1967How I Won The War/images/dvd/John Lennon/1967 - How I Won The War.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1969Honey Moon/images/dvd/John Lennon/1969 - Honey Moon.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1969-09-13Sweet Toronto/images/dvd/John Lennon/1969-09-13 - Sweet Toronto.jpgJohn Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band played their first and last performance at the Sweet Toronto Peace Festival in 1969 that featured Yoko Ono, famed guitarist Eric Clapton and renown musicians Klaus Voorman (bass) and Alan White (drums).
This Classic film captures John Lennon in the only performance with the Plastic Ono Band. The Plastic Ono Band is introduced by footage of individual performances including Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lewis and Little Richard.
- Bo Diddley – Bo Diddley
- Hound Dog – Jerry Lee Lewis
- Johnny B. Goode – Little Richard
- Lucille – Little Richard
- Blue Suede Shoes – John Lennon
- Money – John Lennon
- You Make Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy – John Lennon
- Yer Blues – John Lennon
- Cold Turkey – John Lennon
- Give Peace A Chance – John Lennon
- Don’t Worry Kyoti – Yoko Ono
John, John (Let’s Hope For Peace – Yoko Ono
BONUS: An interview with Yoko Ono conducted in London in 1988 at the John Lennon Exhibition. She talks about how they met, how they named the Plastic Ono Band, and the period leading up to the Sweet Toronto Concert.
1971Apollo Theatre 1971/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971 - Apollo Theatre 1971.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1971Art Films/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971 - Art Films.jpgDISC 1:
Freedom (1970), Smile (1968), Apotheosis, Fly (1970), Up Your Legs Forever (1970)
Bottoms (1966) / Two Virgins (1968), Erection (1971), Rape (1969)
1971Gimme Some Truth/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971 - Gimme Some Truth.jpgImagine, Crippled Inside, Oh Yoko!, Jealous Guy, It’s So Hard, I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier Mama, Gimme Some Truth, Oh My Love, How DO You Sleep?, How?, Imagine, Film Credits.

Special Features:
- Album Discography with audio samples
- Chapter Selection
- DD 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo
- John & Yoko Interview
1971One To One Concert/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971 - One To One Concert.jpgThis historic concert was filmed in Madison Square Gardens, New York, on August 30th, 1972. The programme features an outstanding opening performance of "+"Superstition'"+" by Stevie Wonder followed by Roberta Flack, who delivers heart-warming performances of "+"Reverend Lee"+" and "+"Somewhere"+".
Then, John Lennon, accompanied by Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band, takes the stage to give an electrifying performance to an already ecstatic crowd.
This most memorable night ends with all performers together on stage for a moving rendition of "+"Give Peace A Chance"+"…. "+"One To One"+" captures the true spirit of John Lennon.
1971-06-05Fillmore East/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971-06-05 - Fillmore East.jpgJohn Lennon & Yoko Ono with Frank Zappa.
Fillmore East
June 5, 1971
New York City

01. Well!
02. Say Please/King Kong/Jamrag/Aaawk
03. Scumbag

The musicians:

John Lennon--guitar, vocals
Yoko Ono--bag, vocals
Frank Zappa--guitar, vocals
Howard Kaylan--vocals, tambourine
Mark Volman--vocals, tambourine
Bob Harris--keyboards
Don Preston--Minimoog
Ian Underwood--keyboards, alto sax
Jim Pons--bass, vocals
Aynsley Dunbar--drums
1971-05-21Oh My Love Sessions/images/dvd/John Lennon/1971-05-21 - Oh My Love Sessions.jpgThe ‘Oh My Love’ Sessions – 21 May, 1971. Takes 1-9, recorded at Ascot Sound Studio, Tittenhurst Park.
BONUS: Lennon with Dylan in the car.
1972Lennon Live 71/72/images/dvd/John Lennon/1972 - Lennon Live 1971-72.jpg1)Rock'n'Roll Circus – December 10, 1968
-Yer Blues
-Whole Lotta Yoko
2)Rock'n'Roll Circus Rehearsals – December 10, 1968
3)TOTP - Instant Karma – February 11, 1970
4)John & Yoko join Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention
Live on Stage at the Fillmore East, NY, June 06, 1971
-Well (Baby, Please Don't Go)
5)John & Yoko's New York Home – November 12, 1971
-Luck Of The Irish
6)John Sinclair Benefit
Live at the Chrysler Arena, Ann Arbour, December 10, 1971
-Attica State
-Luck Of The Irish
-Sisters O Sisters
-John Sinclair
7)The David Frost Show, US TV, December 16, 1971
-David Peel & the Lower East Side: The Ballad Of New York (with John & Yoko)
-Attica State
-Luck Of The Irish (short)
-Attica State (short)
-John Sinclair
8)Apollo Theatre, New York – December 17, 1971
9)Mike Douglas Show, US-TV, February, 1972
-It's So Hard (January 31)
-Midsummer New York (February 01)
-Sisters O Sisters (February 02)
-Memphis, Tennessee (with Chuck Berry)
-Johnny B. Goode (with Chuck Berry)
-Imagine (February 04)
-Luck Of The Irish (February 07)
-Sakura (February 07)
10)Aquarius UK TV, February 28, 1972
-Attica State
11)The Dick Cavett Show, US TV, May 05, 1972
-Woman Is The Nigger Of The World
12)Whatever Gets You Thru The Night Video
13)Grammy Award Show, March 01, 1975
14)Tribute to Sir Lew Grade, April 18, 1975
15)Private Film, Bermudas, June, 1980
-Dear Yoko
1972TV France/images/dvd/John Lennon/1972 - TV France.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1980Imagine All The Promos…/images/dvd/John Lennon/1980 - Imagine All The Promos.jpgDVD1
Odds & Ends / Imagine Video LP 1985

