1963From These Small Beginnings Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - From These Small Beginnings Volume 1.jpg• There’s A Place
• Floral Hall – Southport 2/20/62
• Cavern Club – Liverpool 8/22/62
• Sefton Park – Liverpool 3/25/63
• BBC Paris Studio – London 4/4/63
• ABC Cinema – Great Yarmouth 6/30/63
• Weston Super Mare – Somerset 7/22/63
• Jersey – Channel Islands 8/6/63 thru 8/10/63
• Scene at 6:30 – Manchester 8/14/63
• ABC Theatre – Blackpool 8/25/63
• The Mersey Sound – Southport Manchester & Liverpool 8/27/63 thru 8/30/63
• Big Night Out – Manchester 9/1/63
• Melody Maker Awards – London 9/10/63
• Ready Steady Go! – London 10/4/63
• London Palladium – 10/13/63
• Playhouse Theatre – London 10/16/63
• Thank Your Lucky Stars – Birmingham 10/20/63
• London Airport – 10/23/63
• Cirkus Lorenbergsparken – Gothenburg Sweden 10/27/63
• Drop In – Stockholm Sweden 10/30/63
1963From These Small Beginnings Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - From These Small Beginnings Volume 2.jpg• Twist and Shout – British Lions Conceptual Video
• London Airport Newsreels – 10/31/63
• Royal Variety Show Rehearsal – London 11/4/63
• Royal Variety Show & ATV Edit – 11/4/63 & 11/10/63
• This Week – London 11/5/63
• Dublin Airport – Dublin Ireland 11/7/63
• Day By Day – Portsmouth 11/12/63
• Move Over Dad – ABC Cinema Plymouth 11/13/63
• Fans Queue For Beatles Tickets – Lewisham 11/15/63
• Winter Gardens Theatre – Bournemouth 11/16/63
• Scene At 6:30 –ABC Cinema Manchester 11/20/63
• Come To Town Color Newsreel – Manchester 11/20/63
• ABC Cinema – Carlisle 11/21/63
• Scene At 6:30 w/Unaired Footage – Manchester 11/25/63
• Regal Cinema – Cambridge 11/26/63
• Morecambe & Wise – Borehamwood 12/2/63
• It’s The Beatles! – Empire Theatre Liverpool 12/7/63
• Odeon Cinema – Southend On Sea 12/9/63
• Wimbledon Palais – London 12/14/63
• Thank Your Lucky Stars – Birmingham 12/15/63
• ITV News – Astoria Cinema London 12/20/63
1963From These Small Beginnings Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - From These Small Beginnings Volume 3.jpg• It Won’t Be Long 2007
• Bonus Features: NBC “Extra” report on the Floral Hall footage/ Cavern Club footage not seen on disc one/ Cavern Club demolition/ Dezo Hoffman recollections and home movies of photo session/ANTHOLOGY version of “Royal Variety Show”/”Come To Town” newsreel/CBS Evening News of 11/21/63 (night before Kennedy Assassination)/”It’s The Beatles” (MSNBC News rebroadcast)/”Thank Your Lucky Stars” with time coding/four color films from 1963 (possibly Ringo’s home movies)
• Coming Attractions: “Hey Jude” and “Old Brown Shoe”

1963Stars Of Sweden/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - Stars Of Sweden.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1963The Empire Strikes Back/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - The Empire Strikes Back.jpg- Snazzy menus
- Cover artwork by Beatles4Ever
- Coming Soon trailer
- Two songs from the Royal Variety Performance, synchronised with the new audio.
- Four songs from 'It's The Beatles', reconstructed in full with the new audio.
- Ticket To Ride excerpt from Top Of The Pops.

This short dvd gathers together some of the new audio from the cd and synchs it with surviving footage.

In the case of the Royal Variety show, the footage comes straight from Anthology, with John's missing curtsy re-instated (for me, this is funnier than the actually jewellery gag) via a timecoded copy. I hope the brief incongruity doesn't spoil your enjoyment of this hilarious moment... and it surely is better than a picture of the Queen Mother waving.

'It's The Beatles' was sliced and diced by the Beeb, with only the last four songs still existing... but with gaps. These gaps I've plugged by looping some shots of the audience (scary...) Because the video is timecoded, I've fudged out the display to avoid the distraction of sudden changes resulting from my editing. The actual video source is not brilliant, but I haven't seen anything better to date.

Ticket To Ride was shown in an episode of Dr Who called 'The Chase'. The video has been out forever but it's only recently been spruced up for dvd in the UK (the US dvd has the scene cut though). Here I've reversed the negative effect at the start and re-laid the audio. This brief but enjoyable clip is a sad reminder of the large number of Beatles tv appearances now lost forever in their original form. Interestingly, the commentary to the dvd states that they wanted to get The Beatles in the studio and make them look 'old', but Brian Epstein refused!
1963-10-30Drop-In 1963/10/30 (1995 Rebroadcast)/images/dvd/The Beatles/1963 - Drop-In (1995 Rebroadcast).jpg(1). Drop In Theme
(2). Lill Babs - It’s My Party
(3). Gals and Pals - Bossa Nova
(4). Boris - Hully Gully
(5). Doris - Save All Your Love For Me
(6). She Loves You
(7). Twist And Shout
(8). I Saw Her Standing There
(9). Long Tall Sally
(10). Drop In Theme
19641964 Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - 1964 Volume 1.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1964A Hard Day’s Night/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - A Hard Day\'s Night.jpgDVD5Proshot4
1964Ready Steady Go/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - Ready Steady Go.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1964STV Interview/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - STV Interview.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1964Take Over Holland/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - Take Over Holland.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1964The Beatles in the Netherlands/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - The Beatles in the Netherlands.jpgGreat compilation of unedited footage from the 1964 Holland visit.
You've seen all of these, but not uncut like this.


1. The Beatles Treslong
2. The Beatles All Over Tara TV News Footage Of Arrival,Bout Tour
3. Raw Footage Uncut
1964The Definitive Live At The Washington Coliseum/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - The Definitive Live At The Washington Coliseum.jpg1. Prologue
2. Introduction / Tuning
3. Rollover Beethoven
4. From Me To You
5. I Saw Her Standing There
6. This Boy
7. All My Loving
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. Please Please Me
10. Till There Was You
11. She Love You
12. I Want To Hold Your Hand
13. Twist And Shout
14. Long Tall Sally

DVD Extras:
-The Beatles Through The Years Promo
-All 5 iTunes Promos
-Alternate angles of 2 songs!
1964The First U.S. Visit/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgThe Beatles first US Visit uniquely chronicles the inside story of the two remarkable weeks when Beatlemania first ignited America. The pioneering Maysles Brothers who filmed at the shoulders of John, Paul, George and Ringo, innovated an intimate documentary style of film-making which set the benchmark for rock and roll cimenatography that remains to this day.
Besides revealing The Beatles offstage, this extended version of the Maysles documentary now includes film of their debut concert at The Washington Coliseum and their three historic appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show – including the seminal moment on February 9th when the band first exploded into the homes of 73 million TV viewers.
This DVD package features the 51-minute Making of The Beatles First US Visit with footage that’s never been seen before. The experience is recalled in a new interview with Albert Maysles, who also provides an audio commentary for the main film – which itself marks a defining moment in the cultural life of a nation.
1964Turn Left At Greenland Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - Turn Left At Greenland Volume 1.jpgNewsreels and raw footage from 2/7/64 thru 2/22/64 - many new clips and upgrades - 1 hour in chapters from Darthdisc. This is a NICE compilation!

- Ringo And 5th Beatle caught in nightclub!
- Having a laugh with Cassius Clay!
- The Deauville Dress Rehearsal!
- Plus rare interviews, silent newsreels...
1964Turn Left At Greenland Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - Turn Left At Greenland Volume 2.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1964Turn Left At Greenland Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964 - Turn Left At Greenland Volume 3.jpgWhat's Happening special from Grandstand 2/22/64 and Das welt Journal 2/22/64 - nice upgrades - 1 hour in chapters. NICE!

- See the original Maysles Director's cut!
- More of those cool Pepsi Radios!
- Welcome back to London!
- Plus Das Welt Journal! Grandstand! Paul being poked in the back of his head!
1964-02-11Washington D.C. Concert 1964 - 16mm Digital Tele-Cine/images/dvd/The Beatles/1964-02-11 - Washington D.C. Concert 1964 - 16mm Digital Tele-Cine.jpg01.Introduction
02.Roll Over Beethoven
03.From Me To You
04.I Saw Her Standing There
05.This Boy
06.All My Loving
07.I Wanna Be Your Man
08.Please Please Me
09.Till There Was You
10.She Loves You
11.I Want To Hold Your Hand
12.Twist And Shout

13.Long Tall Sally
14.auction sample
1965Ed Sullivan Shows/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Ed Sullivan Shows.jpgFebruary 09, 1964:
All My Loving
Till There Was You
She Loves You
I Saw Her Standing There
I Want To Hold Your Hand

February 16, 1964:
She Loves You
This Boy
All My Loving
I Saw Her Standing There
From Me To You
I Want To Hold Your Hand

February 23, 1964:
Twist And Shout
Please Please Me
I Want To Hold Your Hand

September 12, 1965:
I Feel Fine
I’m Down
Act Naturally
Ticket To Ride
1965Help!/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Help!.jpgDVD9Proshot2
1965Help! The Lost Beatles Film/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Help! The Lost Beatles Film.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1965In Portland - The Complete Story/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - In Portland - The Complete Story.jpgDVD 1: The Story about the Beatles visit to Portland in August, 1965. It is told by the people who saw the Fab Four, they tell their stories describing the Beatles performance and the departure. Also featured are over 100 exclusive photos of the Beatles performing on stage in Portland, during the press conference, arriving at the airport and other.

DVD 2: Bonus Materials
1965Live At Shea Stadium - 16mm LPP Film Print/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Live At Shea Stadium - 16mm LPP Film Print.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1965Live At Shea Stadium 1965/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Live At Shea Stadium 1965.jpgDVD5Proshot2
1965Palais & Plazas / Telecasts '65/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Palais and Plazas, Telecasts \'65.jpgDISC 1:
Heathrow Airport,London june 20 1965
George v Hotel,Paris,France june 20 1965
Palais de sport,Paris,France june 20 1965
Palais d'hiver,lyon,France june 22 1965
cadorna,milan,italy,june 24,1965
velodromo,vigorelli,milan,italy,june 24,1965
palazzo,dello sport,geroa,italy,june 25,1965
teatro,adriano,rome,italy,june 27,1965
aeropuerto,madrid-brajas,spain,july 1,1965
hotel phoenix,madrid,spain,july 1,1965
aeropuerto barcelona,spain,july 3,1965
lhotel avenida palace,barcelona,spain,july,july 3,1965
plaza de toros,morumental,barcelona,spain,july 3,1965
heathrow airport,london,england,july 4,1965

empire pool,wembley england,april 11,1965
heathlow airport london london,england,june 11,1965
twickenham film studios,middlessex,england,june 12,1965
lime grove studios,london,england,june 18,1965
savoy hotel,london,england,july 13,1965
6.BEATLES AT TVC STUDIOS tvc studios,london,england,july 21 1965
7.HELP ! PREMIEREpavilion theatre,london,england,july 21 1965
8.BLACKPOOL NIGHT OUT abc theatre,blackpool,england,august 1,1965
9.RINGO BECOMES A FATHER queen charlotto hospital,london,england september 22,1965
10.RINGO ACT NATURALLY (unused film) queen charlotto hospital,london,england september 14,1965
11.BEATLES AT PALACE (versions 1-2)backingham palace,london,england,october 26,1965
12.MBE PRESS CONFERRENCE (versions 1-2) saville theatre,london,england,october 26,1965
13.THE MUSIC OF LENNON & McCARTNEY glanada tv centre,manchester england ,november 1-2 1965
1965Paris 1965 - Secam Master/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Paris 1965 - Secam Master.jpgTwist & Shout
She's A Woman
I'm A Loser
Can't Buy Me Love
Baby's In Black
I Wanna Be Your Man
A Hard Day's Night
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
Rock And Roll Music
I Feel Fine
Ticket To Ride
Long Tall Sally
1965Salut Les Copains! Paris Left Breathless/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Salut Les Copains Paris Left Breathless.jpgDVD Disc 1:
Palais Des Sports, Paris, France, 20th June 1965, Evening Show
Digital Remaster

1. Introductions
2. Opening
3. Twist And Shout
4. She's A Woman
5. Ticket To Ride
6. Can't Buy Me Love
7. I'm A Loser
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. A Hard Day's Night
10. Baby's In Black
11. Rock And Roll Music
12. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
13. Long Tall Sally
14. I Feel Fine

1. Introductions
2. Opening
3. Twist And Shout
4. She's A Woman
5. I'm A Loser
6. Can't Buy Me Love
7. Baby's In Black
8. I Wanna Be Your Man
9. A Hard Day's Night
10. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
11. Rock And Roll Music
12. I Feel Fine
13. Ticket To Ride
14. Long Tall Sally

Broadcast Version
1. Opening
2. Twist And Shout
3. She's A Woman
4. Ticket To Ride
5. Can't Buy Me Love
6. I'm A Loser
7. I Wanna Be Your Man
8. A Hard Day's Night
9. Baby's In Black
10. Rock And Roll Music
11. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
12. Long Tall Sally

Working Clip #1
1. I'm A Loser
2. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby

Working Clip #2
1. Rock And Roll Music
2. Can't Buy Me Love
3. Baby's In Black
4. A Hard Day's Night
5. I'm A Loser
6. Long Tall Sally

DVD Disc 2:
1. News Film #1 (Paris) 20th June 1965
2. News Film #2 (Lyon) 22nd June 1965
3. "+"Les Betales"+" Station Archive Version
4. "+"The Beatales Meet Paris"+" Re-broadcast Kineco Version
5. "+"Beatles Story"+" French TV documentary
6. Baby It's You Promotional Clip
7. "+"Tonight"+" 18th June 1965
1965Shea Loves You/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Shea Loves You.jpgColor Bars
Arthur Fiedler Introduction
Shea Stadium
I'm Down
Muray the K
The Discotheque Dancers
Beatle Chat
King Curtis Band
Beatle Chat, Helicopter
Brenda Holloway
Helicopter Ride, Continued
Sounds Incorporated
The Dressing Room
Introducing the Beatles
Twist & Shout
I Feel Fine
Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Ticket To Ride
Act Naturally
Can't Buy Me Love
Baby's In Black
A Hard Day's Night
I'm Down
ABC Logo and Invaders Promo

Bomus: Original Sound Version
1965Something New/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - Something New.jpgSHINDIG!
Kansas City, I’m A Loser, Boys

She’s A Woman, Baby’s In Black, Kansas City

I Feel Fine, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser, Rock’n’Roll Music

Twist And Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sally, Sketch, Medley, Shout /// Kansas City, I’m A Loser, I’m A Loser, She’s A Woman, Baby’s In Black, Twist And Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sally, Medley, Shout.

1965The Four Complete Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/1965 - The Four Complete Historic Ed Sullivan Shows Featuring The Beatles.jpgFebruary 09, 1964
February 16, 1964
February 23, 1964
September 12, 1965
1966Live At The BBC/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - Live At The BBC.jpgBig Night Out:

From Me to You
She Loves You
Twist & Shout
I Saw Her Standing There
All My Loving
I Wanna Be Your Man
Till There Was You
Pleas [sic] Mr. Postman
I Want To Hold Your Hand
If I Fell

Big Beat 64:
She Loves You
You Can't Do That
Twist and Shout
Long Tall Sally
Can't But Me Love


Plus the Making of A Hard Day's Night, NBE Awards Interview and NME Awards from 1966.
1966Mal Evans Complete Silent Home Movies 1966/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - Mal Evans Complete Silent Home Movies 1966.jpgPurchased at Sothebys in the early nineteen nineties for a small fortune, here for the first time are all the reels, uncut and digitally transferred direct to disc.
Mal Evans was the roadie for the Beatles, he appeared in Help! And Magical Mystery Tour to name but a few. Mal was tragically shot in Los Angeles. Here are the surviving reels of film.
1966On The Road/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Aud/Proshot0
1966Re-Constructions/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - Re-Constructions.jpg01.1963/11/01 Cheltenham w/1963/12/07 Liverpool audio
02.1963/11/13 Plymouth w/1963/11/08 East Ham audio
03.1963/11/16 Bournemouth w/1963/10/24 Stockholm audio
04.1963/11/20 Manchester w/1963/12/07 Liverpool audio
05.1963/12/07 Liverpool w/this day's audio
06.1963/12/14 Wimbledon w/1963/12/07 Liverpool audio
07.1964/01/15 Versailles w/Live in Paris audio
08.1964/01/16 Paris w/Live in Paris audio
09.1964/02/11 Washington D.C. w/this day's audio
10.1964/02/11 Washington D.C. w/this day's audio
11,1964/06/18 Sydney w/1964/06/17 Melbourne audio (afternoon show's)
12,1964/08/19 San Francisco w/1964/08/23 Los Angels audio
13.1964/08/23 Los Angels w/this day's audio
14.1964/08/23 Los Angels w/this day's audio
15.1964/09/02 Philadelphia w/1964/08/23 Los Angels audio
16.1965/06/25 Genova w/1965/06/27 Rome audio
17.1965/07/02 Madrid w/1965/06/20 Paris audio (afternoon show's)
18.1965/07/03 Barcelona w/1965/06/20 Paris audio (afternoon show's)
19.1965/08/17 Toronto w/1965/08/30 Los Angles audio
20.1965/08/29 Los Angels w/this day's audio
21.1966/06/24 Munich w/this day's audio
22.1966/06/24 Munich w/this day's audio
23.1966/06/24 Munich w/this day's audio
24.1966/06/25 Essen w/this day's audio
25.1966/06/26 Hamburg w/1965/06/25 Essen audio
26.1966/06/30 Tokyo w/this day's audio
27.1966/07/01 Tokyo w/this day's audio
28.1966/08/12 Chicago w/1966/08/29 San Francisnco audio
29.1966/08/28 Los Angels w/1966/08/17 Toronto audio (evening show's)
30.1966 U.S. Tour Collage - Rock'n'roll Music
31.1966 U.S. Tour Collage - She's A Woman
1966Sing For Shell/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - Sing For Shell.jpgMelbourne'64 + Blackpool'65 + Hamburg Police Film 66 + Tokio'66 + Music Of Lennon & McCartney + BonusDVD5Proshot1
1966Thanks Your Lucky Stars/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - Thanks Your Lucky Stars.jpgThank Your Lucky Stars 1963.10.20
Alpha TV Studio,Birmingham England
2 Minutes
TV Show B&W

