MCP-001World Tour '89 Vol. 1/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-001 - World Tour \'89 Vol. 1.jpg1. Los Angeles 11-23-89
2. Selling T-Shirts
3. Madison Square Garden Press Conference
4. Cincinatti
5. Friends of the Earth Check Presentation
6. Friends of the Earth Check Interview
7. Linda Interview backstage at MSG
8. Hamish and Robbie interview backstage at MSG
MCP-004Up In Smoke/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-004 - Up In Smoke.jpgNothing but newsreports from Japanese TV about Paul McCartney and his
cancelled 1980 tour.

"+"I think we should decriminalize marijuana and I would like to see a really
unbiased medical report on it,"+" said pop singer Paul McCartney after being
deported from Japan for bringing almost half a pound of marijuana into
Tokyo for an 11-concert Wings tour that had to be cancelled.
"+"I spent my time [in the Tokyo jail] making a mental list of all those
drugs which are legal but dangerous. We're all on drugs -cigarettes,
whiskey and wild, wild women. Society thinks alcohol is terrific, yet it
kills. Cigarettes can kill. They are worse than marijuana. It's just not
true that marijuana can kill. What about the little old ladies on Valium?
Think of aspirin's danger to the stomach."+"
McCartney was finally released and deported on January 25, 1980. When asked
why he was turned loose, McCartney balked, "+"Don't ask me, ask them. They
just told me I could get out."+" Japanese authorities said they decided
against the jail sentence because of his ignorance of their strict laws.
"+"We always give some weight to clear signs of repentance,"+" one official
The Incarceration cost McCartney the revenues from the cancelled Wings
dates, plus an additional 200,000 pounds to cover losses incurred by Udo
Music, as well as 10,000 pounds a day expenses for his lawyers and family.
This was McCartneys second deportation. The first occurred nearly 20 years
earlier, when he and Beatles' then-drummer Pete Best were expelled from
West Germany after allegedly starting a fire in a Hamburg rock club by
igniting a condom.
MCP-005Live 1990/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-005 - Live 1990.jpgRaw Footage 1990
01. Liverpool 1990
02. Chicago 1990
03. The Lyceum 1990
04. Lone Star Cafe 1990

Bonus: 8mm silent films
05. 1972
06. UK 1982
07. LA 1984
MCP-006MTV Networks Interviews Uncut/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-006 - MTV Networks Interviews Uncut.jpg1983 Interview (35 mins)
1989 Interview (32 mins)
MCP-008Wings Over Europe 1976 (and UK TV 1977)/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-008 - Wings Over Europe 1976 (and UK TV 1977).jpgWings 1976
1. Copenhagen interview
2. Arrival in Vienna
3. "+"Jet"+" in Venice
4. Veronica TV broadcast
5. Veronica TV raw footage

UK TV 1977
6. The Mike Yarwood Show
7. The Southbank Show

MCP-016Wings Over St. Paul/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-016 - Wings Over St. Paul.jpgIncludes: Airport arrival; limo ride; pro-shot live footage; single camera footage shot from the press area; & uncut newsfootage

Bonus material: short documentary "+"Wings Over Ohio"+" & fan filmed silent 8mm from the L.A. Forum 1976
MCP-017Wings Over Chicago/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-017 - Wings Over Chicago.jpgIncludes: Newsreport, uncut newsfootage, super 8mm with sound, and 8mm silent footage

Also from the 1976 Tour: silent films from Boston, Cleveland and Detroit
MCP-018Rockshow (Japanese Special Edition)/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-018 - Rockshow (Japanese Special Edition).jpgIn 1980, Paul had to cancel his tour of Japan, so he decided to do something special for the Japanese fans, and had the Rockshow film specially re-edited to include all of the songs from the set. The source for this was someone who worked at Toshiba-EMI at the time and managed to snag a copy for himself.
Venus and Mars/Rock Show
Let Me Roll It
Spirits of Ancient Egypt
Medicine Jar
Maybe I'm Amazed
Call Me Back Again*
Lady Madonna*
Long & Winding Road*
Live and Let Die
Picasso’s Last Words*
Richard Corey*
I've Just Seen a Face
You Gave Me the Answer
Magneto and Titanium Man
Go Now
My Love*
Listen To What the Man Said
Let 'em In
Time to Hide
Silly Love Songs
Beware My Love
(introduction of the band)
Letting Go
Band on the Run
Hi Hi Hi
*not included in US commercial release
Venus & Mars TV ad (Japan)
Apology to Japan, 1975
Apology to Japan, 1980
Japanese TV Interview, 1980
Wings Rehearsal, 1980 including:
Message to Japan
Eleanor Rigby
Soily, With a Little Luck & Coming Up jams
Got to Get You Into My Life
Got to Get You Into My Life reggae jam
MCP-022Broad Street Promotion Vol. 1/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-022 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 1.jpg- An A/V Presskit
Official 20th Century Fox press kit only fair quality (sorry)
- CBTV Hot Seat
- Channel 4 Interview
- British Premiere News
- WTBS News
- The Man, His Music, His Movie
MCP-0241968-1976/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-024 - 1968-1976.jpg1. Step Inside Love Promotional Film
2. Wedding News Footage
3. Scott Osbourne in London 1974
4. The Mike Walsh Show 1975
5. Australian News Reports 1975
6. Live 1976 Silent 8mm
MCP-033Wings in the Seventies/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-033 - Wings in the Seventies.jpgPaul and Wings In the Seventies"+", a collection of low-quality videos with material from the seventies. Made by the people of MCP

