
Hell In Paradise
We All Stand Together
No More Lonely Nights
So Bad
Pipes Of Peace
Long Tall Sally
Grow Old With Me
Junior’s Farm
Tug Of War
Spies Like Us

Some of these, or most of these clips, have been shared since from better sources, but this is a trip in time back to '87. Back then, promos like these were hard to find in one place. Though we did already have a color copy of the Let It Be movie - but not in Australia because it's b&w in here!
MCP-142Rock Arena/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-142 - Rock Arena.jpgyet another Australian 80s TV show, featuring Beatles videos

Back In The USSR
Old Siam, Sir
Ding Dong
Only You
Movie Medley
MBE Interview
Letting Go
This Song
Drowning In The Sea Of Love
She Loves You
I've Had Enough
Crackerbox Palace
Stop And Smell The Roses
Epstein's Death
Oh My Love
Mull Of Kintyre
George and Patti
True Love
Wrack My Brain
Coming Up
I Should Have Known Better
Stand By Me
All Those Years Ago
MCP-143CBS News/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-143 - CBS News.jpgKennedy Airport
Plaza Hotel
Delmonico Hotel
Warwick Hotel
Capitol Records Tower
Shea '66
MCP-144Australia 1964 Silent Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-144 - Australia 1964 Silent Footage.jpgA plethora of silent black & white footage from the Australian tour.
The contents of the Lazy Tortoise CD “The Australian/New Zealand Tour Diary June/July 1964 Disc 4” has been used to replace the silence. The chapters on the DVD are for the audio (with the silent footage as accompaniment).
MCP-145Australia 1964 Sound Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-145 - Australia 1964 Sound Footage.jpgAll previously avaiable on other MCP discs, however these have been captured and authored at a higher bitrate, using a time base corrector and filters.

Airport live News Report
Adelaide News Report
Southern Corss Hotel Interview
Kingsford Smith Int'l Airport Mascot NSW
Sydney News Report
Press conference South Austrlaian Hotel, Adelaide SA
Ringo and Brian - Kingsford Smith Int'l Airport
MCP-146The Mike Walsh Show 1984/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-146 - The Mike Walsh Show 1984.jpgA special episode of Australia’s long running talk show, The Mike Walsh Show, from 1984.
This episode celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Beatles tour of Australia.
There are several cover versions of Beatles’ tunes by Australian artists, which are mediocre at best, but there is also some good stuff.
Bob Rogers, along with other DJs from that time, are interviewed about the tour. Glenn A. Baker is also interviewed, as well as recollections from others that were around for the tour.
Glenn Shorrock and John Farnham, both formerly of The Little River Band, are also there to fill time, apparently.

Since there was room (and since it was on the same tape) I’ve also included two appearances of Dezo Hoffman from Australian TV.
MCP-147The Barbre Reels (Widescreen)/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-147 - The Barbre Reels (Widescreen).jpgThe contents on this single VHS tape had been previously used on my earlier DVDs, however this is now a more stable capture.
I also saw that there was alot of blank space on screen, so I opted to try making a widescreen DVD. i didn't have to crop too much to make it fill a 16:9 screen, but for completists I also created a letterboxed 4:3 version (MCP-148) too.
MCP-148The Barbre Reels (Letterboxed)/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-148 - The Barbre Reels (Letterboxed).jpgThe contents on this single VHS tape had been previously used on my earlier DVDs, however this is now a more stable capture.
I also saw that there was alot of blank space on screen, so I opted to try making a widescreen DVD. i didn't have to crop too much to make it fill a 16:9 screen, but for completists I also created a letterboxed 4:3 version (MCP-148) too.
MCP-150Beatles Private Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-150 - Beatles Private Footage.jpgMainly sourced from 8mm films shot by fans. All silent with dubbed sound.