Original Audio
1. All My Loving Partial
2. Money
Remastered Audio
3. All My Loving Partial
4. Money

Thank Your Lucky Stars On Merseyside 1963.12.15
Alpha Studio,Birmingham England
10 Minutes
TV Show B&W

Original Audio
5. Intro
6. I`ll Keep You Satisfied Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas
7. Love Of The Loved Cilla Black
8. Kiss Me Now Tommy Quickly
9. You`ll Never Walk Alone Jerry & The Pacemakers
10. That Boy Of Mine The Breakaways
11.Sugar & Spice The Searchers
12. Spin A Disc
13. I Like It Jerry & The Pacemakers
14. I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles
15. All My Loving The Beatles
16. Twist & Shout The Beatles
17. She Loves You The Beatles
Remastered Audio
18. Intro
19. I`ll Keep You Satisfied Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas
20. Love Of The Loved Cilla Black
21. Kiss Me Now Tommy Quickly
22. You`ll Never Walk Alone Jerry & The Pacemakers
23. That Boy Of Mine The Breakaways
24.Sugar & Spice The Searchers
25. Spin A Disc
26. I Like It Jerry & The Pacemakers
27. I Want To Hold Your Hand The Beatles
28. All My Loving The Beatles
29. Twist & Shout The Beatles
30. She Loves You The Beatles

Thank Your Lucky Stars Special 1964.11.14
Teddington Studio Centre,Middlesex England
10 Minutes
TV Show B&W

Original Audio
31. I Fell Fine
32. Shes A Women
33. Im A Loser
34. Rock & Roll Music
Remastered Audio
35. I Fell Fine
36. Shes A Women
37. Im A Loser
38. Rock & Roll Music

Good-Bye Thank Your Lucky Stars 1966.06.25
Original Audio
39. Rain
40. Paperback Writer
Remastered Audio
41. Rain
42. Paperback Writer
1966The Japanese Concert/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
1966TV Appearances 1963-1966/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966 - TV Appearances 1963-1966.jpgBeatles At Munich 24 june1966 - supports acts
Cliff Benett and the Rebel Rousers,
The Rattles,
Peter and Gordon,
Beatles - Rock'n'Roll Music,
She's A Woman,
Baby's In Black,
I Feel Fine,
Nowhere Man,
I'm Down

Thank You Lucky Stars 15 december 1963
I Want To Hold Your Hand,
Twist And Shout,
She Loves You

Promos 1965
Day Tripper (version 3),
Day Tripper (version 2),
We Can Work It Out (version 2),
We Can Work It Out (version 1),
We Can Work It Out (version 3),
I Feel Fine,
Ticket To Ride,
I Feel Fine (outtake)

Morecambe & Wise Show 2 december 1963
This Boy,
All My Loving,
I Want To Hold Your Hand,
Moonlight Bay

Big Night Out 23 february 1964
All My Loving,
I Want To Hold Your Hand,
Till There Was You,
Please Mr. Postman,
I Want To Hold Your Hand

Big Night Out 1 september 1963
From Me To You,
She Loves You,
Twist And Shout

Blackpool Night Out 1 august 1965
I Feel Fine,
I'm Down,
Act Naturally,
Ticket To Ride,

New Musical Express 11 april 1965
I Feel Fine,
She's A Woman,
Baby's In Black,
Ticket To Ride,
Long Tall Sally
1966-08-29Live In San Francisco, Candlestick Park/images/dvd/The Beatles/1966-08-29 - Live In San Francisco, Candlestick Park.jpgThis DVD contains much more than the only available footage of what became known as their last concert. Was it simply chance which made San Francisco the first stop on their first full tour of America?--and the last stop on their last tour? This concert marked the change in the Beatles' music from a concert band, to electronic and even classical formats. Suddenly the Beatles were ranked among Bach & Mozart. With San Francisco as the backdrop, watch John, Paul, George and Ringo take the stage for their last public Rock & Roll venue! This DVD has won the acclaim of both the mainstream media and even more critical fan publications throughout the world!DVD5Audience2
1967Magical Mystery Tour/images/dvd/The Beatles/1967 - Magical Mystery Tour.jpgDVD9Proshot2
1967Magical Mystery Tour Revisited/images/dvd/The Beatles/1967 - Magical Mystery Tour Revisited.jpgWe happily present the most enjoyable mystery trip you will ever experience. Think of it as a visual version of the Magical Mystery Tour LP, as it includes all of the songs on the LP. The film is sourced from a professional transfer of the 1988 laser disc, which is the best visual source of the film available. All of the Beatles 1967 promo videos are included into the film. Each one fits perfectly and adds much to the story and overall experience of the film. The whole film has been resequenced, and reimagined. The best mixes of each song were chosen for this project, sometimes created from two different mixes. The song "+"Death Cab For Cutie"+" is taken from the 2007 digital remaster. The dialogue and incidental music in the film is a combination of the three available mixes (original mono/1988 mix/MPI DVD mix). There is different audio on each of the mixes, and when combined you finally hear everything in full dimensional stereo. A 5.1 mix is also included that puts you right on the bus ! Also includes a bonus "+"Behind The Mystery"+" DVD with interactive map, photo gallery, mystery facts, behind the scenes footage, outtake footage, Magical Mystery Memories documentary and more !

Beatles Bob says,"+" "+"Magical Mystery Tour Revisited"+" markedly improves on the original film by adding more music to the feature. I have no qualms as to the placement of the new videos; their placement works perfectly as far as I'm concerned. Normally, I usually skip to the musical sequences as I've never been a fan of this Beatles self-made project. I really do hate the original MMT TV movie. This updated and expanded version does improve it's watchability. By smartly choosing and placing in the relevant '67 promo videos-- it now more closely, matches the American soundtrack. There can never be much more of a story and plot to this monstrosity unless we have access to all the filmed outtakes (if they exist?) - but honestly, I've enjoyed this revamped and expanded version. It makes the film easier to watch and tolerate. I look forward to seeing the bonus dvd as well. Highly recommended !"+"

Disc 2 "+"Behind The Mystery"+" DVD with interactive map, photo gallery, mystery facts, behind the scenes footage, outtake footage, and Magical Mystery Memories.
1968The Yellow Submarine Adventure/images/dvd/The Beatles/1968 - The Yellow Submarine Adventure.jpgThis is a great one, and the closest we may ever come to a sequel to the 1968 classic! In 2000 Sony (under licence from Apple Corps) brought out a Yellow Submarine Motion Simulator Park Ride. It was used briefly in Tokyo and Berlin that year before being taken out of use. The ride featured brand new 3D animation based on the original movie and, as you'd imagine, the footage is full of references to the original. There were three versions of the main footage, all starting and ending the same but with different 'seas' as the middle section. This DVD includes all three versions plus the 'pre-ride' footage introduced by an on-screen Jeremy (interacting with a live animatronic Capt.Fred). This footage has never been seen before outside of the ride itself and the nice people from Yellow Cow Records are very proud to bring this to you for the first time.DVD5Proshot1
1968Yellow Submarine/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD9Proshot0
19691960s Newsreels/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - 1960s Newsreels.jpgThe Ultimate Collection by Pathe, Reuters and ITNDVD5Proshot1
1969Live In England/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Live In England.jpgTHE CAVERN CLUB, LIVERPOOL – AUGUST 22, 1962
1. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey
2. Some Other Guy

1. From Me To You
2. Till There Was You
3. Twist And Shout

1. Intro
2. She Loves You
3. Twist And Shout
4. From Me To You

1. I Want To Hold Your Hand
2. Money (That’s What I Want)
3. Twist And Shout
4. From Me To You

1. Intro
2. She Loves You
3. You Can’t Do That
4. Twist And Shout
5. Long Tall Sally
6. Can’t Buy Me Love

1. I Feel Fine
2. She’s A Woman
3. Baby’s In Black
4. Ticket To Ride
5. Long Tall Sally

1. Arrival
2. Get Back
3. Don’t Let Me Down
4. I’ve Got A Feeling
5. One After 909
6. Dig A Pony
7. Get Back
1969Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 1.jpg01.Opening - 1965/08/15 at the SHEA stadium,"+"Twist And Shout"+"(re-edit version)
02.1962/02/20 the FLORAL HALL film investigation
03.1962/08/22 at the Cavern Club,"+"Some Othe Guy"+"(removed TCR image)
04.1964/01/15 at the Cinema Cyrano,"+"From Me To You"+"
05.1963/12/02 TV SHOW-Morecambe and Wise Show,"+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+"(removed TCR image)
06.1965/08/15 at the SHEA stadium,"+"I Feel Fine"+"(re-edit version)
07.1966/07/01 at the BUDOKAN Hall,"+"Nowhere Man"+"("+"RAGE"+"TV broadcast remastered)
08.1964/10/29 at the ABC Cinema,Plymouth
09.1964/06/17 at the Festival Hall,Melbourne,"+"Twist And Shout"+"(the clearest picture quality)
10.1964/04/26 N.M.E. Poll Winner's Concert,"+"You Can't Do That"+"(removed TCR image)
11.1965/08/29 at the Hollywood Bowl(audio synched color 8mm film)
12.1966/08/12 at the Amphi Theare,Chicago(audio synched color 8mm film)
13.1964/08/23 at the Hollywood Bowl(rare footage)
14.1964/02/11 at the Washington D.C. Coliseum(rare footage)
15.1963/12/15 TV SHOW-Thank Your Lucky Stars,"+"All My Loving"+"(upgrade)
17.1965/08/01 TV SHOW-Blackpool Night Out,"+"I Feel Fine"+"(removed TCR image)
18.1963/10/30 TV SHOW-Drop In,w/English subtitles test bins
1969Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 2.jpg01.opening "+"Money"+" - 1964/10/20 Dundee
02.She Loves You - 1963/09/01 "+"Big Night Out"+" flicker and distortion removed
03.Money - 1963/10/16 "+"Thank Your Lucky Stars"+"
04.I Feel Fine - 1965/08/01 "+"Blackpool Night Out"+" no TCR, flicker removed
05.1965/07/02 Madrid
06.I Saw Her Standing There - 1964/06/06 Blokker
07.1964/06/06 Blokker unseen footage
08.1963/12/07 Liverpool
09.A Hard Day's Night - 1965/06/20 Paris
10.Roll Over Beethoven - 1964/04/28 "+"Around The Beatles"+"
11.I'm A Loser - 1964/11/14 "+"Thank Your Lucky Stars"+"
12.1965/08/19 Houston
13.Yer Blues take 2
14.Please Mr. Postman - 1964/02/23 "+"Big Night Out"+"
15.Rock'n'roll Music - 1966/06/24 Munich, audio remaster
16.She's A Woman - 1966/07/01 Tokyo, re-transfer
17.All My Loving - 1964/02/09 "+"Ed Sullivan Show"+"
18.Day Tripper - 1966/06/30+07/01 Tokyo
1969Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 3.jpg01.1964/08/23 - Hollywood Bowl "+"Twist And Shout"+" original 16mm film (CVS)
02.1964/08/23 - Hollywood Bowl "+"A Hard Day's Nught"+" original 16mm film (CVS)
03.1964/02/23 - Big Night Out "+"I Wanna Be Your Man"+"
04.1966/07/01 - Tokyo, Budokan "+"If I Needed Someone"+" (original 16mm film digital tele-cine)
05.Yer Blues take 2 (alternate)
06.1966/06/24 - Munich (color "+"Polis"+" film upgrade)
08.1963/11/04 - Royal Variety Performance "+"She Loves You"+" (TCE)
09.1965/08/17 - Toronto
10.1965/08/31 - San Francisco
11.1970/01/30 - Rooftop "+"Get Back"+" (last)
12."+"We Can Work It Out"+" PV (quad)
13.1967 Our World "+"All Your Need Is Love"+" (rare video version)
14.1965/08/15 - Shea Stadium "+"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"+" (stereo)
15.There's A Place
1969Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 4/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Volume 4.jpg01.Opening Movie - Kansas City
02.1963/11/01 - at the Odeon Cinema, Cheltenham - concert fragments Upgrade, Audio Synchronized.
03.1963/11/16 - at the Winter Gardens Theatre, Bournemouth - concert fragments Upgrade, Audio Synchronized.
04.1963/11/25 - TV SHOW "+"Late Scene Extra"+" - "+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+" Upgrade.
05.1963/12/02 - TV SHOW "+"Morecambe & Wise Show"+" - "+"All My Loving"+" Upgrade. Re-interlaced.
06.1963/12/07 - at the Empire Theatre, TV SHOW "+"It's The Beatles"+" - "+"Twist & Shout"+" Upgrade, BUT very short...
07.1964/02/11 - at the Washington Coliseum, Washington D.C. - "+"All My Loving"+" Restored.
08.1964/02/16 - at the Deauville Hotel, Miami "+"Ed Sullivan Show (Miami rehearsal)"+" - "+"I Want To Hold Your Hand"+" Upgrade.
09.1964/04/26 - at the Empire Pool, Wembley, "+"N.M.E. Poll Winners Concert"+" - "+"Twist & Shout"+" Upgrade.
10.1964/06/05 - TV SHOW "+"The Beatles in The Netherlands"+" - Roll Over Beethoven Upgrade.
11.1964/06/12 - at the Centennial Hall, Adelaide, Australia - "+"She Loves You"+" Unbooted.
12.1964/09/06 - at the Olympia Stadium, Detroit - concert fragments Unbooted.
13.1965/04/11 - at the Empire Pool, Wembley, "+"N.M.E. Poll Winners Concert"+" - "+"She's A Woman"+" Upgrade, Stereo.
14.1965/06/20 - at the Palais des Sports, Paris, France - concert fragments Upgrade.
15.1965/06/20 - at the Palais des Sports, Paris, France - "+"Rock'n'roll Music"+" Upgrade.
16.1965/08/01 - TV SHOW "+"Blackpool Night Out"+" - "+"I Feel Fine"+" Upgrade.
17.1965/08/15 - at the Shea Stadium - "+"Dizzy Miss Lizzy"+" Stereo.
18.1965/11/23 - at the Twickenham Film Studios "+"Intertel Promos"+" - "+"Help!"+" Upgrade.
19.1966/05/19 - at the EMI Studio One, Abby Road, "+"Ed Sullivan Show"+" - "+"Paperback Writer"+" Upgrade.
20.1966/07/01 - at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan - "+"If I Needed Someone"+"
21.1967/11/10 - at the Saville Theatre, London - "+"Hello Goodbye"+" version #2 Upgrade.
22.1968/02/11 - at the EMI Studio Three, Abby Road - "+"Hey Bulldog"+" Upgrade.
23.1969/01/31 - at the Abby Road Studio's Rooftop - "+"Dig A Pony"+" Upgrade.
1969Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Extra/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Odds and Sods But Upgrades! Extra.jpg01.opening
02.1962/08/22 at the Cavern Club, Liverpool - Multi Angle, Comparison of the three versions
03.0963/04/04 at the BBC Radio Paris Studio, London - Color 8mm Film
04.1963/08/27 at the little theatre, Southport - Upgrade
05.1963/10/27 at the Cirkus Lorensbergsparken, Göteborg - Upgrade
06.1963/11/20 at the ABC Cinema, Manchester - Multi Angle
07.1963/12/07 at the Empire Theatre, Liverpool - "+"It's The Beatles"+", Upgrade
08.1963/12/14 at the Palais, Wimbledon - Upgrade
09.1964/02/11 at the Washington D.C. Coliseum - Multi Angle
10.1964/02/11 at the Washington D.C. Coliseum - "+"Digital Tele-Cine"+", Restored
11.1964/08/23 at the Hollywood Bowl - Multi Angle
12.1964 U.S. Tour - Roll Over Beethoven-Can't Buy Me Love-If I Fell
13.1964/10/14 "+"Scene at 6.30."+"
14.1964/10/20 at the Caird Hall, Dundee
15.1965/06/20 at the Palais des Sports, Paris - Upgrade
16.1965/08/29 at the Hollywood Bowl - Color 8mm Film, Digital Tele-Cine
17.1965/12/10 at the Hammersmith Odeon, London - B&W 8mm Film
18.1966/08/28 at the Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles - Color 8mm Film, CVS
19. PV "+"Love Me Do"+" - Multi Angle
20. PV "+"Ticket To Ride"+" - Upgrade
21. PV "+"A Day In The Life"+" - Upgrade
22. PV "+"Something"+" - Upgrade
1969Watching Rainbows 1964-1969/images/dvd/The Beatles/1969 - Watching Rainbows 1964-1969.jpgDISC 1:
The Best: You Can’t Do That, Help!, I Feel Fine, Ticket To Ride, We Can Work It Out (version 3), Day Tripper (version 3), Paperback Writer (version 4), Rain (version 3), Strawberry Fields Forever, Penny Lane, A Day In The Life, All You Need Is Love, Hello Goodbye (version 3), Lady Madonna, Revolution, Hey Jude (version 1), Get Back, Two Of Us, Don’t Let Me Down, Let It Be, The Ballad Of John And Yoko, Something, Hey Buldog (1999), Strawberry Fields Forever (american bandstand), Penny Lane (american bandstand)

The Rest: I Feel Fine (outtake), Help!, We Can Work It Out (version 1), We Can Work It Out (version 2), Day Tripper (version 2), Paperback Writer (version 1), Rain (version 1), Paperback Writer (version 2), Paperback Writer (version 3), Paperback Writer (outtake), Rain (version 2), Hello Goodbye (version 1), Hello Goodbye (version 2), Revolution (outtake), By George, It’s David Frost (version 1), By George, It’s David Frost (version 2), Hey Jude (version 2), Hey Jude (outtake), Hello Goodbye (1993), All You Need Is Love (2000), Hello Goodbye (2000), Get Back (2000), You Can’t Do That (Ed Sullivan Show), Paperback Writer (Ed Sullivan Show, version 1), Rain (Ed Sullivan Show, version 1), Two Of Us (Ed Sullivan Show), All You Need Is Love (Our World)

1970EPK Collection - Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - EPK Collection - Volume 1.jpg20 Greatest Hits; Red & Blue; Live at the BBCDVD5Proshot1
1970Let It Be/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - Let It Be.jpgDVD5Proshot3
1970Let It Be - The Big Picture (British Lions)/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
1970Let It Be...Naked/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - Let It Be Naked.jpgLET IT BE… NAKED PLUS:
Sound: “Let It Be… Naked” 2003 Mix / Video: From The Motion Picture “Let It Be”
01) Get Back (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
02) Dig A Pony (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
03) For You Blue (Apple Promo 1995 + Naked Edit)
04) The Long And Winding Road (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
05) Two Of Us (Apple Promo 1995 + Naked Edit)
06) I’ve Got A Feeling (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
07) One After 909 (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
08) Don’t Let Me Down (Let It Be + Naked Edit)
09) I Me Mine (Fake Edit)
10) Across The Universe (Fake Edit)
11) Let It Be (Let It Be + Naked Edit)

01) CM Spot
02) Get Back, Don’t Let Me Down, The Long And Winding Road, I Me Mine, One After 909, Two Of Us, Across The Universe, I’ve Got A Feeling, Let It Be.