Menu over the Paul house in Cavendish Avenue NW8. rehearsing of "+"Give Ireland Back To The Irish"+" ('72 Wings), dark "+"Listen To The Man Said"+" (75), Wings (Paul, Linda and Danny) over the Thames river (77 ), interview on French TV (79), ITN News Liverpool (79), Press Conference on Kampuechea (79) and "+"Saturday Shake Up"+" (79) where Paul are talk about the album "+"Back To The Egg"+" and song "+"Wonderful Christmastime."+" Finally, segments of a live version of"+" Goodnight Tonight"+", and ends with the '79 Guinness Book Award, the British style.
MCP-034McCartney II/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-034 - McCartney II.jpg01. ABC-TV "+"20/20"+" Original Broadcast 1979
02. UK TV Newscast 1980
03. "+"McCartney II"+" Promotional Interview
04. Saturday Night Live 1980
05. ABC-TV "+"20/20"+" Follow Up 1980
MCP-038World Tour '89 Vol. 2/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-038 - World Tour \'89 Vol. 2.jpg1989 Sattelite Newsfeeds
"+"Ghost Train"+" on the set of "+"This One"+"
"+"Big World"+" in Rotterdam
MCP-044Buddy Holly Tribute Concert/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-044 - Buddy Holly Tribute Concert.jpgBuddy Holly Tribute Concert at Hammersmith Odeon 1979
Source is not the MPL film.
With Don Everly, Denny Laine, Paul McCartney & Wings, The Crickets

- The Norman Gunston Show 1975 - original broadcast (B&W)
- The Norman Gunston Show 1975 - rebroadcast (color)
- Mull Of Kintyre - European version from 16mm
- Mull of Kintyre - European version excerpt from video
- Supplimento - Italian TV 1979
- Nationwide 1979
MCP-048Saturday Superstore 1985/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-048 - Saturday Superstore 1985.jpgSaturday Superstore 1985 (40 minutes)
The Late Late Breakfast Show 1985
Good Morning Britain 1985
The American Music Awards 1986
The Guinness Book Of Records Hall Of Fame 1986
MCP-052Broad Street Promotion Vol. 2/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-052 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 2.jpg1. Harty 11/26/84
2. Children In Need 11/23/84
3. Newsreports 11/29/84
4. Good Morning Britain 12/1/84
5. Broad Street Opening News
MCP-053All The Best UK TV 1987/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-053 - All The Best UK TV 1987.jpg1. Wogan
2. The Last Resort
3. The Roxy
4. Top Of The Pops
5. Saturday Live
MCP-054Broad Street Promotion Vol. 3/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-054 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 3.jpgL.A. News 10/22/84
Entertainment Tonight 11/27/84
Hollywood Closeup 10/27/84
Entertainment This Week 10/27/84
N.Y. Hot Tracks 11/17/84
CBS Morning News 10/29/84-10/31/84
Friday Night Videos promo
Broad Street Commercials
Seeing Stars 10/84
N.Y. Style 10/84
Entertainment Tonight 10/23/84
Eyewitness News 10/25/84
MCP-055Broad Street Promotion Vol. 4/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-055 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 4.jpg1. The South Bank Show "+"McCartney's Broad Street"+"
2. The Tube
3. U.S. News
MCP-056McCartney '86/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-056 - McCartney \'86.jpg1 Entertainment this week presents an hour with Paul McCartney
2. USA Networks cover story
3. Good Morning Britain
MCP-059The Rio Tapes/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-059 - The Rio Tapes.jpg1. Paul In Rio (broadcast)
- Can't Buy Me Love
- Get Back
- Let It Be
- The Fool On The Hill
- We Got Married (promo)
- My Brave Face
- P.S. Love Me Do
- Live And Let Die
- Hey Jude