1. Day Tripper
shot by a fan off of their TV screen
2. Interview
this is an 8mm taken from a 16mm newsfilm. not sure where this is from.
3. Salisbury Plain 1965
Help! location footage from 8mm film sold thru fan magazines
4. Buckingham Palace 1965
not really "+"private footage"+", but this bit of 8mm taken from a 16mm news film was
given to me with a dubbed soundtrack that I love, so I wanted to keep it intact.
5. Houston 1965
8mm shot by a fan
6. Hollywood Bowl 1965
8mm copy of a 16mm news crew film
7. Cleveland 1966
8mm shot by John Awarski
8. Cleveland 1966
16mm shot by a news crew
9. St. Louis 1966
10. Chicago 1966
11. Memphis 1966
12. Dodger Stadium 1966
13. Candlestick Park 1966
14. The Tonight Show 1968
fan shot 8mm from TV screen. the sound was on the copy of the film I received.
15. Esher 1969
8mm shot in August 1969 by Pat Simmons
16. EMI Studios 1969
8mm shot in August 1969 by Pat Simmons
17. Something
8mm shot at a Beatlefest showing of the promotional film
MCP-151Solo Beatles Private Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-151 - Solo Beatles Private Footage.jpgGeorge on The David Frost Show 1971
Fan shot from tv screen

Wings live in Sweden 1972

Wings live in Antwerp 1972

John and Yoko: Luck of The Irish rehearsal 1972
Recorded at John’s Bank Street apartment on ¾” videotape. With live sound.
This is a composite of my tape, and a YouTube source. The YouTube source is at the very beginning and at the very end.

George live at Madison Square Garden 1974

John on Manhattan Cable TV “Ugly George” 1977
The audio is an interview with John. The video is a looped section shot on ¾”.

George at the Long Beach Grand Prix 1978
Shot on 8mm by Kris Spackman

Ringo at LAX Airport 1982
Shot on Super8mm by “Beckman”

Paul at the NY Broad Street premiere 1984
Shot on Super8mm by Pat Deese

Paul at the LA Broad Street premiere 1984
Shot on Super8mm by Pat Deese. With live sound.

Paul at the Hamilton Gallery 1984
Shot on Super8mm by Pat Deese

Paul leaves AIR Studios London 1985
Shot on Super8mm by Pat Deese

Ringo – Atlanta Soundcheck 1992
Shot on video with live sound
MCP-153Hollywood Bowl Raw Footage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-153 - Hollywood Bowl Raw Footage.jpgThe Hollywood Star Newsreel
Bob Eubanks Interview
Girls at the Hollywood Bowl
The Beatles' Hollywood Bowl Concert newsreel
The Beatles' Hollywood Bowl Concert outtakes
CBS-TV News Footage
CBS News 1984
Hollywood Bowl 1965 news footage
Hollywood Bowl 1965 8mm
MCP-154California/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-154 - California.jpg1964
California DJs
Interview with George
At the barbershop
Airport Press Conference
Cinnamon Cinder
Alan Livingston's House
Betty the Stweardess
The Wax Museum

Airport Departure
Alan Livingston's House
The Celbrities Arrive
Capitol Tower Press Conference
Arrival In San Francisco
Cow palace Press Conference
Cow Palace News Footage
Cow Palace 8mm

Arrival In San Francisco
Candlestick Park News Footage
Candlestick Park 8mm
Television 8mm
MCP-158The Help! Scrapbook/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-158 - The Help! Scrapbook.jpgTaken from Side 4 of the 1987 Laserdisc release.
MCP-163Various Sound Newsfootage/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-163 - Various Sound Newsfootage.jpgA plethora of broadcast and 16mm newsfootage from PAL sources.

Ireland 1963
1963 Interview
ITV 1963
Cheltenham 1963
American Bandstand 1964
Washington DC Press Conference 1964
Cow Palace 1964
Arrival In Austrlia 1964
Arrival In Salzburg 1965
Die Beatles In Germany 1966
lilla Journalen
Swedish 16mm Newsreels
More Swedish Newsreels
Other 16mm Newsreels
MCP-166The Story Of The Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-166 - The Story Of The Beatles.jpgDVD51
MCP-185The Grammy Awards 1965-1983/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-185 - The Grammy Awards 1965-1983.jpgExcerpts:
The Best On Record televised May 18, 1965
The 13th Annual Grammy Awards March 16, 1971
The 15th Annual Grammy Awards March 3, 1973*
The 17th Annual Grammy Awards March 1, 1975 (*intro only)
The 19th Annual Grammy Awards February 19, 1977
The 24th Annual Grammy Awards February 24, 1982
The 25th Annual Grammy Awards February 23, 1983

Complete show:
The 13th Annual Grammy Awards March 16, 1971
MCP-196North American Tour 1964/images/dvd/The Beatles/MCP/MCP-196 - North American Tour 1964.jpgDVD51