APPLE PV 2003:
01) Get Back
02) Don’t Let Me Down
1970Let It Be and other film/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - Let It Be and other film.jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
1970Red & Blue EPK/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - Red and Blue EPK.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1970The Vaults/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - The Vaults.jpgSome time ago, a couple of enterprising individuals plundered the NBC and CBS news archives and leaked all the early 1960s Beatles footage they could find. This is the results of their efforts.

Now you can relive those thrilling days of Beatlemania, back when the world was a much sunnier place.
1970Reel Music/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - Reel Music.jpg1. A Hard Days Night From The Film
2. I Should Have Known Better From AHDN
3. Can`t Buy Me Love From AHDN
4. And I Love Her From AHDN
5. Help From The Film
6. You`ve Got To Hide Your Love Away From Help
7. Ticket To Ride From Help
8. Magical Mystery Tour From The Film
9. I Am The Walrus From MMT
10. Yellow Submarine From The Film
11. All You Need Is Love From YS
12. Let It Be From The Film
13. Get Bacl From LIB
14. The Long & Winding Road From LIB
1970TV Tapes Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 1.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: AUGUST-NOVEMBER, 1963
“SCENE AT 6:30”
Twist And Shout
Twist And Shout, “...the Mersey Sound Is...”, The Undertakers, “...your hire/purchase...”, Group One, “...guitars, amplifiers and drums...”, The Beatles and Brian Epstein, Love Me Do, Beatle Interviews, She Loves You, “...how long can these groups go on...”, Twist And Shout/credits
opening skit, From Me To You, She Loves You, Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There/credits
Intro, Twist And Shout, George Interview, “Gonna Make Him Mine” dance, Helen Shapiro with The Beatles, “Fools Rush In” dance, “Sally Go ‘Round The Roses” dance, Ringo Interview, Paul Judges Mime Time, Paul Interview, I’ll Get You, John Interview, She Loves You, Beatle Interview
Money (That’s What I Want)
Intro, She Loves You, Twist And Shout, I Saw Her Standing There, Long Tall Sally, Drop In
“SCENE AT 6:30”
This boy, Beatles and Ken Dod Interview, I Want To Hold Your Hand

1970TV Tapes Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 2.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: DECEMBER, 1963-FEBRUARY, 1964
Intro, This Boy, All My Loving, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Hello Bongo!, Moonlight Bay, “...a dirty deck chair...”
Intro, I Want To Hold Your Hand, All My Loving, Twist And Shout, “...two gold discs to present...”, She Loves You
Intro, Twist And Shout, Plese Plese Me, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Outro
Intro, All My Loving, Till There Was You, She Loves You, “...facts about Kent cigarettes...”, I Saw Her Standing There, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Outro
She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, “...four of the nicest youngsters...”
Intro, She Loves You, This Boy, All My Loving, “...in our audience tonight...”, I Saw Her Standing There, From Me To You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, “...good night drive carefully...”
1970TV Tapes Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 3.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: FEBRUARY-APRIL, 1964
Intro skit, Customs skit, All My Loving, I Wanna Be Your Man, Till There Was You, Fan mall skit, Please Mr. Postman, I Want To Hold Your Hand.
Intro, Beatle fashions, It won’t Be Long, Billboard magazine award, This Boy, Ringo Interview, John Interview, “Tennessee Waltz” dance, Paul Interview, You Can’t Do That, George Interview, Can’t Buy Me Love, Please Mr. Postman.
Interview, You Can’t Do That
Intro, Twist And Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sally, Millie Small, Long John Baldry and The Vernons Girls, Sounds Inc., P.J.Proby, Millie Small, Sounds Inc., The Vernons Girls, Long John Baldry, Cilla Black, P.J.Proby and The Vernons Girls, Shakespeare Skit, P.J.Proby, Cilla Black, Medley: Love Me Do/Please Please Me/From Me To You/I Want To Hold Your Hand, Can’t Buy Me Love, Shout.
1970TV Tapes Volume 4/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 4.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: JUNE-NOVEMBER, 1964
Interview, She Loves You, All My Loving, Twist And Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, Long Tall Sally, Can’t Buy Me Love, Credits
Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey, I’m A Loser, Boys, Credits
I Feel Fine, She’s A Woman, I’m A Loser, Rock And Roll Music
Intro, The Isley Brothers, Sandy Shaw, The Searchers, The Isley Brothers, Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, Billy J Kramer and The Dakotas, Concert Winners, The Searchers, Beatles Interview, Kim Weston, I Feel Fine, She’s A Woman, Baby’s In Black, Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey
Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey, In The Control Room

1970TV Tapes Volume 5/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 5.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: NOVEMBER, 1964-AUGUST, 1965
Deaf Ted, Danoota And Me, About The Awful, All Abord Speeching, Good Dog Nigel, Unhappy Frank, The Wrestling Dog, Goodbye-ee
It’s A Long, Long WAY To Tipperary
We Must Not Forget The General Erection, The Wumberlog (Or The Magic Dog), Interview
Intro, I Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help!, Credits
Intro, Commercial, Soupy Sales, Cilla Black, Fantasio, Commercial, I Feel Fine, I’m Down, Act Naturally, Commercial, Steve Allen, Allen And Rossi, Commercial, Cilla Black, Soupy Sales, Commercial, Ticket To Ride, Yesterday, Help!, Commercial, “...you’ve been a wonderful audience...”, Credits
1970TV Tapes Volume 6/images/dvd/The Beatles/1970 - TV Tapes Volume 6.jpgTELEVISON APPEARANCES: NOVEMBER, 1965-JANUARY, 1970
The George Martin Orchestra, Lennon And McCartney, Peter And Gordon, Lulu, Alan Haven And Tony Crombie, Fritz Spiegl’s Ensemble, The Beatles - Day Tripper, Paul McCartney And Marianne Faithful, Lennon And McCartney, Antonio Vargas, Dick Rivers, Billy J Kramer And The Dakotas, Cilla Black, The George Martin Orchestra, Henry Mancini, Esther Phillips, Peter Sellers, The Beatles - We Can Work It Out, The George Martin Orchestra
The Pipesucker Report, The LS Buble Bee, The Ad Lav Club, Credits
Hey Jude
Opening, John And Mick, Yer Blues, Whole Lotta Yoko, John, Credits
Ringo skits montage
1976All This And World War II/images/dvd/The Beatles/1976 - All This And World War II.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1978FILM I Wanna Hold Your Hand/images/dvd/The Beatles/1978 - FILM I Wanna Hold Your Hand.jpgDVD5Proshot2
1978FILM Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/images/dvd/The Beatles/1978 - FILM Sgt Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band.jpgDVD5Proshot2
1978Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1978 Broadcast)/images/dvd/The Beatles/1978 - Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1978 Broadcast).jpgDVD5Proshot1
1979FILM Birth Of The Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
1980Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1980 Broadcast)/images/dvd/The Beatles/1980 - Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1980 Broadcast).jpgDVD5Proshot1
1983At Abbey Road Studios Tour Film/images/dvd/The Beatles/1983 - At Abbey Road Studios Tour Film.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1984FILM Twist and Shout/images/dvd/The Beatles/1984 - FILM Twist and Shout.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1985FILM Yesterday/images/dvd/The Beatles/1985 - FILM Yesterday.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1987It Was Twenty Years Ago Today (Granada TV 1987)/images/dvd/The Beatles/1987 - It Was Twenty Years Ago Today (Granada TV 1987).jpgGranada TV Documentary originally aired in November of 1987 on PBS and BBC TVDVD5Proshot2
1988Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1988 Broadcast)/images/dvd/The Beatles/1988 - Live In Japan 1966-06-30 (NTV 1988 Broadcast).jpgDVD5Proshot1
1992Merseybeatle 92/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgI thought this might be of interest to Hunger City's genuine Beatles Fans .
It is a short docummentary type film made in 1992 by The British Council,
about The Liverpool Beatles Convention,
i don't think it ever appeared for sale or was broadcast,but i could be wrong.
i was given this VHS Tape in 1994 by a good friend of mine
who had something to do with the Beatles Shop in Matthew St,
only because he had spotted me on it a couple times,or i would'nt have even
known that it existed.
Anyway it's something a bit different,so it makes a change !!

Beatles Convention Memorabilia Fair
Beatles Shop in Matthew St
Interviews with Fans in and around Liverpool
Interview Snippets with Celebs at the Convention
Beatles Liverpool Auction
Liverpool Magical Mystery Bus Tour
Live Snippets of Beatle Tribute Bands
1993Anthology Director’s Cut/images/dvd/The Beatles/1993 - Anthology Director\'s Cut.jpgDVD 1: July’40 – March’63 (77 min)
DVD 2: March’63 – January’64 (74 min)
DVD 3: February’64 – July’64 (72 min)
DVD 4: August’64 – August’65 (67 min)
DVD 5: August’65 – July’66 (77 min)
DVD 6: July’66 – June’67 (87 min)
DVD 7: June’67 – July’68 (73 min)
DVD 8: July’68 – January’69 (62 min)
DVD 9: Special Features (97 min)
- Anthology EPK –1995
- Sneak Preview Of ABC Miniseries – 1995
- ABC Miniseries EPK – 1995
- KABC TV Promo Spots – 1995
- Anthology “Post Release” – 1995
- Anthology CD EPK – 1995
- “Free As A Bird” Promo Video – 1995
- George Harrison On “Today Tonight” – November 1995
- Neil Aspinall, George Martin & Derek Taylor – November 1995
DVD 10: Special Features (103 min)
- “Real Love” Original Broadcast Video – 1995
- World Video Premiere Of “Real Love” – 1996
- “Real Love” Single Release – 1996
- Anthology, Volume 2 EPK – 1996
- Anthology, Volume 2 TV Commercials – 1996
- Anthology, Volume 2 Marketing Reel – 1996
- Turner home Entertainment Promo Reel – 1996
- New Beatles Interviews “August, 1996”
- Anthology Series: The Perfect Holiday Gift – 1996
- Anthology, Volume 3 Promo Spots – 1996

Story vs. Performance - The 1993 Director's Cut of Anthology focused primarily on the Beatles story, using performance footage only to enhance the story. The final version would remove much of the story and details to include as much TV and concert footage as possible. At the time this appeared to be the best approach, but in retrospect opinions may change after hearing the uncut interviews; this was after all their one change to tell their story. Collectors have countless sources for the TV and concert footage, but only one option to hear their story as done for the Anthology series, until now that is! Uncensored Version - comparisons between the two versions of Anthology clearly show heavy editing. An entire sequence regarding Yoko Ono and her effects on the band has been cut-down to almost nothing; only on the 1993 version will you hear unedited and sometimes unflattering comments. Much of the filmed interviews did not make it into the final Anthology or even the book, with many being changed or reworded. One example is George commenting on the positive experiences he had with drugs, including the famous dentist real name! Director's cut '93 also includes the original extended sequence on George's song writing later trimmed at George's request. It becomes obvious by program 1 what you are seeing is what the director and production team assembled and presented to the band before they made numerous change request.
Quality Of Archival Footage - At this early stage, Apple had to use what footage it had available with quality varying from poor to ex. Some of early TV appearances and newsreels are obviously taken from VHS screening tapes, and many include time-code. Some scenes contain the text “Temporary Picture"+" All of the new interviews and Apple owned material, including footage taken directly from the original cut of “The Long And Winding Road"+" look great and contains no time code. It is quite interesting to see what Apple's film archives looked like in 1993. In 1995 Anthology producer Chips Chipperfield hinted at what this early version might look like when asked why they could not just use the original 10-hour version for the home video release. We can but that's off-line. Off-line is a rough cut. It's cut from whatever archive sources we have so a lot of it is VHS.
Unused McCartney Interview - Programs 1&2 include an unused interview with Paul. This was the first interview shot and used before finally being replaced with a re-recorded Paul in black turtleneck With this first interview being re-shot, the stories vary from the final release. Partially Unused Harrison Interview - For most of Programs 1&2, the only Harrison interview used is the control room interview with George sporting a mustache. More than ½ of this interview was later removed and replaced with a re-recorded clean-shaven George. With much of this first interview going unused, the stories vary from the final version. Unused Neil Aspinall Interviews - For most of the first two programs, we see Neil's first interview sessions wearing no hat, the stories heard vary from the commercial version. Derek Taylor - Derek has a larger role in the early version of Anthology, and is featured in numerous unseen interviews.
Program Endings - An early idea was to end each program with a sequence showing the progression the band was making. Examples would be an overhead view showing the move from Liverpool to London, or the move from London to the US. Audio Outtakes - It is important to note that the 1993 Anthology uses very little studio outtake recordings. There are no created studio sequences of audio outtakes. We don't hear any real audio outtakes until the 68 studio sessions, as the audio outtakes were still being examined at this early stage of production and were not made available to the production team just yet. But+ we do get to hear the unused Hums ending for “A Day In The Life"+" along with part of take 4! Early/Abandoned Ideas - The 1993 Anthology uses many ideas later modified or dropped entirely. The recreations of fans rooms differ greatly; TV and tour montages were created then later dropped. An early idea was to show the move from Liverpool to Abbey Road studios, done by filming an entire trip-sequence taking you from Liverpool and ending at George Martin's door in Abbey Road Studios. Other early ideas put Paul in the film “The Girl Can't Help It"+" Various other unused segments appear throughout the entire eight programs. 1993 Ending - At this early stage, the documentary ends with the “Let It Be"+" sessions and rooftop concert. Program 8 part 1 dates from December 1993. 1994 would alter the Documentary considerably, with the three remaining Beatles reforming to record new music and joint interviews. It was at this point; the 1993 version was heavily re-edited leaving only a hint of what it had originally looked like.
1993-09-06Pete Best - Oprah Winfrey Show/images/dvd/The Beatles/1993-09-06 - Pete Best - Oprah Winfrey Show.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1994A La Televisio/images/dvd/The Beatles/1994 - A La Televisio.jpg-That come The Beatles!! (TVE1-1993)
Documentary that remembers the visit of the Beatles to Spain

-New old memories (TV3-1993)
Documentary on the reissue in CD of red and blue lp

-Paul McCartney's world (TV3-1993)
-Paul MCCartney fever Beatle (C33-1993)
Documentaries on Paul taking advantage of his concert in Barcelona.