2. Rio Uncut Footage
- Figure of Eight
- Jet
- Got To Get You Into My Life
- Rough Ride
- Band On The Run
- We Got Married
- Let ‘Em in
- The Fool On The Hill
- Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
- Can’t Buy Me Love
- Put It There
- Things We Said Today
- Eleanor Rigby
- This One
- My Brave Face
- Back In The USSR
- I Saw Her Standing There
- Coming Up
- Let It Be
- Ain’t That A Shame
- Live And Let Die
- Hey Jude
- Yesterday
- P.S. Love Me Do
- Get Back
MCP-060Broad Street Promotion Vol. 5/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-060 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 5.jpg1. BBC Movie Review
2. Arrival at the Westwood (private video)
3. WABC-TV New York
4. Entertainment Tonight
5. MTV Hot Rod Giveaway
6. Good Morning America
7. Hour Magazine
8. Entertainment Tonight
9. Solid Gold
10. TV AM
MCP-062The Toshiba-EMI Tapes/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-062 - The Toshiba-EMI Tapes.jpgSource from a VHS master obtained directly from a Toshiba-EMI employee in Japan in 1982, from his 3/4"+" tape. The 3/4"+" tape was a master transfer from the Toshiba-EMI 16mm originals.

Includes the following promos:
Maybe I'm Amazed (b&w)
Maybe I'm Amazed (color)
Hi Hi Hi
C Moon
Mary Had A Little Lamb
Helen Wheels
Junior's Farm
Silly Love Songs
I've Had Enough
Goodnight Tonight
Getting Closer

Also, from the same tape:
The Beatles Forever (in store promo) previously available on MCP-020:
Ding Dong
MCP-066Wings 1979/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-066 - Wings 1979.jpgATV Today
Tis Was
Swedish TV
The Music Lives On
The Tomorrow Show

Denny Laine on ATV Today
Paul on Countdown 1980
"+"Only Love Can Break Your Heart"+" duet with Neil Young from Bridge Benefit concert 2004
"+"Hey Jude"+" from Bridge Benefit concert 2004
MCP-071Broad Street Promotion Vol. 6/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-071 - Broad Street Promotion Vol. 6.jpg1. Friday Night Videos
2. Good Morning Australia
3. AM Chicago (not very good quality....sorry)

and more from '84:
4. Drug Bust News # 1
5. Drug Bust News # 2
6. Drug Bust News # 3
7. British Rock & Pop Awards
8. TV AM at the Hamilton Gallery
9. American Music Awards
MCP-078Music Szene/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-078 - Music Szene.jpgTitle: Musik Szene - NTSC DVD - 85 minutes
Musikszene 1982 (voice-over alert, German language)
Musikszene 1980 (voice-over alert, German language)
Midnight Special 1976
Mike Yarwood 1977
20th Anniversary Interview 1982
James Bond TV Special 1982
In The Studio With Frida 1982
Top Of The Pops 1982
British Record Awards 1983
Christmas Message 1983
Pipes Of Peace Controversey news
Freedom Of The City Award news
Rupert TV
On the set of "+"Say Say Say"+"
Montserrat news
MCP-085Junk/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-085 - Junk.jpg1. Nationwide 1979
2. Tis Was 1979
3. ATV Today 1979
4. UK Drug Bust News
5. Daily Mirror Reader Awards
6. Nationwide 1981
7. Desert Island Discs
8. Interview
9. Friday Night Videos 1983
10. RAI Broadstreet
11. Rocker Magazine 1984
12. Rio 1990 News
13. Entertainment Tonight 2007
MCP-086Christmas at the Garden/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-086 - Christmas at the Garden.jpg01 - Figure Of Eight
02 - Rough Ride
03 - Got To Get You Into My Life
04 - Band On The Run
05 - Ebony And Ivory
06 - We Got Married
07 - Maybe I'm Amazed
08 - The Long And Winding Road
09 - The Fool On The Hill
10 - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
11 - Good Day Sunshine
12 - Can't Buy Me Love
13 - Put It There
14 - Things We Said Today
15 - Eleanor Rigby
16 - This One
17 - My Brave Face
18 - Back In The USSR
19 - I Saw Her Standing There
20 - Twenty Flight Rock
21 - Coming Up
22 - Let It Be
23 - Ain't That A Shame
24 - Live And Let Die
25 - Jingle Bells
26 - Hey Jude
27 - Yesterday
28 - Get Back
29 - Golden Slumbers, Carry That Weight, The End
MCP-087Back In New Jersey/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-087 - Back In New Jersey.jpgGiant's Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ, USA - July 11, 1990
Single camera, only fair video & audio, first four songs missing....