imagine (montage)

top of the pops 5/2/70 instant karma
instant karma

apollo theatre, nyc 12/17/71

john lennon anthology sales reel 10/1/98
working class hero

Capitol Records 11/22/98
black dog films
i'm losing you

john lennon 12/1/98
"+"only you"+"

yoko ono news piece 20th anniversary 12/8/00
give peace a chance (the peace choir)

crippled inside
jealous guy
yoko song
its so hard
yoko song
i don't want to be a soldier
yoko song
gimmie some truth
yoko song
oh my love
how do you sleep
oh yoko

the 1992 PMI collection / lennon legend bonus features


the john lennon video collection

give peace a chance
cold turkey
instant karma
power to the people
happy xmas (war is over)
mind games
whatever gets you thru the night
no. 9 dream
stand by me
slippin 'n' slidin
just like starting over
nobody told me
borrowed time
steppin out
jealous guy
grow old with me
working class hero
slippin 'n' slidin
imagine (acoustic)
hair peace
everybody had a hard year

lennon legend & more

how do you sleep? 2007
instant karma
jealous guy
power to the people
cold turkey
mind games
whatever gets you thru the night
no. 9 dream
stand by me
just like (starting over)
beautiful boy
watching the wheels
nobody told me
borrowed time
working class hero
happy xmas (war is over)
give peace a chance
stand by me (john & julian lennon)
1980Power To The People/images/dvd/John Lennon/1980 - Power To The People.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1980Rare Video Collection/images/dvd/John Lennon/1980 - Rare Video Collection.jpg1. Home Movie Dear Yoko (Cannon Hill, Cold Spring Harbor, 11.4.1980)
2. Dudley Moore TV Show Clips Lennon Poem Visualization Not Only… But Also, 9.1.1965
3. The General Erection (Tonight Broadcast Live transmitted by: BBC1 B&W Jun. 18, 1965 (7p.m.-7.35p.m.)
4. In His Own Write National Theatre Play Coverage (Partial) (Old Vic Theatre, London 18.6.1968 and Release 22.6.1968)
5. John & Yoko Interview Peace And Art
6. Apple Office Footage
7. Denmark Press Conference Footage with Yoko & Kyoko (Tony Cox’s Farmhouse, Kyum Bjerge, 5.1.1970)
8. Fly Shooting Test Footage The Bowery, NY, Dec. 1970
9. Oh My Love Recording Footage (with Harrison)
10. Ascot Interview Footage about Love And Sex
11. Looking At Property, Location Unknown 20.7.1971
12. Peace Rally Duffy Square, NY 22.4.1971
13. Imagine Apollo Theatre, NY 17.12.1971
14. Working on Luck Of The Irish (John Reilly Video Shot 1972)
15. Deportation Hearing Video Footage (NYC 1972?)
16. New York City Video
17. One To One Interviews (1972)
18. David Frost with David Peel feat. The Ballad Of NYC, Attica State (The David Frost Show 16.12.1971)
19. Instant Karma (TOTP 12.2.1970)
20. Nutopia Announcement (April 1, 1973)
21. Channel 7 NYC feature with Elliot Mintz (Eyewitness News 1.11.1973)
22. Wall & Bridges TV Commercial (with Ringo Voicecover) (Capitol Records Tower, LA, 14.11.1974)
23. Goodnight Vienna TV Commercials (with Lennon voicecover) (1974)
24. Pussycats TV Commercial (1974)
25. 1975 Grammys with Paul Simon & Andy Williams (The 17th Annual Grammy Awards, 1.3.1975)
26. Lady Marmalade (Un jour futur 28.6.1975)
27. Circus Footage at MSG (NY, 29.3.1977)
28. Cannon Hill, Cold Spring Harbor, 11.4.1980
29. In My Life Video (1980?)
1980Strange Days Indeed/images/dvd/John Lennon/1980 - Strange Days Indeed.jpg1. True Hollywood Story: John Lennon – His Final Days (Approx. 1 hour 18 mins)
2. Dead Famous – John Lennon (Approx. 45 mins)
From LIVING TV – Gail Porter and Chris Fleming visit all the Haunts in New York associated with John Lennon and The Beatles (such as Shea Stadium and The Hit Factory) in an effort to ‘connect’ with John.
3. John & Yoko – Canada 20.12.1969 (Approx. 26 mins)
Rare and classic footage of John and Yoko in Canada in December 1969 announcing the Peace Festival in Toronto and the ‘War Is Over’ poster campaign, interviews at the house of Ronnie Hawkins and much, much more!
1980-12-09Good Morning America/images/dvd/John Lennon/1980-12-09 - Good Morning America.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1984Milk And Honey / Yoko Ono Then And Now/images/dvd/John Lennon/1984 - Milk And Honey, Yoko Ono Then And Now.jpgMILK AND HONEY - Ono Music, 1983
Interviews with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon including: Nobody Told Me, Sleepless Night, Don’t Be Scared, Borrowed Time, Grow Old With Me, You’re The One, I’m Stepping Out.