-Planeta Rock. The Beatles (TVE2-1994)
The Beatles videoclips.
1994FILM Backbeat/images/dvd/The Beatles/1994 - FILM Backbeat.jpgDVD5Proshot2
1994The Making of A Hard Day's Night/images/dvd/The Beatles/1994 - The Making of A Hard Day\'s Night.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1994Труды и дни/images/dvd/The Beatles/1994 - Труды и дни.jpgDVD5Proshot1
199525 years of Sgt. Pepper's/All You Need Is Cash/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - 25 years of Sgt. Pepper\'s, All You Need Is Cash.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1995Rare & TV Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - Rare and TV Volume 1.jpgSouthern Cross 1964
20 Years Since Candlestick Park Reports 1986
Indianapolis 1964 Reports
Mike Nesmith - I'll Remember You Promo (includes Beatles Clips)
Cleveland 1966 Home Movies
I Feel Fine Paris 1965
Dodger Stadium 1966 Home Movies
Memphis 1966 Silent Home Movies
Jeans Medley 1987 RAI3
Paris 1964 Home Movies
She's A Woman - Thank Your Lucky Stars Nov 64
Chicago 1966 Silent Home Movies
Manila 1966 Interview
Toronto 1965 Home Movies & Interview
Hall Of Fame Report - TG1 27/2/88
Sweden 1964 Clip
Milwaukee 1964 Report
Genova Italy 1965 Home Movies
1995Rare & TV Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - Rare and TV Volume 2.jpgLegend From Liverpool 3/3/89
Tony Sheridan 17/9/88
Convention 1983
Beatles in NZ
It's The Beatles Clips
Zap Pop History 29/10/89
Rock Circus - Showbiss 2/11/89
Beatles Meet Cassius Clay 1964
1995Rare & TV Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - Rare and TV Volume 3.jpgDestinees 1989
The Beatles Story Veronica TV 1984
Beatles In India 1968 RAI
Hall Of Fame Report Les Enfants Du Rock 27/2/88
Morecambe & Wise '63 Clip TV Weekly
1995Rare & TV Volume 4/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - Rare and TV Volume 4.jpgLucky Stars on Merseyside 21/12/63
German TV Reports
Beatles In California
Good Morning America 28/5/82
Anthology ABC EPK
Royal Variety Show Clips
All You Need Is Love Promo
Abbey Rd Show Report US TV July 1983
Ballad Of John & Yoko Promo
Anthology News Report US TV
1995Re-Meet The Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/1995 - Re-Meet The Beatles.jpg1.Re-Meet The Beatles E! TV Special (42.20 mins)
2.Saturday Night Live Skit (5.00 mins)
Eddie Murphy & Joe Piscopo 'tells' the (true) store of the fifth Beatle, Clarence..
3.Entertainment Tonight Story On Beatles Conventions (1.07 mins)
1995Reunion/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpg1. "+"GET BACK: THE BEATLES REUNION"+" (VH1) 1995
Host: Anthony DeCurtis

Interviews about the making of The Beatles Anthology,
and the video "+"Free as a Bird"+".
With personal insights by:
George Harrison
Paul McCartney
Ringo Starr
George Martin
Mark Hertsgaard
Derek Taylor
Quincy Jones
Elton John
Brian Wilson
Bonnie Raitt
Mick Jagger
Keith Richards
Joan Osborne

2. Good Morning America (ABC) 11-20-95
Joan Lunden interview with Ringo Starr to open a very
special edition of the morning news program.

3. Good Morning America (ABC) 11-20-95
Charlie Gibson interviews Joe Pytka, the director of the
video "+"Free as a Bird"+", which is shown after the interview.
Later in the program, Charlie interviews legendary radio
disc jockey Bruce "+"Cousin Brucie"+" Morrow, with a cutaway
to WZLX radio studio in Boston, MA where Bill Ritter
interviews George Taylor Morris.

4. The Today Show (NBC) 11-20-95
Bryant Gumbel in a less-than-fascinating interview
with Beatles historian Martin Lewis.

5. CNN Showbiz Today 11-20-95
Host: Jim Moret
Correspondent: Mark Scheerer

Short overview of the "+"Free as a Bird"+" project with
interview clips by George Martin, Ringo Starr,
Keith Richards, Michelle Phillips, Sting, Derek Taylor,
and Chrissie Hynde - "+"Let's just hope the songs don't suck."+"

6. ABC Monday Night Football 11-20-95
Hosts: Brent Musburger and Frank Gifford

The halftime break provided the opportunity to
replay a classic clip from Dec. 9th 1974, in which
Howard Cosell interviews John Lennon during a
the weekly broadcast in Los Angeles...outstanding.
1996The Beales Today VH1 1996/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDerek Taylor interviews the three remaining Beatles
to promote The Beatles Anthology Volume 3. This one
offers much new information, and is a joy to watch.
Using photos and film clips as a backdrop for the
interviews, the result is totally engaging and very

1996The Beatles On The Simpsons/images/dvd/The Beatles/1996 - The Beatles On The Simpsons.jpgRingo Series 2 Episode 18 Brush With Greatness
George Series 5 Episode 1 Homers Barbershop Quartet
Paul & Linda Series 7 Episode 7 Lisa The Vegetarian

Bonus Compilation
Series 4 Episode 17
Series 8 Episode 5
Series 10 Episode 20
Series 14 Episode 21
1996Дневник Битлз/images/dvd/The Beatles/1996 - Дневник Битлз.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1999A Celebration/images/dvd/The Beatles/1999 - A Celebration.jpgHere at last is the ultimate visual and cultural history of the Beatles. Packed with dozens of never before seen film clips, ultra rare photographs and exclusive interviews, John, Paul, George and Ringo come alive in this intelligent, compelling, inside glimpse into the impenetrable inner-circle of the greatest group ever.
Included in this all star, international production are not only the Beatles themselves, but other well known insiders like Lennon intimates; Frederic Seaman and Yoko ono. Also lending their exclusive insights are former Beatle Pete Best, The Maharishi and Eric Clapton.
Also included is, BEATLEMANIA!, a rare newsreel documenting the Beatles arrival in London after their triumphant U.S. tour.
Russian language only
1999Beatle Wives. The E! True Hollywood Story/images/dvd/The Beatles/1999 - Beatle Wives. The E! True Hollywood Story.jpgThis 1999 E! TV Special includes contributions from the following people. You decide what is gossip, half-truths and possibly the whole truth concerning The Beatles and their personal relationships:
Steven Gaines, Martin Lewis, Ruth McCartney, Eric Swayne, Bill Harry, Barry Miles, Francie Schwartz, Danny Fields, Dan Richter, May Pand and Jack Douglas.
1999Brian Epstein - The Fifth Beatle/images/dvd/The Beatles/1999 - Brian Epstein - The Fifth Beatle.jpgExcellent look at the life of Brian Epstein. This covers him
from his childhood in Liverpool, until his untimely tragic
death in 1967. There are numerous historic photos, film clips
and interviews with those close to Brian, including Paul McCartney,
George Martin and Peter Brown. A good one to add to your
Beatles collection!
2000FILM In His Life: The John Lennon Story/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2000FILM Two Of Us/images/dvd/The Beatles/2000 - FILM Two Of Us.jpgEveryone who grew up watching the original Saturday Night Live remembers the fateful night in 1976 when Lorne Michaels, with mock gravity, announced that NBC would pay the munificent sum of 3,000 dollars if the Beatles would agree to come on the show and perform three Beatles songs. But everyone may not know that ex-Beatles John Lennon and Paul McCartney happened to be in New York, watching that particular episode of SNL — and for a few moments, they were tempted to play along with the gag and accept the offer. How did this come about? Well, it seems that McCartney, riding high with his hit single "+"Silly Love Songs,"+" was in Manhattan to promote an upcoming concert. For old time's sake, and (probably) to heal a few long-standing wounds, McCartney called upon Lennon at the latter's apartment in the Dakota. First telecast February 1, 2000, Two of Us dramatizes this bittersweet reunion, of which "+"L'Affair SNL"+" was but one of many extra added ingredients. Directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg, who'd also helmed the Beatles' swan song movie, Let It Be, Two of Us was seen over the VH1 cable network.DVD5Proshot1
2000Revolution ABC TV Special/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2001Fab Films/images/dvd/The Beatles/2001 - Fab Films.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 1.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 2.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 3/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 3.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 4/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 4.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 5/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 5.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 6/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 6.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 7/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 7.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology Volume 8/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology Volume 8.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Anthology. Special Features/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Anthology. Special Features.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Billy Preston With The Beatles And Solo 1969-2002/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Billy Preston With The Beatles And Solo 1969-2002.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2002Video Collection/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Video Collection.jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
2002Wannabes Series Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Wannabes Series Volume 1.jpg1. A Hard Day's Day
2. Tim Biancalana's tribute to John Lennon
3. 1964 As The Beatles on "+"AM Philadelphia"+"
4. The Making of Beatlemania 1978
2002Wannabes Series Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/2002 - Wannabes Series Volume 2.jpgJohn Lennon - A Journey In the LifeDVD5Proshot1
2003A Long And Winding Road/images/dvd/The Beatles/2003 - A Long And Winding Road.jpg3xDVD5Proshot1
2005From Liverpool to San Francisco/images/dvd/The Beatles/2005 - From Liverpool to San Francisco.jpgThey were four ordinary lad from Liverpool who became the biggest rock band the world had ever seen. Wherever they went they won hearts and sold millions od discs and cinema tickets. So what was so special about them that they could fill concert halls and airports from Tokyo to New York with thousands of fans? Why did the dream die and what have "+"The Fab Four"+" left behind? In short who were the Beatles and how did they conquer the world?

Beatles Across America Documentary
2005Rivals (Paul McCartney & John Lennon)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2005 - Rivals.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2006FILM Леннон – Харрисон Гитар Печальный Плач/images/dvd/The Beatles/2006 - FILM Lennon and Harrison - Guitars Gently Weep.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2006Return To Beatlemania/images/dvd/The Beatles/2006 - Return To Beatlemania.jpgDVD5Proshot2
2007FILM Across The Universe/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - FILM Across The Universe.jpgDVD9Proshot2
2007FILM The Unseen Beatles/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2007Quarrymen - It was 50 years ago today/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007-07-07 - Quarrymen - It was 50 years ago today.jpgIt is 6 July 1957 - the day, which changed several lives - the day, on which John Lennon and Paul McCartney should meet for the first time. The remaing members of John Lennons (first) band, look back to the moment when the founders of the Beatles came together.DVD5Proshot1
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 01/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 01.jpg01-Beatles on Music from 1968 (Hey Jude Session)
02-It Was 20 Years Ago Today (1987 Documentary)
03-Part 2
04-1963 Home Movies (on Weston Super Mare Beach with Tony Barrow)
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 02/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 02.jpg01-The Early Beatles (Granada TV Special, 1984)
02-The Beatles At Abbey Road - From In The Studio Exhibition 1983
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 03/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 03.jpg01-The Brian Epstein Story - Arena Special, 1998, Readings By Jude Law
02-The Real Keith Moon - Documentary
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 04/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 04.jpg01-Twist and Shout, Dusty Spring Field Interviews George
02-Paul Judges Brenda Lee Lookalike Compitition
03-It Won't Be Long, Award Presentation, Keith Fordyce Interviews John
04-Art Compitition, John Presents The Prize, Cathy McGowan Interviews Ringo
05-You Can't Do That, Please Mr Postman, Paul Signs Autographs
Ringo Dances, Cathy McGowen Interviews George
06-Baby's In Black, Keith Interviews Band, Kansas City (hey hey hey)
07-Interview 1963
08-Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields Forever, Hello Goodbye
09-Baby It's You
10-Live At The BBC EPK
11-MTV's Making Of Yellow Submarine (part 1)
12-MTV's Making Of Yellow Submarine (part 2)
13-Paul on Late Late Brrekfast Show 11/16/85
14-Paul on Tv-AM Good Morning Britain 12/9/85
15-Paul on Guinness Book Of Records Hall Of Fame 5/26/86
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 05/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 05.jpg01-Shine On - Jools Holland & Jo Whiley Lennon Tribute Night With Various Artists.
02-Great Britons: John Lennon - Presented By Alan Davies.
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 06/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 06.jpg01-Paul and Linda on Late Late Breakfast Show
(first Broadcast of Say Say Say)
02-Ringo Starr Interview about Marc Bolan 'The Rube' 11/25/83
03-Paul on Razzamatazz 12/13/83
04-Pipes Of Peace Video
05-Paul Interview on The Tube 12/18/83
06-Unofficial Versio nof Lennon's Borrowed Time (Broadcast only once)
07-Newcast on Mess Made During making Pipes Of Pece Video
08-Newcasts On Paul And Lindas 1983 Drugbust And Yoko And Sean Visiting Liverpool.
09-'My Love' - Wings 1973 Performance.
10-Pete Shotton Interview, 'Pebble Mill At One', 1984.
11-'Blue Peter', Beatle City Report With Janet Ellis, 1984.
12-Paul Interview, 1966.
13-Paul On 'Aspel And Company' With Tracy Ullman 9 June 1984
14-Cynthia Lennon Interview, 'Saturday Review', 1984.
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 07/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 07.jpg01-'24 Hours' - 1969 Documentary On John & Yoko
02-'John Lennon's Jukebox' - South Bank Show - Part 1
03-'John Lennon's Jukebox' - South Bank Show - Part 2
04-'John Lennon's Jukebox' - South Bank Show - Part 3
05-Paperback Writer - Video
06-Ballad Of John & Yoko - Video
07-Get Back - Video
08-Hello Goodbye
09-Penny Lane - Video
10-Help! - Video
11-Hey Bulldog - Video
12-Mr Tambourine Man - The Byrds, 'Ed Sullivan Show'
13-Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones, 'Ed Sullivan Show'
14-Paint It Black - The Rolling Stones, 'Ed Sullivan Show'
15-Monday Monday - The Mamas & The Papas, 'Ed Sullivan Show'
16-San Fransican Nights - The Animals, Video
17-Hole In My Shoe - Traffic, Video
18-Subterranean Homesick Blues - Bob Dylan, Video
19-C'mon Everybody - Eddie Cochran
20-City Of Tiny Lights - Frank Zappa
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 08/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 08.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 09/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 09.jpg01-Paul On 'Wogan', 19 Nov 1987
02-Paul On 'Going Live', 12 Dec 1987
03-Paul On 'Rapido', 10 May 1989
04-Paul On 'Wogan' With Sue Lawley, 19 May 1989
05-Paul On 'TVAM' 24 & 25 May 1990 (Incomplete)
06-George & Olivia Harrison On 'Wogan', 22 Jun 1990.
07-Paul On 'Wogan', 13 Dec 1990
08-'One Upon A Long Ago' - 'The Roxy', 17 Nov 1987
09-Paul At 'Buddy', Date Unknown
10-George On 'Rutland Weekend Television', 'The Pirate Song', 13 Dec 1975
11-Beatles Interview, ITN News, 13 Oct 1963
12-'On Stage' Montage - From 'Imagine' Film
13-MBE's & 'Jesus' Comment - From 'Imagine' Film
14-'End Of Touring' Montage - From 'Imagine' Film
15-John & Ringo Home Movies, 1967 - From 'Imagine' Film
16-John Interview - Twickenham 1969, From 'Imagine' Film
17-'Strawberry Fields Forever' - 'Imagine' Film Edit
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 10/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 10.jpg01-The Last Years' - TV Documentary On His Last Years - Part 1
02-The Last Years' - TV Documentary On His Last Years - Part 2
03-The Last Years' - TV Documentary On His Last Years - Part 3
04-The Real John Lennon - TV Documentary On John - Part 1
05-The Real John Lennon - TV Documentary On John - Part 2
06-The Real John Lennon - TV Documentary On John - Part 3
07-The Real John Lennon - TV Documentary On John - Part 4
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 11/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 11.jpg01-John & Yoko - 'The Bed In' - 1969 DocumentaryDVD5Proshot1
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 12/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 12.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2007The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 13/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007 - The Mark Jones Beatles Video Collection Volume 13.jpg01-'Mr & Mrs Lennon's Honeymoon' - A Film By Peter Goessens (Dutch TV Documentary (unknown)
02-'My Generation' - The Small Faces - VH1 Documentary With Archive Footage And Int 03-Beatles Anthology Era Interviews (unknown)
04-Kink's Klips - Part 2 - 'Set Me Free' (unknown)
'See My Friend' (unknown)
A Well Respected Man (Davies)
'Dedicated Follower Of Fashion' (unknown)
'Sunny Afternoon' (unknown)
'Deadend Street' (Promo) (unknown)
'Mr Pleasant' (unknown)
'Waterloo Sunset' (unknown)
'Starstruck' (Promo) (unknown)
'Plastic Man' (unknown)
'The Money Go Round' (unknown)
'Apeman' (Promo) (unknown)
'You Really Got Me' (unknown)
'Got Love If You Want It' (unknown)
05-Kink's Klips - Part 3 - 'Autumn Almanac' (unknown)
06-Kink's Klips - Part 1 - 'Set Me Free' (unknown)
07-Cream - 'Strange Brew' (unknown)
Small Faces - 'I Can't Make It' / The Kinks - 'Plastic Man'
2007-03-06Sean Lennon - Ikra Club, Moscow/images/dvd/The Beatles/2007-03-06 - Sean Lennon - Ikra Club, Moscow.jpgDVD5Audience1
2008All Together Now (Cirque Du Soleil)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2008 - All Together Now (Cirque Du Soleil).jpgAn 84 minute film charting the creation of the Cirque Du Soleil "+"LOVE"+" show. Features, Paul, Ringo, George and Giles Martin, Yoko, Olivia Harrison, and the cast and crew of Cirque, including, Guy Laliberte and the director, Dominic Champagne.DVD9Proshot1
2008FILM Composing The Beatles Songbook/images/dvd/The Beatles/2008 - FILM Composing The Beatles Songbook.jpgGiven that no other popular music group has garnered as much critical and creative analysis as The Beatles, any new book or film release claiming to add substantive perspective to what’s already been documented should be regarded with relative skepticism. Or, at the minimum, a keen sense of discerning the validity in the presented material. In one of the latest critiques, a DVD entitled Composing The Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney 1957 – 1965, the twentieth century’s most successful songwriting partnership is discussed and examined.

Much like the Under Review series of music documentaries, this film features commentary by journalists (including Anthony DeCurtis, Nigel Williamson, and Robert Christgau) and friends or associates of the subjects (including Barry Miles and Klaus Voorman). As well, archival clips of The Beatles complement the observations, but this is an unauthorized film so the footage is negligible. And though the title suggests that the content addresses matters as far back as 1957, the film only provides cursory (and otherwise well-known) information about the band’s formation, concentrating mostly on the period spanning With The Beatles and Rubber Soul.