- Band On The Run
- Birthday
- We Got Married
- Let Em In
- The Long and Winding Road
- The Fool On The Hill
- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
- Good Day Sunshine
- Can't Buy Me Love
- Put It There
- Things We Said Today
- Eleanor Rigby
- This One
- My Brave Face
- Back In The U.S.S.R.
- I Saw Her Standing There
- Coming Up
- Let It Be
- Strawberry Fields / Help! / Give Peace A Chance
- Live And Let Die
- Hey Jude
- Yesterday
- Get Back
- Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End
MCP-095More Junk/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-095 - More Junk.jpgMaybe I'm Amazed live promo
Drug bust newsreports
Pat Deese's 8mm Movies 1982/1984
Paul and Julian on Friday Night Videos
"+"Dancing In The Street"+" Prince's Trust *
German TV 1985
"+"Tube 100"+"
Top Of The Pops December 18, 1987 CBS-TV
WNEW-TV Newsreport 1989 on L.A. show
Popworld June 9, 2007*

plus even more junk:
Linda on The Tube
Linda on The Today Show
Denny Laine on Lieder and Leute
MCP-096En Vivo! 1993 Brazil TV Concert Special/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-096 - En Vivo! 1993 Brazil TV Concert Special.jpgDrive My Car, Coming Up, All My Loving, Off The Ground, Can't Buy Me Love, Good Rockin' Tonight, We Can Work It Out, Hope Of Deliverance, Yesterday, Lady Madonna, C'mon People, Magical Mystery Tour, Let It Be, Live And Let Die, Paperback Writer, Back In The U.S.S.R., Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Band On The Run, I Saw Her Standing There, Hey JudeDVD51
MCP-097No Cameras/Recorders/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-097 - No Cameras, Recorders.jpgLive at the Nassau Colisseum - April 21, 2002

Disc 1
01. Hello, Goodbye
02. Jet
03. All My Loving
04. Getting Better
05. Coming Up
06. Let Me Roll It
07. Lonely Road
08. Driving Rain
09. Your Loving Flame
10. Blackbird
11. Every Night
12. We Can Work It Out
13. Mother Nature's Son
14. Vanilla Sky
15. You Never Give Me Your Money
16. The Fool On The Hill
17. Here Today
18. Something

Disc 2
01. Eleanor Rigby
02. Here, There And Everywhere
03. Band On The Run
04. Back In The USSR
05. Maybe I'm Amazed
06. C Moon
07. My Love
08. Can't Buy Me Love
09. Freedom
10. Live And Let Die
11. Let It Be
12. Hey Jude
13. The Long And Winding Road
14. Lady Madonna
15. I Saw Her Standing There
16. Yesterday
17. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise) / The End
MCP-098The Macs/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-098 - The Macs.jpgThe first piece on this DVD is a 60 minute home video shot on the way to, and at, the wedding reception of Mike McCartney. I think it's from 1979. If you get terribly bored you can skip to the second chapter, which puts you around halfway in, when Paul finally appears.
Next are two UK TV appearances of Mike Mac: "+"Saturday Superstore"+" and "+"Weekend"+" (some sync issues on the latter)
Then we have an excerpt from a UK TV show titled "+"Bread"+" with an appearance by Linda and a cameo by Paul.
And last, is Paul's interview from the UK TV show "+"Pop World"+" on June 23, 2007.
MCP-104Driving Philly/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-104 - Driving Philly.jpgLive at the First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA - April 16, 2002
Taped from the balcony, stage left.