YOKO ONO: THEN AND NOW – Sekmet, 1984
In this documentary, written, produced and directed by Veteran journalist Barbara Graustark, Yoko Ono looks Back on her often turbulent, always fascinating life – before and after John. This personal narrative features numerous songs by John and Yoko.
1986In My Life: John Lennon File/images/dvd/John Lennon/1986 - In My Life - John Lennon File.jpgIn 1986 MTV did short cut-ins during regular programming called "+"The John Lennon File"+". After about a month they presented the series in it's entirety. This short documentary covers the life and times of John Lennon using many clips and interviews with Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono and others. DVD5Proshot1
1988Imagine John Lennon (Deluxe Edition)/images/dvd/John Lennon/1988 - Imagine John Lennon (Deluxe Edition).jpgIt can hardly be a coincidence that this "+"deluxe edition"+" of John Lennon – Imagine should be issued in late 2005, a couple of months after what would have been the former Beatle's 65th birthday and mere days before the 25th anniversary of his death. Whether that's cynical, poignant, or just good marketing is moot; what matters is that Lennon's impact, not just as a musician but as a public figure, remains largely undiminished. The film, released theatrically in 1988, will already be familiar to many fans. "+"Narrated"+" by Lennon himself and culled from hundreds of hours of footage, much of it home movies shot by John and Yoko Ono, Imagine is a substantial, reasonably illuminating portrait of the man, warts and all, from childhood through the Beatle years, his solo career, and his life with Yoko straight up to his fatal encounter with Mark David Chapman. It's the new bonus features that are the principal draw here; but whether or not they qualify as "+"deluxe"+" is arguable. The Lennons' radio interview with a BBC reporter is notable mostly for John's patience in the face of idiotic questions like "+"Is love very important to young people today?"+" The ten or so minutes spent with Lennon's school headmaster, William Ernest Pobjoy (love the name), yield little insight, especially considering that the two were at the school at the same time for just one year, half a century ago; likewise, a new "+"making of"+" documentary with Ono, writer-director Andrew Solt, producer David Wolper, and others isn't exactly ground-breaking. However, a previously unreleased performance of "+"Imagine,"+" with Lennon and some unknown accompanists on acoustic guitar, is nice, as is some heretofore unseen footage of the Lennons at home on their Tittenhurst Estate. Add to that a fine transfer and Dolby digital sound, and you have another addition to the filmed legacy of the Beatles--a subject that, for many of us, will never be old news.
1988Precious & Rare/images/dvd/John Lennon/1988 - Precious and Rare.jpgDISC 1:
01) Not Only… But Also (BBC TV, 09 Jan., 1965) – “In His Own Write”
02) John Lennon with Dudley Moore and Peter Cock
03) Tonight (BBC TV, 18 Jun., 1965) – “A Spaniard In The Works” reading
04) Release (BBC2 TV, 22 Jun.,1968) – John and Victor Spinetti interview
05) CBS Interview with John & Yoko (1969) plus other ‘69 interviews
06) “Fly” tryouts – 1970
07) “Oh My Love” – John Rehearsing with George Harrison (1971)
08) Tittenhurst “Love & Sex Interview” – unedited, 1971
Extra: Cottage shopping – Tittenhurst neighbourhood, 1971