In essence, the film summarizes the two principle songwriters’ working dynamic and how the partnership theoretically progressed from Lennon/McCartney to Lennon versus McCartney. The boldest contention made is that, in the band’s early years, the collaborators’ prime objective was to write “Beatles-sounding” music, not necessarily “John” or “Paul” songs. The panelists accordingly agree that on tracks like “Please Please Me” and “She Loves You,” Lennon and McCartney’s voices sound virtually synonymous. That logic only sustains so far, though, if one considers Lennon’s vocal on “This Boy” or McCartney’s singing on “I Saw Her Standing There,” both tracks from the band’s earliest era.

If you know your Beatles history (as only those with serious knowledge of the band will have the fortitude to watch this film), you’ll likely feel compelled to argue with some of the commentators. It’s not because they’re factually wrong or radically off base in their assessments; it’s simply because their opinions can often be refuted or discounted. For instance, hearing Robert Christgau explain why he prefers the Lennon-penned “Hard Days Night” to the McCartney-penned “Can’t Buy Me Love” doesn’t make me like the latter any less.

Overall, Composing The Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney 1957 – 1965 gives Beatles fans a critical synopsis of information and stories that they probably already know some version of by heart. The film doesn’t offer much in the way of original or enlightening information, but those with sufficient knowledge of the band’s history will find it at least somewhat interesting.
2008FILM Meet The Beatles 2008/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgFeaturing rare archive performances by the Beatles performing live in the USA; this is the powerful review of the album which launched the Beatles in America.

By 1963 the rest of the world was gripped by Beatlemania. Only America remained unconquered. Capitol records promised manager Brian Epstein that they would make 1964 the year of the Beatles. Capitol were as good as their word. On the back of the ground breaking Ed Sullivan live appearances and the number one US album Meet The Beatles, the Beatles took America by storm. In April 1964 the Beatles occupied all five top positions on the billboard singles chart, a feat which has never been equalled.

Meet the Beatles was carefully selected to introduce the band to a whole new continent and remains today a powerful record of the band emerging as world-class songwriters.

Features live performances of ALl My Lovin', Till There Was You, She Loves You, I Saw Her Standing There, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, This Boy, From Me To You and more.
2008Magical Mistery Tour Memories/images/dvd/The Beatles/2008 - Magical Mistery Tour Memories.jpgThe Magical Mystery Tour was the first Beatles film project following the death of Manager Brian Epstein in August 1967.
The film was unscripted as various ordinary people travelled on a charabanc bus,
having magical adventures en route. The movie soundtrack was released in the UK in December 1967
and in 1968 received a Grammy Award for the best album reaching the coveted #1 slot in the US for eight weeks.
The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour Memories is an upbeat rockumentary film featuring the vivid memories of those
who witnessed the making of the cult Beatle movie, The Magical Mystery Tour,
in 1967 and features a celebrity cast along with anecdotal stories and unseen 8mm home movie footage,
as well as eye-witness accounts from fans, on-lookers and the cast of the movie.
Featuring Tony Barrow (Beatles press officer), Mike McCartney (Paul McCartney s brother),
Miranda Ward (journalist and friend of the Fab Four), Spencer Davis (Spencer Davis Group),
Tony Bramwell (Beatles road manager and close friend of Sir Paul McCartney),
Neil Innes (Bonzo Dog Do Da Band), Freda Kelly (principal secretary to the Beatles Fan Club),
Dame Peggy Spencer (choreographer), and Victor Spinetti (actor and close friend of John Lennon),
sharing their memories with Victor supplying a fascinating commentary to the film. This is a happy,
upbeat film comments David Lambert, producer and director of Arthouse Pictures, who produced the movie.
Probably the last time the Fab Four were all still getting along. Keith Badman (author and Beatles expert)
said I have seen the rough cut screener and can t wait to see the finished programme. It is fantastic.
This film is a must have for all Beatles fans worldwide and an opportunity to look back fondly at
the heady days of the swinging 60s. Bonus Features: Beatles related stories from Mike McCartney,
Freda Kelly, Spencer Davis, Victor Spinetti, Tony Bramwell and Miranda Ward.
2008Stuart Sutcliffe - The Lost Beatle/images/dvd/The Beatles/2008 - Stuart Sutcliffe - The Lost Beatle.jpgFrom the BBC in 2008

This is the tragic story of Stuart Sutcliffe, the talented young artist who died at the age of 21 from a brain haemorrhage. Not only was he a painter whose work showed massive potential, he was also one one of the biggest influences on the Beatles, providing them with both their style and their name during his brief time as their bassist. With contributions from Stuart's fiancee, Astrid Kirschherr, and his sister Pauline.
2008-05-25Pete Best Band - Live In Chattanooga/images/dvd/The Beatles/2008-05-25 - Pete Best Band - Live In Chattanooga.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009FILM Nowhere Boy/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgImagine John Lennons childhood A spirited teenager, curious, sharp and funny, growing up in the shattered city of Liverpool. Two extraordinary sisters tussle for his love - Mimi, the formidable aunt who raised him from the age of 5 and Julia, the spirited mother who gave him up to Mimis care. Yearning for a normal family, John escapes into art and the new music flooding in from the US. His fledgling genius finds a kindred spirit in the young Paul McCartney. But just as Johns new life begins, the truth about his past leads to a tragedy he would never escape.DVD9Proshot0
2009How the Beatles Rocks Kremlin/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - How the Beatles Rocks Kremlin.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Howard Goodals: 20 Century Greats/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Howard Goodals - 20 Century Greats.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Mini Documentaries/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Mini Documentaries.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Project 9 (The Making Of Beatles Rockband)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Project 9 (The Making Of Beatles Rockband).jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Rock Band - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Complete Videos in HiDef/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Rock Band - Sgt. Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Complete Videos in HiDef.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Rock Band - Rubber Soul. The Complete Videos in HiDef/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Rock Band - Rubber Soul. The Complete Videos in HiDef.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009Shop on VH-1 Classic/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009 - Shop on VH-1 Classic.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009The Beatles' Women (AETV)/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2009The ET Beatles Special/images/dvd/The Beatles/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2009-10-20Yoko Ono - Later with Jools Holland/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009-10-20 - Yoko Ono - Later with Jools Holland.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2009-12-29Live From Abbey Road Special/images/dvd/The Beatles/2009-12-29 - Live From Abbey Road Special.jpg01 intro
02 George Martin interview 1
03 Seal - "+"Something"+"
04 George Martin interview 2
05 Counting Crows interview
06 "+"Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End"+"
07 George Martin interview 3
08 Imelda May interview
09 "+"Oh Darling"+"
10 George Martin interview 4
11 Antony and the Johnsons interview
12 "+"Here Comes The Sun"+"
13 Sugarland interview
14 "+"Come Together"+"
15 George Martin interview 5
16 Melody Gardot interview
17 "+"Because"+"
18 George Martin interview 6
19 Matchbox Twenty interview
20 "+"She Came in Through the Bathroom Window"+"
21 George Martin interview 7
22 Paloma Faith interview
23 "+"You Never Give Me Your Money"+"
24 credits
2010A Sideman's Journey/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010 - A Sidemans Journey.jpg1. Intro
2. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr (I'm In Love Again Part 1)
3. The Manfreds (Just Like A Woman)
4. Yusaf a.k.a. Cat Stevens (All Things Must Pass)
5. Bonnie Bramlett & Memphis Crew (My Sweet Lord)
6. Dr. John (Such A Night)
7. John Fohl & Los Angeles/Memphis Crew (Hold On)
8. George Klein TV Show Memphis Sounds With GK
9. Max Buskokl (You're Sixteen)
10. The Manfreds (Mighty Quinn)
11. Don Preston & Los Angeles Crew (Blue Suede Shoes)
12. Paul McCartney (I'm In Love Again Part 2)
13. Yusaf a.k.a Cat Stevens (The Day The World Gets Round)
14. Los Angeles Crew (Short People And He Needs Me)
15. Bonnie Bramlett & Memphis Crew (So Far)
16. Paul McCartney (I'm In Love Again Part 3)
17. Credits
RVDVD-14Experiment In Television: MUSIC!/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-14 - Experiment In Television. MUSIC!.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010Parting Ways/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010 - Parting Ways.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010The Magical History Tour/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010 - The Magical History Tour.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010-04-25The Brian Epstein Story/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010-04-25 - The Brian Epstein Story.jpgDocumentary examining the turbulent life and career of Brian Epstein, who died in 1967 in mysterious
circumstances. When Epstein met the Beatles at the end of 1961, he was a successful retailer in a
ewish family business. In 1963 - his first year in pop music - his acts occupied the No 1 spot in
the charts for 37 weeks. With contributions from Paul McCartney, Marianne Faithfull, Billy J Kramer
and George Martin.
2010All You Need Is Klaus/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010 - All You Need Is Klaus.jpgA behind-the-scenes look at the rock and roll world of Klaus Voormann, a 1960s Renaissance man, who lived on the road, in the studios and even in the homes of some of history's greatest musicians. Featuring Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Carly Simon, Van Dyke Parks, and Twiggy, Voormann's incredible tale continues on his recently-released and first-ever solo album "+"A Sideman's Journey"+" with tracks from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Jim Keltner, Albert Lee and more.DVD5Proshot1
2010What Happened 2009-2010/images/dvd/The Beatles/2010 - What Happened 2009-2010.jpgDisc 1
1. Intro
2. Casbah Coffee Club BBC News
3. Filming The Beatles First US Visit With Albert Mayles BBC 4 September 10 2009
4. The Beatles Cartoons Meet Animator Ron Cambell January 24 2010
5. Abbey Road Studios Up For Sale ITN News February 16 2010
6. Abbey Road For Sale Crosswalk Not Included Associated Press February 17 2010
7. Abbey Road For Sale Sky News February 17 2010
8. Beatles Expert Anxious At Abbey Road On Sale ITN News February 17 2010
9. Pete Best Interview For TV Center Channel April 6 2010
10. 40 Anni Fa Si Scioglievano I Beatles TG2 April 10 2010
11. 40 Anos De La Separacion TN April 10 2010
Victor Spinetti Talks About The Beatles-Beatles Convention April 10 2010
12. Part 1
13. Part 2
14. Part 3
15. Part 4
16. Part 5

Disc 2
1. Vatican Makes Peace With The Beatles Associated Press April 12 2010
2. El Vaticano Perdono A Los Beatles 44 Anos Despues MR Noticias April 12 2010
3. The Beatles Fifth Member Evening Magazine April 27 2010
4. Cashing In On Rare Beatles News Conference DFW News May 13 2010
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Coming To America
All You Need Is Love
Here Comes The Sun
Let It Be
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2011What Happened 2011 Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/2011 - What Happened 2011 Volume 1.jpg1. Intro
2. Quieren Demoler La Casa Natal De Ringo Starr C5N January 3 2011
3. Casa Natale Di Ringo Starr A Rischio Dwmolizione Euro News January 3 2011
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5. Movilizacion Para Evitar El Derribo De La Casa En La Que Nacio Ringo TVE Jamuary 3 2011
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21. The Beatles Anthology 1 Itunes
22. The Beatles Anthology 2 Itunes
23. The Beatles Anthology 3 Itunes
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2011What Happened 2011 Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/2011 - What Happened 2011 Volume 2.jpg1. Intro
2. The Beatles Love 5th Anniversay Red Carpet June 8 2011
3. Paul McCartney & Yoko Ono At Loves 5th Anniversary June 8 2011
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5. Love Cirque Du Soleil & More Las Vegas News June 9 2011
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12. The Home Of Elvis & The Beatles Team Up For A Musical Invasion WREG.com June 21 2011
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2011What Happened In Brazil 2009-2011/images/dvd/The Beatles/2011 - What Happened In Brazil 2009-2011.jpg1. Intro
2. Brazilian Rock Band The Jordans Met The Beatles 1967
3. The Making Of The Beatles Rock Band MTV Brazil 2009
4. Interview With Pete Best Globo News January 30 2010
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8. 40th Anniversary The Beatles Break Up Globo TV April 10 2010
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11. Apple Starts Selling Beatles Songs Over The Internet Globo News November 16 2010
12. Apple Starts Selling Beatles Songs Over The Internet Rede TV November 17 2010
13. Londons Historic Street Immortalized Rede TV December 22 2010
14. The House Where Ringo Starr Was Born Globo News January 2011
15. Crosswalk Famous By The Beatles Turns Heritage Globo TV January 18 2010
16. David Lynch Interviews Paul McCartney Subtitles Portuguese November 16 2010
2011What Happened In Brazil 2009-2011 Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/2011 - What Happened In Brazil 2009-2011 Volume 2.jpgDisc 1
1. Intro
2. Ringo Starr Drowning In The Sea Of Love Fantastico November 21 1077
3. Documentary Shows The Success Of The Beatles Fantastico August 20 1978
4. John Lennon Was Murdered In New York Jornal Nacional December 9 1980
5. Fans Pay Tribute To John Lennon The World Fantastico December 14 1980
6. John Lennon Woman Fantastico 1981
7. The 20 Years Of The Beatles Fantastico October 1982
Lennon O Sonho Nao Acabou TV Manchete 1983
8. Part 1
9. Part 2
10. Part 3
11. Part 4
12. Part 5
13. Part 6
14. Part 7
15. Part 8

Disc 2
1. 5th John Lennon Death Video Show 1985
2. Reporting On The Beatles Rede Globo 1990
3. Paul McCartney Performs Last Show In Rio De Janeiro Jornal Nacional April 21 1990
4. Reporting On The Beatles Fantastico 1991
5. Reporting On The Beatles Fantastico 1993
6. Reporting On The Beatles Fantastico 1993
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9. Paul McCartney In Sao Paulo Jornal Nacional December 3 1993
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20. Book On The Beatles Is Realesed Rede TV August 18 2009
21. The Long & Winding Road Marks The Breakup Of The Beatles Rede TV August 18 2009
22. The Backstage Of The Song Let It Be Rede TV August 18 2009
23. New Version Of Yellow Submarine Animation Will Be Done By Disney Rede TV August 20 2009
2011-04-25Produced By George Martin/images/dvd/The Beatles/2011-04-25 - Produced By George Martin.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2012What Happened 2011-2012/images/dvd/The Beatles/2012 - What Happened 2011-2012.jpg2011
1. Intro
2. Beatles Sculpture To Be Unveiled Sunday ABC September 16 2011
3. The Beatles Album With Peter Best Release In November Globo TV September 30 2011
4. Beatles Memorabilia To Be Auctioned In Buenos Aires BBC News October 5 2011
5. Beatles Memorabilia To Be Auctioned In Buenos Aires C5N October 5 2011
6. Good Ol Freda Trailer Movie November 7 2011
7. 50th Anniversary Of Brian Epstein Discovering The Beatles November 9 2011 Liverpool Echo
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15. Abbey Road Street Globo News December 29 2011

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12. Yellow Submarine Release DVD & Blu Ray Rede TV March 21 2012
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14. A Quietus Tour Of Abbey Road March 27 2012
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16. Interview With Chris O Dell Fox News March 30 2012
17. SGT Pepper Album Cover Gets 2012 Makeover April 2 2012
18. The Lost Concert Official Trailer Version 2 April 2 2012
19. New Beatles Made By Sons? Globo News April 2 2012
2012What Happened 2012 Volume 1/images/dvd/The Beatles/2012 - What Happened 2012 Volume 1.jpg1. Intro
2. Filhos De Ex Beatles Podem Montar Uma Rede TV April 4 2012
3. Herdeiros Dos Beatles Podem Lancar Banda Rede TV April 4 2012
4. Filhos Dos Integrantes Dos Beatles Querem Formar Banda Record News April 6 2012
5. The Lost Concert Official Trailer April 11 2012
6. The Duchess Of Cornwall Visits The Beatles Story April 16 2012
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11. Beatles Mdam Rumo Da Musica Pop Ao Lancar Love Me Do TV Globo May 19 2012
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13. Old Beatles Photo Takes New Direction At Auction NTDTV May 21 2012
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15. Backwards Beatles Photo Sold For 16,000 IBTimesUK May 22 2012
16. Beatles Abbey Road Photo Sold For 25,000 CBS News May 22 2012
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40. Coletanea De Contos Inspirados Nas Cancoes Dos Beatles Globo News August 21 2012
41. MSN Today Recreate Beatles Abbey Road Pic August 21 2012
42. Magical Mystery Tour In DVD & Blu Ray August 22 2012
43. Magical Mystery Tour In DVD & Blu Ray August 22 2012 HQ Version
44. Vison Siete The Beatles 50 Anos TVPublicaArgentina August 24 2012
2012What Happened 2012 Volume 2/images/dvd/The Beatles/2012 - What Happened 2012 Volume 2.jpgAugust
1. Intro
2. Day 4 Specialist Shows The Cover Story Of The Beatles
3. Day 8 Produced By George Martin Trailer
4. Day 18 Beatles Rare Footage MyLITVcom
5. Day 21 Tales Inspired By Songs Of The Beatles Globo News
6. Day 21 MSN Todays Fab Four Recreate Beatles Abbey Road Pic
7. Day 22 Magical Mystery Tour In DVD & Blu Ray
8. Day 24 Magical Mystery Tour Is Realeased For The 1st Time In Brazil Rede Tv
9. Day 24 Vision Siete 50 Anos Tv Publica Argentina
10. Day 26 The Beatles Experiance In Bogota
11. Day 29 Celebrate International Beatles Week DBT Tv
12. Day 29 Place To Visit To The Kings Of British Pop Spain Tv
13. Day 29 Uncover Lennon On BBC Knowledge
14. Day 31 Magical Mystery Tour Trailer Italy