01. Intro
02. Hello Goodbye
03. Jet
04. All My Loving
05. Getting Better
06. Coming Up
07. Let Me Roll It
08. Lonely Road
09. Driving Rain
10. Your Loving Flame
11. Blackbird
12. Every Night
13. We Can Work It Out
14. Mother Nature's Son
15. Vanilla Sky
16. You Never Give Me Your Money
17. The Fool On The Hill
18. Here Today
19. Something
20. Eleanor Rigby
21. Here There And Everywhere
22. Band On The Run
23. Back In The USSR
24. Maybe I'm Amazed
25. C Moon
26. My Love
27. Can't Buy Me Love
28. Freedom
29. Live And Let Die
30. Let It Be
31. Hey Jude
32. The Long And Winding Road
33. Lady Madonna
34. I Saw Her Standing There
35. Yesterday
36. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band / The End
MCP-105Rockshow (Japanese Special Edition)/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-105 - Rockshow (Japanese Special Edition).jpg2xDVD5Aud/Proshot1
MCP-108Japanese TV And Other Oddities/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-108 - Japanese TV And Other Oddities.jpg97 minutes
1. Apology 1975
2. Apology 1980
3. Wings Rehearsal 1980
4. Best Hit USA, UK Special 1987
5. Yoru No Hit Studio Deluxe 1987
plus these extras
6. L.A. Forum 1976 - 8mm taken by a Japanese fan
7. Top Of The Pops 1987 "+"Once Upon A Long Ago"+"
8. Ferry Aid 1987 "+"Let It Be"+"
9. Sirott Tonight 1989
10. The Today Show 1989
contains new material and new transfers
MCP-117Back To The Egg & Tug Of War/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-117 - Back To The Egg, Tug Of War.jpgPROMO FILMS WITH SLATES
Getting Closer
Baby's Request
Winter Rose/Love Awake
Again and Again
Spin It On
Arrow Through Me
Old Siam, Sir
Take It Away
Ebony and Ivory
Tug Of War

American Music Awards 1982
The Today Show 1982
San Remo Festival 1987
MCP-126Captured on Tape/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-126 - Captured on Tape.jpg01 - Royal Albert Hall London: A Concert For Linda April/10/99 with Marianne Faithful and Elvis Costello
02 - Paul Opens A New Playground For Children Calderstone Park,Liverpool July/20/99
03 - Paul Attends A Graduation Ceremony At LIPA July/20/99
04 - Kunstforum Lyz Art Gallery In Hamburg, Germany April/30/99
05 - Linda McCartney Memorial Service at Saint Martin In The Fields Church, London June/08/98
MCP-127More MTV Tapes - MTV Brasil/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-127 - More MTV Tapes - MTV Brasil.jpgAll footage on this DVD has been taken direct from MTV master tapes
Thanks to our friends in Brasil!

The first part of the DVD was shot at the Boardwalk Soho in London on December 12, 1990 as a celebration for the end of the 1990 World Tour, as well as an opportunity to present Paul with his Guinness Award for the show in Rio.

The second part of the DVD is primarily the press conference for Paul's 1993 concert appearances in Brasil.

I have also included a copy of the broadcast of the "+"Famous Last Words"+" interview with Kurt Loder, and a MTV News segment, also from the MTV Brasil masters.

If you have any rare Beatles-related video that you would like to share with Beatle-people around the world, let me know.
MCP-135Paul McCartney SNL 1993 Rehearsals/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-135 - Paul McCartney SNL 1993 Rehearsals.jpgI just got done transferring and editing a VHS tape that I couldn't share before, since the video was so unstable. But with my new equipment, the transfer came out pretty good.
I'm not sure if this material is available elsewhere. Do let me know if it is.
Here's the track list:

Paul with Lorne Michaels
Alec Baldwin Opening
Mimic See Mimic Do
The Chris Farley Show
Get Out Of My Way
Biker Like An Icon
Title Cards
Hey Jude
Title Card
Show Ending
Show Opening
Mimic See Mimic Do
The Chris Farley Show
Hey Jude
The Chris Farley Show
MCP-136MTV Extra 1983/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-136 - MTV Extra 1983.jpgWhen I shared MCP-006, that disc included the uncut interviews from MTV 1983 and 1989, as well as the 1983 broadcast. I was watching FABs Macca Archives, and saw that he had used my 1983 interview, but at one point the picture turns into a multi-generation copy. I checked MCP-006 and saw that i indeed, inadvertently, cut it short - so FAB was just adding back in the piece I had cut - from his higher generation copy.

So here is my new transfer of the 1983 interview, captured at a higher bitrate, and now uncut. There's no room for the 1989 interview, so I'll save that for another disc.
MCP-149Wings Private Footage/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-149 - Wings Private Footage.jpgA collection of 8mm and Super8mm films. Mostly silent with dubbed sound.