15. Day 4 Nexo Digital Presenta Magical Mystery Tour
16. Day 4 First Single Completes 50 Years Rede Tv
17. Day 12 Magical Mystery Tour Miami Screening
18. Day 12 Magical Mystery Tour Official Trailer
19. Day 14 50 Years Of The Beatles Globo Tv
20. Day 19 Exhibition Celebrates The 50th Anniversary Of The Beatles Globo Tv
21. Day 19 Exhibition In Sao Jose Shows Curiosities Globo Tv
22. Day 20 Produced By George Martin Japan Trailer
23. Day 20 John Lennons House Is For Sale Cadena3 Espectaculos
24. Day 22 Love Celebrates 3,000 Shows
25. Day 26 Making I Am The Walrus
26. Day 27 47 Years Ago The Beatles Received MBE EFE
27. Day 30 Beatles Remasters Go Vinyl Arisan News

28. Day 2 Becoming The Beatles Spot Tv Sky News
29. Day 2 Let It Be London Premiere
30. Day 2 The Beatles Visit A Fish & Chips Shop 1967
31. Day 3 Images Unrealeased Beatles Film Are Disclosed Band Tv
32. Day 4 Love Mo Do 50th Anniversary BBC One
2013Please Please Me (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2013 - Please Please Me (50th Anniversary Edition).jpg1. I Saw Her Standing There
2. Misery
3. Anna (Go To Him)
4. Chains
5. Boys
6. Ask Me Why
7. Please Please Me
8. Love Me Do
9. P.S. I Love You
10. Baby It's You
11. Do You Want To Know A Secret
12. A Taste Of Honey
13. There's A Place
14. Twist And Shout

1. Love Me Do (50th anniversary version)
2. Love Me Do (version 1)
3. Love Me Do (version 2)
4. Love Me Do (TV promotion version)
5. Please Please Me (version 1)
6. Please Please Me (version 2)
7. Please Please Me (TV promotion version)
8. Baby It's You (promo)
9. Some Other Guy (live at Cavern)
10. Twist And Shout (original TV version)
11. Twist And Shout (imagine movie version)
12. Twist And Shout (anthology version)

1. Love Me Do (first recording)
2. Besame Mucho 4th September 1962
3. How Do You Do It 11th September 1962
4. Please Please Me (original version) 11th February 1963
5.-14. There's A Place (take 1 - 10)
15.-23. Seventeen = I Saw Her Standing There (take1 - 9)
24.-25. Do You Want To Know A Secret (take 7 - 8)
26.-27. A Taste Of Honey (take 6 - 7)
28.-30. There's A Place (take 11 - 13)
31.-33. Seventeen = I Saw Her Standing There (take10 - 12)
34.-41. Misery (take 1 - 8)

1. Love Me Do (single version)
2. Please Please Me (original single mix)
3. Ask Me Why (original single mix)
4. Besame Mucho (early sessions mix)
5. Besame Mucho (sessions mix)
6. How Do You Do It (early sessions mix)
7. How Do You Do It (sessions mix)
8. I Saw Her Standing There (anthology single)
9. I Saw Her Standing There (rock'n'roll music capitol remix)
10. Misery (rarities capitol mix)
11. Boys (rock'n'roll music capitol remix)
12. There's A Place (rarities capitol mix)
13. Twist And Shout (rock'n'roll music capitol remix)
14. Twist And Shout (1986 US single mix)
2013With The Beatles (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2013 - With The Beatles (50th Anniversary Edition).jpgIt Won't Be Long
All I've Got To Do
All My Loving
Don't Bother Me
Little Child
Till There Was You
Please Mr Postman
Roll Over Beethoven
Hold Me Tight
You Really Got A Hold On Me
I Wanna Be Your Man
Devil In Her Heart
Not A Second Time
Money (That's What I Want)

It Won't Be Long
I Wanna Be Your Man
From Me To You
Thank You Girl
She Loves You
I'll Get You
I Want To Hold Your Hand
This Boy
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Capitol Promo Version)
She Loves You / I Want To Hold Your Hand (VH-1 Version)
Moonlight Bay

5th March 1963
From Me To You (Take 1-8/9-13 Edit Piece1,2)
Thank You Girl (Take 1-13)
One After 909 (Take 1-5)
30 July 1963
Piano And drums Instrumental
Please Mr Postman (Take 3/9)
It Won't Be Long (Take 7/10)
12 September 1963
Message To Australia
Hold Me Tight (Studio Chat/Take 20-29)
Don't Bother Me (Take 10-13)
17 October 1963
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Take 1/2/4/9/Intro/Partial)
This Boy (Take 4/11/13/Partial)
It Won't Be Long (Anthology Stereo)
All My Loving (Hi-Hat Intro Stereo)
Don't Bother Me (Canadian Capitol Error Stereo)
Please Mister Postman (Anthology Stereo)
Roll Over Beethoven (US Rock'n'roll Music Stereo)
Roll Over Beethoven (Anthology Stereo)
I Wanna Be Your Man (US Rock'n'roll Music Stereo)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Anthology Stereo)
I Wanna Be Your Man (Rockband Stereo Remix)
Money (That's What I Want) (US Rock'n'roll Music Stereo)
Money (That's What I Want) (Pre-Mix Mono)
From Me To You (US 1962-1966)
From Me To You (1982 Stereo 1)
From Me To You (1982 Stereo 2)
Thank You Girl (US Duophonic Stereo)
Thank You Girl (1982 Stereo 1)
Thank You Girl (1982 Stereo 2)
She Loves You (UK Oldies Duophonic Stereo)
She Loves You (US Duophonic Stereo)
She Loves You (1982 Duophonic Stereo 1)
She Loves You (1982 Duophonic Stereo 2)
I'll Get You (US Capitol Duophonic Stereo)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (1963 Australian Stereo)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (1965 German Stereo)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (US Duophonic Stereo)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Anthology Stereo)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (Rockband Stereo Remix)
This Boy (US Duophonic Stereo)
This Boy (1982 Stereo)
This Boy (US Love Song Stereo)
This Boy (Anthology Stereo)
One After 909 (1982 Mono)
One After 909 (Boardroom Mono)
One After 909 (1,2,3,4! Duophonic Stereo)
One After 909 (Sessions Version 1 Mono)
One After 909 (Sessions Version 2 Duophonic Stereo)
One After 909 (Sessions Version 3 Mono)
2014A Hard Day's Night (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2014 - A Hard Day\'s Night (50th Anniversary Edition).jpgVIDEO ALBUM – 16:9 wide screen stereo
A Hard Day’s Night
I Should Have Known Better
If I Fell
I’m Happy Just To Dance With You
And I Love Her
Tell Me Why
Can’t Buy Me Love
Any Time At All
I’ll Cry Instead
Things We Said Today
When I Get Home
You Can’t Do That
I’ll Be Back

01 to 09 – A Hard Day’s Night (Take 1-9)
10 – (Take 1 Anthology Mix)
11 to 16 – (Take 1-6 Monitor Mix)
17 – (RS from Take 9 Stereo Film Mix)
18 – (RS from Take 9 Stereo 10 guitar-riff)
19 – (UA 8 Rare 8 Track Mono Mix)
20 – (RS1 Stereo Anthology TV Mix)
21 – (Rockband Stereo Mix)
22 – I Should Have Known Better (Take 8 Stereo DVD Mix)
23 – (Take 11 Stereo DVD Mix)
24 – (Take 8 Stereo Video Mix)
25 – (Take 11 Stereo Video Remix)
26 – (Unknown Take)
27 – (RS of Take 22 v1 Fragment)
28 – (Reel Music 1982 Stereo Remix)
29 – (RS from Take 22 v2 Anthology DVD)
30 – If I Fell (Unknown Montage)
31 – (RS from Take 15 v1 Stereo)
32 – (RS from Take 15 v2 Stereo Anthology DVD TV Mix)
33 – And I Love Her (Take 2 Mono Anthology Edit)
34 – (Take 11 + Take 21 Announcement Stereo DVD Mix)
35 – (Stereo VHS Mix)
36 – (Unknown Take Stereo)
37 – (RS from Take 21 Fragments Stereo)
38 – (German Stereo Mix)
39 – Tell Me Why (Take 2 Partial Stereo)
40 – (Take 4 Mono DVD Mix)
41 – (Take 4 Mono VHS Mix)
42 – (RM from Take 8 v1 Mono Film Mix)
43 – (RM from Take 8 v1 Stereo Film Mix)
44 – (RS from Take 8 v2 Stereo)
45 – Can’t Buy Me Love (Take 1 Monitor Mix)
46 to 47 – (Take 2-3 Stereo)
48 – (Take 3 Longer Monitor Mix Mono)
49 – (Take 4 Intro Monitor Mix Mono)
50 – (Edit of Takes 1 and 2 Anthology)
51 – (RS from Take 4 V1 Partial Stereo)
52 – (RS from Take 4 V2 Anthology Stereo)
53 – (Rockband Mix)
54 – Any Time At All (RS from Take 11 Anthology DVD Mix)
55 – Things We Said Today (RS from Take 3 Stereo Anthology DVD)
56 – You Can’t Do That (Take 6 mono Anthology)
57 – (Unknown Take Intro Stereo)
58 – (Rock’N Roll Music 1976 Stereo Mix)
59 – (RS from Take 9 Stereo)
60 to 61 – I’ll Be Back (Take 2-3 Anthology)
62 to 63 – (Take 2-3 Anthology DVD)
64 to 67 – (Take 12-15 Stereo)
68 to 71 – (Take 12-15 Video Mix Mono)
72 – (RS from Take 16 Anthology TV Mix)
2014Beatles For Sale (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2014 - Beatles For Sale (50th Anniversary Edition).jpgNo Reply I’m A Loser Baby’s In Black Rock And Roll Music I’ll Follow The Sun Mr. Moonlight Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey Eight Days A Week Words Of Love Honey Don’t Every Little Thing I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party What You’re Doing Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby


I Feel Fine (Anthology Version) I Feel Fine (Promotion Film) Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (Shindig!) I’m A Loser (Shindig!) Boys (Shindig!) I Feel Fine (Thank Your Lucky Stars) She’s A Woman (Thank Your Lucky Stars)I’m A Loser (Thank Your Lucky Stars) Rock And Roll Music (Thank Your Lucky Stars) I Feel Fine (Ready Steady Go!)She’s A Woman (Ready Steady Go!) Baby’s In Black (Ready Steady Go!) Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey (Ready Steady Go!)I Feel Fine (Alternate) Eight Days A Week (Animate Version)


NO REPLY 01. Take 1 (stereo) 02. Take 2 (mono) 03. Take 1 (Clean Video Mix with breathe at top – mono) 04. Unknown Partial Take 1 (stereo) 05. Unknown Partial Take 2 (mono) I’M A LOSER 06. Take 1 (stereo) 07. Take 2 (stereo)08. Take 3 (stereo) 09. Take 4 (stereo) 10. Take 5 (stereo) 11. Take 6 (stereo) 12. Take 7 (stereo) 13. Take 8 Partial (stereo) 14. RS from Take 8 (stereo) BABY’S IN BLACK 15. Take 7 Partial (mono) ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC 16. RS from Take 1 V1 (1976 US Rock And Roll Music – stereo)17. RS from Take 1 V2 (Anthology Mix with crowd overdubs – stereo) I’LL FOLLOW THE SUN 18. RS from Take 8 (Anthology Mix – stereo) MR. MOONLIGHT 19. Take 1 (stereo) 20. Take 2 Partial (stereo)21. Take 4 (mono) 22. Take 1 (Clean Video Mix with unclipped top – mono) 23. Take 2 Partial (Clean Video Mix – mono) 24. RS from Take 4 (stereo) KANSAS CITY / HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY! 25. RS from Take 1 (1976 US Rock And Roll Music – stereo) 26. Take 2 (stereo) EIGHT DAYS A WEEK 27. Take 1&2 (mono) 28. Take 4 (mono) 29. Take 5 (mono) 30. RS from Takes 13&15 (Unedited Anthology Mix – stereo) 31. Rockband Mix (stereo) HONEY DON’T 32. Unknown Take 1 (mono) 33. Unknown Take 2 (mono) 34. Backing Track (mono) EVERY LITTLE THING 35. Unknown Take (mono) 36. No Piano and Timpani Mix WHAT YOU’RE DOING 37. Take 11 (stereo) 38. Unknown Take (stereo) 19. Unknown Take (Clean Video Mix – mono) EVERYBODY’S TRYING TO BE MY BABY 40. Take 1 Partial (mono) 41. RS from Take 1 (1976 US Rock And Roll Music – stereo) SHE’S A WOMAN 42. Take 1 Pre-Talk V1 (mono) 43. Take 1 Pre-Talk V2 (Extended Edit – mono) 44. Take 1 Pre-Talk V3 (Clean Tuning – mono) 45. Take 1 Partial (fake stereo) 46. Take 1 Partial (mono) 47. Take 2 (stereo) 48. Take 3 (stereo) 49. Take 4 (stereo) 50. Take 5 or 7 (stereo) 51. Take 6 (stereo) 52. Take 5 or 7 (Acetate Mix with faded end – mono) 53. Take 6 (Acetate Mix – mono) 54. RS1 from Take 6 (with Extended Intro – stereo) 55. RM from Take 6 (Reverve Mix – mono) I FEEL FINE 56. Take 1 (stereo) 57. Take 2 (stereo) 58. Take 5 (stereo) 59. Take 6 (stereo) 60. Take 7 (stereo) 61. Take 8 (stereo) 62. Take 9 (stereo) 63. RM from Take 9 V1 (Reverve Mix – mono) 64. RM from Take 9 V2 (Reverve Mix – mono) 65. RS from Take 9 V1 (Japanese Reverb Mix – stereo) 66. RS from Take 9 V2 (Unedited RS1 – stereo) 67. RS from Take 9 V3 (stereo) 68. Rockband Mix (stereo) LEAVE MY KITTEN ALONE 69. Take 4 (mono) 70. Take 5 (mono) 71. RS from Take 5 V1 (Early Sessions Mix – fake stereo) 72. RS from Take 5 V1 (Sessions Reverve Mix – mono) 73. RM from Take 5 V2 (John Barrett Mix – mono) 74. RS from Take 5 V2 (Anthology CD Mix – fake stereo) 75. RS from Take 5 V3 (Anthology DVD Mix – stereo)
2014Cilla (TV Series)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2014 - Cilla (TV Series).jpgDVD5Proshot1
2014-01-27The Night That Changed America/images/dvd/The Beatles/2014-01-27 - The Night That Changed America.jpg01 LL Cool J - talk
02 Maroon 5 - All My Loving
03 LL Cool J - talk
04 Maroon 5 - Ticket To Ride
05 Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out
06 Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison - Something
07 Eric Idle - talk
08 John Lennon bio
09 Letterman interview 1
10 Ed Sheeran - In My Life
11 John Mayer and Keith Urban - Don't Let Me Down
12 Paul McCartney bio
13 Letterman interview 2
14 Katy Perry - Yesterday
15 Ed Sullivan Show production crew interviews 1
16 Imagine Dragons - Revolution
17 George Harrison bio
18 Letterman interview 3
19 Dave Grohl and Jeff Lynne - Hey Bulldog
20 Eurythmics - The Fool On The Hill
21 Ringo Starr bio
22 Letterman interview 4
23 Alicia Keys and John Legend - Let It Be
24 Ed Sullivan Show production crew interviews 2
25 Pharrell Williams and Brad Paisley - Here Comes The Sun
26 Letterman interview 5
27 Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
28 Letterman interview 6
29 Ringo Starr - Matchbox
30 Ringo Starr - Boys
31 Ringo Starr - Yellow Submarine
32 Paul McCartney - Birthday
33 Paul McCartney - Get Back
34 Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There
35 Paul McCartney - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
36 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - With A Little Help From My Friends
37 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - Hey Jude
2015Zu Laut! Live At The Star-Club/images/dvd/The Beatles/2015 - Zu Laut! Live At The Star-Club.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2015The Nation's Favourite Beatles Number One/images/dvd/The Beatles/2015 - The Nation\'s Favourite Beatles Number One.jpgThe Beatles were a musical sensation like no other. Since exploding onto the music scene in the early 60s, the band has had an unparalleled musical and cultural impact on Britain and the world for over fifty years.

The Nation’s Favourite Beatles Number One tells the stories behind some of the greatest Beatles songs ever. With interviews from Beatles’ insiders including musicians, friends, fellow performers and celebrity fans, we’ll hear about the stories behind the Fab Four’s best-loved hits.

These are the stories behind the 27 songs that reached number one here and in the U.S – from She Loves You to Paperback Writer, Hey Jude to Let it Be – as the show hears from the people who were there to witness in person the extraordinary rise and rise of The Beatles.

Some of the celebrity fans featured in the show include Michael Palin, Sandie Shaw, David Tennant, Twiggy, Bjorn Ulvaeus, George Ezra, Jake Bugg and Sue Johnston, who was even a Cavern club regular herself.

Across 120 minutes, this prime-time celebration of the biggest and most influential band the world has ever seen uses extraordinary footage from a number of sources, including ITV's own archives and rare and exclusive footage from the Beatles’ company Apple Corps – from the only surviving clips of the band playing in Liverpool’s iconic Cavern club in 1962, to the band’s final, public performance on the roof of the Apple building seven years later.

We'll hear how, in between, the Fab Four created a catalogue of classics which is unlikely ever to be equalled.
2015Help! (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2015 - Help! (50th Anniversary Edition).jpgVIDEO ALBUM – 16:9 wide screen stereo

Help! The Night Before You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away I Need You Another Girl You’re Going To Lose That Girl Ticket To Ride Act Naturally It’s Only Love You Like Me Too Much Tell Me What You See I’ve Just Seen A Face Yesterday Dizzy Miss Lizzy

SINGLES Yes It Is I’m Down

RECORDING SESSIONS HELP! Take 1 (Stereo) / Take 2 (Stereo) / Take 3 (Stereo) / Studio Chat Pre-Take 4 (Stereo) / Take 4 (Stereo) / Take 5 (Stereo) / Take 6 (Stereo) / Take 7 (Stereo) / Take 8 (Stereo) / Take 9 (Stereo) / Take 10 (Stereo) / Take 11 (Stereo) / Take 12 (Stereo) / Alternate Mix aka ‘Take 13’ (Stereo) / Production Acetate (Mono) / Original Film Mix with New Vocals (Mono) /Promo Video Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix Partial (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo) THE NIGHT BEFORE Production Acetate (Mono) / Original Film Mix (Mono) / US “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MUSIC”Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY”DVD Mix Partial (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo)YOU’VE GOT TO HIDE YOUR LOVE AWAY Take 1 (Mono) / Take 5 (Mono with Reverb) / Production Acetate (Mono) / UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo) I NEED YOU Production Acetate (Mono) / Original Film Mix (Mono) / UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo) ANOTHER GIRL Production Acetate (Mono) / “ANTHOLOGY”DVD Mix Partial (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo) YOU’RE GOING TO LOSE THAT GIRL Production Acetate (Mono) / Original Film Mix (Mono) / UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix (Stereo) / “HELP!” DVD Mix (Stereo) TICKET TO RIDE Take 1 Partial – Clean Version / Longer Version with Voiceover (Mono) / Take 2 – Wide Stereo Mix (Stereo) / Take 2 – Narrow Stereo Mix (Stereo) / Production Acetate (Mono) / Original Film Mix (Mono) / 1993 Promo Video Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix Partial (Stereo) / “HELP!”DVD Mix (Stereo) / “ROCKBAND” Mix (Stereo) IT’S ONLY LOVE Take 2 (Mono with Reverb) / Take 3 (Mono with Reverb Partial)/ UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) YOU LIKE ME TOO MUCH Production Acetate (Mono) TELL ME WHAT YOU SEE UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) YESTERDAY Take 1 with Take Announcement (Stereo/Mono) / Take 2 Pre-Overdub 1987 Mix (Mono) DIZZY MISS LIZZY US “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MUSIC” Mix (Stereo) YES IT IS Take 1 (Stereo) / Take 2 (Stereo) / Take 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 (Stereo) / Take 7 (Stereo) / Take 8 (Stereo) / Take 9 (Stereo) / Take 10 (Stereo) / Take 11 Partial (Stereo) / Take 14 (Stereo) / Edit of Takes 2 & 14 (Mono with Reverb/Stereo) / Production Acetate (Mono) / UK “LOVE SONGS” Mix (Stereo) IF YOU’VE GOT TROUBLE / Take 1 (Stereo) / “BOARDROOM TAPE” (Mono) / “SESSIONS” Mix 1st Verse Cut (Fake Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY 2”Album Mix (Fake Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix (Fake Stereo) THAT MEANS A LOT Take 1 Dry Mix (Stereo) / Take 3 Rehearsal Take (Stereo) / Take 20 (Stereo) / Take 21 (Stereo) / Take 23 (Stereo) / Take 24 (Stereo) / Rehearsal Take 2 – Test (Stereo) / “BOARDROOM TAPE” Mix (Mono) / “1,2,3,4! Mix (Fake Stereo) / Low Reverb (Mono) / “ ANTHOLOGY 2” Mix (Fake Stereo) I’M DOWN Take 1 (Stereo) / US “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MUSIC” Mix (Stereo) / “ANTHOLOGY” DVD Mix Partial (Stereo) BAD BOY US “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL MUSIC” Mix (Stereo) THAT MEANS A LOT – Covered by Interviews (Stereo) / “HELP!” MOVIE RADIO SPOTS (Mono) / THE BARBER OF SEVILLE from “HELP!” Movie (Stereo)
2015Rubber Soul (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2015 - Rubber Soul (50th Anniversary Edition).jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
2016A Collection of Beatles Oldies (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2016 - A Collection of Beatles Oldies (50th Anniversary Edition).jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
2016Revolver (50th Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2016 - Revolver (50th Anniversary Edition).jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
2017Revolver TV/images/dvd/The Beatles/2017 - Revolver TV.jpgDVD1
Paul's Magic Piano and End Music

Rock and Roll Music

1966 ESS

1966 Rainouts

1966 Rainouts

1967_ 68 Unseen
Beatles Outtakes

Knole Park
January 1967

Jane 1967

Hello John & Ritchie 1967

Hy Bye Pantomime

Jmd W

Promotional Film 1968

Cilla Black & Paul McCartney
Step Inside Love
Promo Film 1968

Happy New Year 2016
To All My Friends

The Beatles Salute
Belafonte 1968

Lady Madonna 1-2

A Tribute To George Martin
1968 in Rehearsal

Lady Bulldog

Hey Bulldog

Revolution 1-2

Hey Jude 1-3


Paul McCartney & Wings
Helen Wheels
1973 Promo Film

Paul McCartney & Wings
'Junior's Farm'
1974 Promo Film

Ringo Starr
'I'll Still Love You' 1976
Promo Film

Ringo Starr You
Dont Know Me At All
Promo Film 1976

Ringo Starr
Drowning In The Sea Of Love
1977 Promo Film

Ringo Star
Promo Film 1978

John Lennon w Jerry Lewis
at Americana Hotel in NYC NY on
4 September 1972

John Lennon
I´m Losing You
1980 The Hit Factory

Promotional Film
Denny Laine

1969 Beatles & Bill Preston A Good Medley

1969 Brother Malcolm Nagra Track
1969 Brother Malcolm v2
1969 LIB Work Print
1969 Savile Row Unreleased 1992 Restoration 1-3

Don't Let Me Down
Get Back
Naked TV Trailer 1
Naked TV Trailer 2
Naked TV Trailer 3
Naked TV Trailer Nov 17Th
Naked TV Trailer Textles
Naked TV Trailer 4
Get Back Quad Version
Two of Us Rehearsal Session
2017Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Anniversary Edition)/images/dvd/The Beatles/2017 - Sgt Pepper\'s Lonely Hearts Club Band (Anniversary Edition).jpg1. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With A Little Help From My Friends
3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing A Hole
6. She's Leaving Home
7. Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!
8. Within You Without You
9. When I'm Sixty-Four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)
13. A Day In The Life
14. Strawberry Fields Forever
15. Penny Lane
16. The Making Of Sgt Pepper
17. A Day In The Life Video
18. Strawberry Fields Forever Video
19. Penny Lane Video
RVDVD-01Around The Beatles Revisited/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-01 - Around The Beatles Revisited.jpgThe Show:
P.J. Proby ("+"Walking' the Dog"+", "+"Cumberland Gap"+", "+"I Believe"+".) Long John Baldry ("+"Lover Please"+", "+"Movin' On"+", "+"Got My Mojo Working"+".) Murray the K does his hipster routine and introduces Cilla Black ("+"Saved"+", "+"You're My World"+" and "+"Heatwave"+".) Millie Small ("+"My Boy Lollipop"+".) The Vernons Girls ("+"Money"+" and "+"Hit The Road Jack"+".), Andre Tayir, Trevor Peacock, The Jets and Sounds Incorporated.
The Beatles:
Twist And Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sally, Medley: Love Me Do/Please Please Me/From Me To You, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Can't Buy Me Love, Shout!
RVDVD-02Unsurpassed Promos - The Tour Years DVD1/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-02 - Unsurpassed Promos - The Tour Years DVD1.jpgThis set - the first of two volumes - includes at least one version of every surviving song The Beatles ever mimed to.

The audio has been re-laid and precisely synchronised from the mono mixes, and presented in lossless wav format for maximum listening pleasure. The video has also been upgraded and enhanced in most cases.

Included are all the 'Intertel' promo videos recorded by the group in 1965 and 1966 (in newly-sourced pristine form), as well as a host of other rare mimed performances from such shows as Ready Steady Go, Thank Your Lucky Stars and Big Night Out.

Rounding out volume one are ten songs from The Beatles' first two films, remastered with mono sound and presented in uncropped 4:3 format. 'Tell Me Why', 'If I Fell' and 'The Night Before' have been restored to full length, and all the tracks from A Hard Day's Night now run at their correct speed.

Also included are original audio options for some tracks, surprise bonus tracks, and a 5.1 slideshow featuring over a hundred still photos.

Now sit back and enjoy these classic Beatles performances the way you've never experienced them before..


Love Me Do - This was a promo made in the 80's. It uses the incomplete mimed performance from 'The Mersey Sound'. I've changed the audio to the Ringo version.

Please Please Me - Another 80's promo I included simply because there is no extant mimed version. I've changed the audio to the mono single version.

Twist and Shout - There is a break in the film near the very end, so I've replaced the missing frames with a quick shot of George.

From Me To You - I made this clip up out of the shortened version mimed to on Big Night Out, and padded the missing sections with cine material from the 'Baby It's You' clip.

All My Loving through Please Mr Postman - These had a ticking timecode at the bottom of the screen, so I fudged it out with some software. I think that is preferable to the distraction. I considered using the clean images from I Wanna Be Your Man and Please Mr Postman seen in Anthology, but the transitions were obvious and annoying (also, the Anthology print doesn't look as good as this one).

Roll Over Beethoven/Long Tall Sally - When the lads appeared on Dutch tv they wisely mimed rather than allow Jimmy Nicol to be heard making a meal of their songs. However the mic they were given to make announcements with was left open during the performances, catching Paul and George's sing-along vocals. Use your remote to acccess the original audio. This is also the only time cameras ever captured John playing his solo in Long Tall Sally - on every other occasion they were pointed in the wrong direction. Unfortunately this show has never appeared in anything but middling quality, but here at least it is watchable.

A Hard Day's Night - Not sure where this clip originates from, but here it is just for the hell of it. It's basically the opening movie credits with some other bits cut in.

And I Love Her through Tell Me Why - During filming of A Hard Day's Night, the cameras were run at 25 frames per second during the musical numbers, rather than the normal 24fps. This was done to avoid strobing lines appearing on the tv monitors seen on set. This regrettable decision meant that all the numbers sounded horribly slowed-down when screened at the normal cinema frame rate. Most of the vhs and dvd releases were also transferred at 24fps. The Mirimax UK dvd rerelease did run at 25fps, but it was cropped and the audio quality was awful. Here I have gone back to the 24fps version and sped the film up to the correct rate before re-laying the audio. I've also reconstructed the ending of Tell Me Why and blended the two If I Fell clips together (the more interesting of which was incomplete). Both mono mixes of And I Love Her are included, with the US one being the default.

Eight Days A Week - I've included the cartoon version to make up for the loss of the mimed clip from Top Of The Pops.
RVDVD-02Unsurpassed Promos - The Tour Years DVD2/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-02 - Unsurpassed Promos - The Tour Years DVD2.jpgContinuing with Disc 2 of 'The Tour Years'...

Included here are all the 'Intertel' promo videos recorded by the group in 1965 and 1966 (in newly-sourced pristine form). Original audio tracks options are included for all of these, in the event someone can spot an alternate unreleased mix.

Also included are six songs from the group's second movie (uncropped), including the 'dartless' Help! promo and a complete restored version of The Night Before. Two tracks from The Music Of Lennon And McCartney also make an appearance.

Rounding out the disc is a surprise bonus track, and a 5.1 slideshow featuring over a hundred still photos.

Now sit back and enjoy these classic Beatles performances the way you've never experienced them before...

Help! +
You're Gonna Lose That Girl
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
I Need You
The Night Before
Another Girl
Ticket To Ride +
I Feel Fine version 1 and 2 +
Help! +
We Can Work It Out vsns 1 and 2 +
Day Tripper vsn 1 +
We Can Work It Out vsn 3 +
Day Tripper vsn 3 +
Day Tripper/We Can Work It Out (Music Of L&M) +
Paperback Writer/Rain (colour, with intro) +
Paperbacks writer (monochrome) vsns 1-3 +
Rain (monochrome) vsns 1 and 2 +
Bonus Track +
5.1 Slideshow
RVDVD-03Unsurpassed Promos - The Studio Years DVD1/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-03 - Unsurpassed Promos - The Studio Years DVD1.jpghis set - the second of two volumes - continues with the colour promos made from 1966 onwards.

The audio has been re-laid and precisely synchronised from a variety of sources including the mono mixes, the original soundtracks and (in the case material from 1969) full stereo mixes. The video has been compiled and edited from a variety of sources to provide high quality images throughout.

Included are the official promo films recorded by the group, as well as special events like Our World, surprise bonus tracks, hundreds of still photos and songs from the films Magical Mystery Tour and Let It Be.

Now sit back and enjoy these classic Beatles performances the way you've never experienced them before...



Strawberry Fields Forever - I've made this clip up from several different sources. In mid 1966 the Musician's Union had banned miming, thus inadvertantly giving birth to the modern conceptual rock video. As usual, The Beatles were the first.

A Day In The Life - There seem to be several slight variations of this film, but since the differences are extremely minor, I elected to include the best-looking one only (and the rest wouldn't have fit anyway.) The audio is the mono mix, with the opening tacked on from a bootleg. Other edits can be found on Chronology and the 1983 Abbey Road Studios presentation.

All You Need Is Love - I've used the original live audio track. The song itself is the full colorized version. The opening preamble is sourced from a poorer quality B&W film print, but with re-laid audio (and now at the correct speed). The B&W part is shrunk slightly to compensate for the zoomed-in nature of the film print.

Hello Goodbye (vsn 1) - In an attempt to disguise the miming, a modified mix was added to the BBC print subtracting the fiddle playing. Since it was never broadcast this way, I've added a fiddle-less mono mix of my own as an option.

Hello Goodbye (vsn 2) - There are two common copies of this promo, one with a silly blue border and this one with a piece of fruit in the corner. I tried combining the two but it looked even more annoying.

Your Mother Should Know - Since the mono mix has some rather excessive and (to my ears, anyway) unpleasant phasing effects, I opted to create a mono mix of my own. This has more or less the same balance as the mono mix but without the phasing.

Hello Goodbye (vsn 3) - The rarest of the three HG promos. Thanks to Wogew for a watchable copy.

Hey Bulldog - The clip made up in the 90's after they realised that the raw footage shot for Lady Madonna was of the group recording this song. I've changed the audio to the mono mix, rather than the 90's stereo remix.

Lady Madonna (vsn 1) - A re-edit that is more interesting than the original.

Lady Madonna (vsn 2) - The original clip, which is fairly redundant given that it mostly uses the same shots as Hey Bulldog. Thanks to Wogew.

Revolution (vsn 1) - An edit of takes 1 and 2. Currently the complete tk1 is unavailable. But here it features an uninterrupted voice-over-free audio taken from the rough-edit. I've also removed a shot of John pulling a face at the end, which didn't belong there.

Revolution (vsn 2) - Take 2, complete. There's an amusing moment at the start where you can hear Paul parodying the camp '1-2-3-4' count-in (one of the EMI engineers, not The Beatles!)

Hey Jude (edit) - with the talking removed. The sound appears to comprise the mono track bolstered by stereo elements from the studio version.

Strawberry Fields (cartoon) - I'm fond of this little clip, but it was incomplete so I've added some of John's home movies to flesh it out.
RVDVD-03Unsurpassed Promos - The Studio Years DVD2/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-03 - Unsurpassed Promos - The Studio Years DVD2.jpgDISC 2

Hey Jude - There have been several edits of this song, but they all seemingly derive from these three basic takes. However the bit in the above edit where the chick in the white dress falls over seems to be missing... perhaps someone removed it as a kindness!

Two Of Us through Get Back - I've completely re-laid the audio in stereo here, and made sure that it is synchronised properly. These are not the official promos of Get Back, Don't Let Me Down or Let It Be, but I felt that they were far more interesting (for those who want them, they are available in mediocre quality on Picture Perfect's Chronology). Most of these are the uncropped full-frame versions, including Two Of Us and Get Back which were distributed to promote Naked. In Don't Let Me Down I've removed the street footage and replaced it with actual performance footage from another Naked promo. This street footage then nicely covered the interviews heard at the start of I've Got a Feeling. One After 909 was issued to promote the Remasters in 2009... here it has a small and fairly innofensive logo. Dig A Pony, Get Back (2) and I've Got A Feeling are from the so-called 'Let It Be Director's Print' excerpted on Winter Of Discontent and are slightly cropped at the top and sides (though not as much as the laserdisc).

The Movie Medley - I don't think the original video was in stereo, so I've added a strereo soundtrack. The dodgy synch is part of its charm, so I left it as it is.
RVDVD-04The Early Beatles and The Music of Lennon & McCartney/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-04 - The Early Beatles and The Music of Lennon and McCartney.jpg"+"The Early Beatles has been out before, but I always wanted to have a really good transfer of it and so when the opportunity presented itself to do a new transfer from an original 1st generation tape, I leapt at the chance. I used a very good vhs machine and capture card, and carefully calibrated the input so that the card would not be overloaded by bright whites in the picture (one of the most common and annoying flaws in home made dvds. If the card is overloaded bright scenes assume an overexposed, metallic look).

Though consisting entirely of B&W footage, Granada decided for some reason to add mild colour tints to much of the special. To be blunt, I thought this looked bloody awful and so applied a grayscale filter to all the footage. I've also added some captions which are switched on by default but can be switched off in the menu. I thought people may find these useful since there is no narration in the programme.

The remastered audio option uses the commercial mono mixes to bolster the soundtrack where possible. The original soundtracks sound a bit lo-fi and fluttery to me, so this is how I prefer it. But the original soundtrack is there if you want it.