Detroit Olympia, Michigan
Boston Garden, Massachusetts (by Kris Spackman)
Madison Square Garden, New York
Kemper Arena, Missouri
Chicago Stadium, Illinois
L.A. Forum, California (by Hiroshi)
MCP-156Wings Over Melbourne/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-156 - Wings Over Melbourne.jpgVenus and Mars/Rockshow
Let Me Roll It
Maybe I’m Amazed
I’ve Just Seen a Face
Listen To What The Man Said
Call Me Back Again
Letting Go
Band On The Run
Hi Hi Hi
MCP-157Paul McCartney Unplugged/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-157 - Paul McCartney Unplugged.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-159Music Box 1984/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-159 - Music Box 1984.jpgAn interview from UK television to promote “Give My Regards To Broad Street”.DVD5Proshot1
MCP-162Wings Wonderful Christmastime/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-162 - Wings Wonderful Christmastime.jpgNovember 27, 1979: Nationwide
December 1, 1979: TisWas
December 1, 1979: ATV Today
December 7, 1979: Swedish TV-Press conference at Wembley Arena and interview with Linda
December 22, 1979: Saturday Shake Up
December 1979: Supplimento
MCP-167Australian TV 1975/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-167 - Australian TV 1975.jpgTicket Sales
Arrival In Perth
Perth Press Conference
Arrival In Sydney
Arrival In Melbourne
Apology To Japan
Arrival at the Myer Music Bowl
The Mike Walsh Show

and from YouTube

The Norman Gunston Show
Live In Sydney 8mm
MCP-168Tug Of War/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-168 - Tug Of War.jpgDVD1
Desert Island Discs January 10, 1982
Nationwide January 8, 1982
RAI-TV April 10, 1982 (Italian voice-over)
Musik Szene April 12, 1982 (German voice-over)
Good Morning Australia April 15, 1982
Top of The Pops May 6, 1982
Ebony & Ivory solo
Rupert The Bear December 9, 1982

Monteserrat News Report WABC-TV NY 1982
Tug Of War TV ad
Ebony & Ivory introduction from "+"Fridays"+" April 23, 1982
Ebony & Ivory promotional video with slate
Take It Away MTV commercial
Take It Away promotional video with slate
Tug Of War promotional video with slate and credits
MTV Interview April 15, 1982
Les Enfants Du Rock Interview March 19, 1982
MCP-169McCartney's Broadstreet/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-169 - McCartney\'s Broadstreet.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-170Harty 1984/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-170 - Harty 1984.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-171Broadstreet TV/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-171 - Broadstreet TV.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-172Pipes Of Peace/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-172 - Pipes Of Peace.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-173Wings Over America 1976/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-173 - Wings Over America 1976.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-174Wings Over St. Paul/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-174 - Wings Over St. Paul.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-177Town Hall Meeting 1997/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-177 - Town Hall Meeting 1997.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-178Spies Like Us/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-178 - Spies Like Us.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-182Broad Street Broadcasts/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-182 - Broad Street Broadcasts.jpgThe Tonight Show
The Journal
Hollywood Closeup
Chicago News Reports
The New Music
Good Day
Fuji TV
MCP-183The Mike McCartney Wedding Reception 1982/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-183 - The Mike McCartney Wedding Reception 1982.jpgFollow the McCartneys from the church to the reception.
And then the party begins.
MCP-184Broad Street Broadcasts 2/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-184 - Broad Street Broadcasts 2.jpgAn AV Press Kit For "+"Broad Street"+"
Canada AM
Soundtrack LP Ad
Live At Five
Two Broad Street Features
"+"No More Lonely Nights"+" from MTV 1984
MCP-186Friends Of The Earth/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-186 - Friends Of The Earth.jpgMadison Square Garden, NY December 1989
Friends of The Earth Press Conference
Friends Of The Earth Interviews
CBS Newsnet
Friends Of The Earth Check Presentation
Friends Of The Earth Interview
MCP-187Paul McCartney World Tour Volume 1/images/dvd/Paul McCartney/MCP/MCP-187 - Paul McCartney World Tour Volume 1.jpgGreat Western Forum, Inglewood CA
CBS Newsnet
MTV Network Interview
Figure Of Eight
Got To Get You Into My Life

Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont IL
CBS Newsnet
Press Conference
Sirott Tonight
CBS Newsnet
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May 18, 1989
Put It There
Figure Of Eight

September 26, 1989
Figure Of Eight
News Reports

July 30, 1989
This One promo shoot

August 24, 1989
Figure Of Eight
This One
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