The Music Of Lennon And McCartney has also been out before, but not in the original PAL to my knowledge. Someone sent me this version ages ago and unfortunately I can't remember their name (but thankyou, whoever you were.) It isn't perfect (rather too much noise reduction in places), but it still looks better than any other version I've seen. And it seemed an obvious companion piece to The Early Beatles, so here it is!
RVDVD-05There Was Love All Around/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-05 - There Was Love All Around.jpgThis special PAL format disc gathers together three of the most unique live performances given by The Beatles outside of America and their homeland.

We kick off with their classic appearance on Dutch TV, (rec: 5th June’64) making its first ever appearance in master quality and with an optional remastered soundtrack. This show is notable not only for it's unique singalong vocals, but also the wild and unexpected reaction from the audience. Also from Holland we have pristine news footage of their canal trip through Amsterdam and live appearance in Blokker.

The centrepiece of this collection is a new reconstruction of the complete Melbourne concert at Festival Hall (rec: 17th June’64). The four missing songs are presented in top quality restored audio, set to a backdrop of news footage fashioned into a miniature overview of the Australian tour. This includes film of their windswept Sydney arrival and civic receptions in Adelaide and Melbourne, as well as rarely seen footage of them performing at Centennial Hall and Sydney Stadium.

Finally we have the surviving videotape footage of The Beatles performing in Munich (rec: 24th June’66), presented here in its rarely seen original PAL format.
RVDVD-06The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Aug 1962 - Oct 1963)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-06 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Aug 1962 - Oct 1963).jpgThis 8 part set is intended to compliment Unsurpassed Promos, gathering together the remaining unreleased TV appearances.

I've reconstructed each show from the most up to date sources and offered a remastered audio option for all mimed appearances. Several people have contributed new source material for which I am indebted. As a result, virtually the entire set is highly watchable, with very little timecoded or poor quality footage. Each disc is thoroughly indexed and menued, allowing one to easily search through the programmes.

I also decided to add the audio for the 'lost' TV appearances of the Palladium, Big Night Out and It's The Beatles. The two Palladium shows are enhanced by some fantastic colour stills contributed by the community. And someone has also donated a partial upgrade of the first show. It's The Beatles uses the restored and reconstructed audio from our disc 'The Empire Strikes Back', along with the video reconstruction of the last four songs I made previously. Big Night Out is sadly saddled with but one colour still... but it's nonetheless a fantastic performance that deserved to be included.

Some of the shows I've done extensive work on including Paris, The Beatles In Nederland, Melbourne, Around The Beatles, Big Night Out, Ready Steady Go, Shea Stadium and the Budokan. Some of this material has appeared on other titles I've done, sometimes in PAL. But here it is all in NTSC.

NOTE: Although I've included some studio based talk appearances, I've steered clear of the sort of news chat items which would otherwise have clogged up these discs. Because this is a collection of TV appearances, I also haven't included any performance footage captured by news cameras or shown in cinemas - this includes footage from Manchester, Sydney, Washington, the Hollywood Bowl and the featurette Music! The four Ed Sullivan shows are also not to be found here as they have been released in their complete form on commercial dvd (with the Washington concert likely to follow in due course). That said, there is still much here to enjoy...

August 1962 - October 1963

1. Know the North (two complete Some Other Guy takes + reconstructed cutaways) - 9:20
Rec: The Cavern, Liverpool, 22 Aug 1962.

2. Scene At 6:30: Twist And Shout - 2:35
Rec: Granada TV, Manchester, 14 Aug 1963.

3. The Mersey Sound - 29:14
Rec: Little Theatre, Southport & BBC House, Manchester, 27-30 Aug 1963.

4. Big Night Out* - 7:48
Rec: Didsbury Studio Centre, Manchester, 1 Sep 1963.

5. Ready Steady Go* (reconstructed from best sources) - 19:08
Txd live: Television House, London, 4 Oct 1963.

6. Sunday Night At The London Palladium (colour slideshow with upgraded audio) - 12:14
Txd live: 13 Oct 1963

7. Thank Your Lucky Stars: All My Loving (fragment), Money* - 4:23
Rec: Alpha Television Studios, Birmingham, 20 Oct 1963.

(*) denotes remastered audio option
RVDVD-07The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Oct 1963 - Dec 1963)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-07 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Oct 1963 - Dec 1963).jpgI've reconstructed each show from the most up to date sources and offered a remastered audio option for all mimed appearances. Several people have contributed new source material for which I am indebted. As a result, virtually the entire set is highly watchable, with very little timecoded or poor quality footage. Each disc is thoroughly indexed and menued, allowing one to easily search through the programmes.

Some of the shows I've done extensive work on including Paris, The Beatles In Nederland, Melbourne, Around The Beatles, Big Night Out, Ready Steady Go, Shea Stadium and the Budokan. Some of this material has appeared on other titles I've done, sometimes in PAL. But here it is all in NTSC.

NOTE: Although I've included some studio based talk appearances, I've steered clear of the sort of news chat items which would otherwise have clogged up these discs. Because this is a collection of TV appearances, I also haven't included any performance footage captured by news cameras or shown in cinemas - this includes footage from Manchester, Sydney, Washington, the Hollywood Bowl and the featurette Music! The four Ed Sullivan shows are also not to be found here as they have been released in their complete form on commercial dvd (with the Washington concert likely to follow in due course). That said, there is still much here to enjoy...

Disc 2:
October 1963 - December 1963

1. Drop In - 12:02
Rec: Narrenteatern, Stockholm, Sweden, 30 Oct 1963

2. The Royal Variety Show (includes Harry Secombe intro + encore. Beatles songs are tc free) - 16:32
Rec: Prince Of Wales Theatre, London, 4 Nov 1963.

3. Morecambe & Wise (upgraded no tc) - 11:33
Rec: Studio C, Elstree Studio Centre, Borehamwood, 2 Dec 1963.

4. Scene at 6.30: I Want To Hold Your Hand, Chat with Ken Dodd (full 15 minutes), This Boy - 19:54
Rec: Granada TV studios, Manchester, 25 Nov 1963.

5. It's The Beatles (audio only for first part, then reconstruction of upgraded last four songs) - 29:10
Rec: Empire Theatre, Liverpool, 7 Dec 1963.
RVDVD-08The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Dec 1963 - Apr 1964)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-08 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Dec 1963 - Apr 1964).jpgWelcome to volume three. We kick off here with another Thank Your Lucky stars appearance with remastered mono audio (or, if you prefer, the original audio... don't say you aren't spoiled for choice). This is followed by their second Palladium appearance, which was sadly never videotaped but here has been brought to life in colour and monochrome thanks to a fab set of stills contributed by the community. Next up is the afternoon rehearsal for their second Ed Sullivan appearance, the broadcast of which can be found (along with the other installments) on the official dvd release.

Big Night Out is reconstructed here from two separate sources: one video and one film. I've combined elements from each to produce a recreation of the actual broadcast rather than the rather odd edit that is commonly seen. Once again there is the option of two audios here, as there is with Ready Steady Go which likewise has been reconstructed from several different sources to maintain high quality throughout.

An interview probably new to many folks is their appearance on the Scottish children's programme Roundup. Only about half the video is available so I've plugged the gaps here with audio recordings... "+"please do not adjust your set."+" Finally there is an interview broadcast on Sullivan following their return to England, which segues into an outtake of You Can't Do That from their first film.

Disc 3:
December 1963 - April 1964

1. Thank Your Lucky Stars* - 10:10
Rec: Alpha Televsion Studios, Birmingham, 15 Dec 1963.

2. Sunday Night At The London Palladium (slideshow) - 14:49
Txd live: 12 Jan 1964.

3. The Ed Sullivan Show (rehearsal) - 16:22
Rec: Deauville Hotel, Miami, 16 Feb 1964, not transmitted.

4. Big Night Out* (reconstruction) - 17:03
Rec: ABC TV’s Teddington Studio Centre, 23 Feb 1964.

5. Ready Steady Go!* - 20:26
Txd live: Associated Rediffusion, London, 20 March 1964.

Bonus Tracks
6. Roundup (reconstruction) - 7:00
Rec: Theatre Royal, Glasgow, 30 April 1964.

7. The Ed Sullivan Show - 5:28
Rec: Scala Theatre, Charlotte Street, London & the garden of Les Ambassadeurs, 31 March & 17 April 1964.

(*) denotes remastered audio option
RVDVD-09The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Apr 1964 - June 1964)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-09 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Apr 1964 - June 1964).jpg1. Around The Beatles* - 26:04
Rec: Associated Rediffusion, London. 19/28 April 1964

2. NME Pollwinner's Concert 1964 - 16:38
Rec: Empire Pool, Wembley, London, 26 April 1964

3. The Beatles In Nederland* - 30:39
Rec: VARA TV, Treslong cafe-restaurant, Hillegom, 5 June 1964

Bonus Tracks:
4. A Degree Of Frost - 5:10
Rec: BBC TV, 15 April 1964

5. Live In Blokker - 2:31
Rec: Exhibition Hall, Blokker, 6 June 1964

(*) denotes remastered audio option

A Word From Hobs

If you've made it this far then you're now halfway through! We join the lads for their networked TV special 'Around The Beatles', which was also (unusually for that time) exported all around the globe. The complete special including guest acts was featured on Around The Beatles Revisited. Here just The Beatles sections are included, but with the same choice of original audio or reconstructed hifi audio. The picture has also been upgraded slightly since then.

Next up is the NME Pollwinner's Concert appearance, which has only recently surfaced in timecode-free quality. Not The Beatles' greatest performance, but they are certainly buzzed to be playing for a stadium crowd at a time when this was still a novelty for them. Their award presentation is also included here.

Continuing on from this is their Dutch TV special 'The Beatles In Nederland', starting with a lengthy but witty interview and followed up with a major upgrade of their mimed performance (previously seen on There Was Love All Around in pal format). A remastered audio option is also provided, although it should be noted that on the original default soundtrack Paul and George can be heard singing along with the records.

Also included are two bonus tracks: a unique interview with Paul by David Frost and a pristine copy of I Saw Her Standing There as performed in Blokker (seen here at its correct speed and pitch for the first time).
RVDVD-10The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (June 1964 - Nov 1964)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-10 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (June 1964 - Nov 1964).jpgThis volume kicks off with a reconstruction of their final Melbourne gig. Four of the songs are mostly lost in video but the audio survives in master quality and the pictures here have been replaced with chronological news footage. The rest of the show now has a true stereo option thanks to Hiwax. Previously this appeared on There Was Love All Around in PAL format and in mono only.

Their third Big Night Out (aka Blackpool Night Out) appearance follows, which is sadly lost in video as it was transmitted live and never recorded. However a superb quality audio recording exists and has been include here for completeness, along with the 'Doctor Skit' which saw Ringo being examined on a stretcher.

Shindig is up next, and then one of their few surviving Thank Your lucky Stars spots, which both highlight a few rarely seen songs. This leads into their third and final Ready Steady Go appearance which once again has been reconstructed in high quality and with an optional remastered soundtrack.

Two bonus items round out the disc: the first some gallery footage of the boys recording I Should Have Known Better for People And Places (the broadcast of which is lost), and John's unique contribution to the pioneering comedy series Not Only But Also.

Disc 5:
1. Live In Melbourne* (reconstruction) - 31:41
Rec: Festival Hall, Melbourne, 17 June 1964.

2. Blackpool Night Out (audio only) - 15:21
Txd live: ABC Theatre, Blackpool, 19 July 1964.

3. Shindig! - 7:25
Rec: Granville Studio, Fulham, 3 Oct 1964.

4. Thank Your Lucky Stars - 10:23
Rec: Teddington Studio Centre, Teddington, 14 Nov 1964.

5. Ready Steady Go!* - 15:36
Rec: Wembley Studios, Wembley, 23 Nov 1964.

Bonus Tracks:
6. Scene At 6.30 (studio gallery footage) - 3:38
Rec: Granada TV, Manchester, 14 Oct 1964.

7. Not Only But Also - 8:18
Rec: Wimbledon Common, London, 20 Nov 1964 / Studio 1, Television Centre, London, 29 Nov 1964.

(*) denotes remastered audio option
RVDVD-11The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Nov 1964 - Aug 1965)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-11 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Nov 1964 - Aug 1965).jpgIt's now early 1965 and we approach the giddy heights of Beatlemania. The lads spent the early part of the year filming Help! and only returned to the tv circuit on March 28th to record Thank Your Lucky Stars. Sadly this key programme - which included mimed performances of Eight Days A Week and Yes It Is - no longer exists, as does most of their Top Of The Pops appearance two weeks later. However a brief fragment of Ticket To Ride from the latter is included as a bonus track on this volume, rescued from a Dr Who episode.

Their first live performance for 1965 took place at the NME Pollwinners Concert at Wembley Stadium on April 11th, which was videotaped by ABC. Only three songs were broadcast but happily the complete unedited performance survives and is presented here along with the award presentation. The audio here is sans the reverb which has been plastered over most appearances of this material, and the video has been enhanced.

This one-off live performance was followed by more filming and recording for Help, so the group did not actually start touring again until June. Their joy at performing before an audience once more is perfectly captured on the videotape of their evening Paris concert, which kicked off the European tour. This copy, while not perfect, is still by far the best version that has appeared thus far. The cameras utilised wide angle lenses which made the lads look somewhat short and squat, therefore the aspect has been adjusted to create a more natural-looking picture. The audio has been remastered from cd source and the songs resequenced into their original order. This is really a great concert, due largely to the fact that The Beatles can not only hear themselves but sense that the audience is actually listening too.

Returning to the UK they made their fourth and final Big Night Out/Blackpool Night Out appearance on August 1st. Happily, as on the previous occasion, they decided to perform live rather than mime and even more happily a film recorder was running during the live broadcast, preserving this marvellous performance for posterity. Both audio and video have been reconstructed here from several sources to provide uninterrupted high quality. The exact song line-up was duplicated for the Ed Sullivan Show when The Beatles embarked on their US tour on August 14th - that appearance can be found in full on the commercially available dvd release and for that reason is not included here.

Rounding out this volume is John's appearance on the final edition of Tonight from April 1965. Visibly uncomfortable at being separated from his fellow Beatles, he reads from his book and responds to some rare serious questions about his work.

Note that this is A NON PROFIT FAN PROJECT made for the amusement of our friends and fellow Beatle-heads. Please don't charge money for copies, and support any future commercial release of this material.

Disc 6:
1. NME Pollwinner's Concert 1965 - 20:41
Rec: Empire Pool, Wembley, 11 April 1965.

2. Live In Paris (reconstruction) - 29:59
Rec: Palais Des Sports, Paris, 20 June 1965.

3. Blackpool Night Out - 18:19
Txd live: ABC Theatre, Blackpool, 1 August 1965.

Bonus Tracks:
4. I Feel Fine (Paris outtake) - 2:23
Rec: Palais Des Sports, Paris, 20 June 1965, not transmitted.

5. Tonight - 4:40
Txd live: BBC's Lime Grove Studios, London, 18 June 1965.

6. Ticket To Ride (surviving excerpt) - 00:24
Rec: Studio 2, Riverside Studios, London, 10 April 1965.
RVDVD-12The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Aug 1965 - Nov 1965)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-12 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (Aug 1965 - Nov 1965).jpgDisc 7:
August 1965 - November 1965

1. The Beatles At Shea Stadium - (reconstruction) - 37:18
Rec: Shea Stadium, New York, 15 Aug 1965.

2. The Music Of Lennon And McCartney - 43:53
Rec: Granada TV Centre, Manchester, 1st & 2nd Nov 1965.

A word in your ear from Hobs:

This volume showcases a new reconstruction of the famous 1965 Shea Stadium concert.

Okay... so what makes this different to the other 3000 Shea dvds out there? First of all the video quality: the source material is derived from the new transfer of the 1979 BBC repeat which was previously featured on First Play At Shea. Colour is stronger and more natural than previous versions. The thirty minute concert has been re-edited into the original performance order, with the two missing songs and all the extra in-between song chat re-instated. The extra audio has been wedded to audience shots and other material taken from the earlier part of the original tv special, plus footage from other sources. The audio is of course the original live audio, not the overdubbed audio which was actually recorded in 1966.

Additionally, the poor visual continuity of the original film has been fixed. In the tv special there are frequent cutaway shots showing Ringo playing the wrong cymbal, George playing the wrong guitar, John playing chords when he's supposed to be doing something else, empty mikes when voices can be heard, etcetera. No material has actually been cut; instead many of the cutaway shots have been re-arranged into a more sensible order so that they don't jar visually. For example, a long shot showing John playing Dizzy Miss Lizzy was original cut into the song I Feel Fine... now it is where it should be. Shots of John playing the intro to She's a Woman have been restored to that song. Out of synch shots have been nudged back into place and the title sequences re-edited to provide a more traditional start and finish to the concert.

Also on this volume is an upgrade of the Granada tv spectacular 'The Music Of Lennon And McCartney'. This appeared in pal on a previous disc - here it is in ntsc. Additionally in late 1965 and early 1966 the guys videotaped a series of black and white promotional videos distributed by NEMS to interested parties. These can be found in their entirety on the Unsurpassed Promos series and for that reason are not included here.
RVDVD-13The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (June 1966 - Nov 1966)/images/dvd/The Beatles/RVDVD-13 - The Cathode Ray Tube Collection (June 1966 - Nov 1966).jpg1. Live At The Circus Krone, Munich (surviving extracts) - 14:57
Rec: 24 June 1966

2. Live At The Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo - 30:23
Rec: 30 June 1966

3. Live At The Nippon Budokan Hall, Tokyo - 30:14
Rec: 1 July 1966

Bonus Track:
4. Not Only... But Also - 0:49
Rec: Gentleman’s Lavatory, Broadwick Street, Soho, London, 27 Nov 1966