01) Wall Street Peace Rally (New York, 1971)
02) Imagine (acoustic) – Apollo, NY, 17 Dec., 1971
03) The Luck Of The Irish – Demos, 12 Dec., 1971
04) John & Yoko Interview – New York, 1972
05) John Talks about NY and the “One To One” concert
06) David Frost Show – 13 Jan., 1972
07) Nutopia Announcement – New york, 01 Apr., 1973
08) Malibu Beach Interview – Elliot Mintz, Dec., 1973
09) Grammy Awards – New York, 01 Mar., 1975
10) Walls & Bridges TV ad – Ringo Starr plugs for John
11) Goodnight Vienna TV ad – John plugs for Ringo Starr
12) Pussy Cats TV ad – Nilsson & Lennon, 1974
13) Lady Marmalade – Dakota, 18 Mar., 1975
14) Circus Interview – With Yoko & Sean, 1978
15) In My Life – video made for “Imagine” (88)
1990Grow Old Without Me/images/dvd/John Lennon/1990 - Grow Old Without Me.jpgRussian LanguageDVD5Proshot1
1990Rare & TV Volume 1/images/dvd/John Lennon/1990 - Rare and TV Volume 1.jpg1. The mike Douglas Show
January 16 1972

2. Eyewitness News

3. Goldman/Yoko Interviews
October 18 1988
1990Rare & TV Volume 2/images/dvd/John Lennon/1990 - Rare and TV Volume 2.jpg1. The David Frost Show
January 13 1972

2. Release BBC
June 22 1968
1990Rare & TV Volume 3/images/dvd/John Lennon/1990 - Rare and TV Volume 3.jpg1. Double Fantasy Interview
The Hit factory New York
August 19 1980

2. NL2 Special
January 25 1989

3. Tribute Concert Reports
Yoko Good Morning Britain Interview

4. Interview TVAM

5. Was Blieb
1994Video From The Graceful Duck Archive/images/dvd/John Lennon/1994 - Video From The Graceful Duck Archive.jpgDVD5Proshot1
1995Three Friends/images/dvd/John Lennon/1995 - Three Friends.jpgZEFIRO TORNA (1992, 34)
“Images from the life of George Maciunas. Includes footage I took of George in 1952, at his parents’ house, with his father and mother and sister Nijole. Bits of Fluxus events and performanses, and picnics with friends (Almus, Andy Warhol, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, etc.); George’s wedding and footage I took of him in Boston Hospital three days before he died.”

“On October 9th, 1972, half of the music world gathered in Syracuse. N.Y., to celebrate the opening of john Lennon/Yoko Ono Fluxus show, designed by George Maciunas. Same day, a smaller group gathered in a local hotel room to celebrate John’s birthday. This film is a record of that occasion. The Soundtrack consists of the birthday party singing by John, Yoko, Ringo Starr, Allen Ginsberg, Phil Oaks, and many others. The film includes footage of John Lennon/Yoko Ono concert at Madison Square Garden, August 30, 1972, the Vigil in Central Park on Dec. 8th, 1980, and some other rare footage. “
2000John Lennon Night (Tribute 2000)/images/dvd/John Lennon/2000 - John Lennon Night (Tribute 2000).jpgJo Whiley & Jools Holland on CHANNEL4 present documentary film “The Real John Lennon” and tribute concert.

01. Intro
02. Kelly Jones - Revolution
03. Noel, Gem, Cornershop & Johnny Marr - Tomorrow Never Knows
04. Paul Weller, Steve & Alan White - Instant Karma
05. Noel Gallagher - Interview
06. Ron Wood - Interview
07. Little Richard - A Dear John Message
08. Ron Wood & his son Jessy - Jealous Guy
09. Travis - A Dear John Message
10. Molokko - A Day In The Life
11. Liam Gallagher - A Dear John Message
12. Stereophonics - How
13. Bono Talking about Lennon & singing Ticket To Ride (a capella)
14. Lonnie Donegan (with Ron Wood) - Lost John
15. Lou Reed - Mother
16. Caitlin Kelly - A Dear John Message
17. Texas - Across The Universe
18. Donovan - A Dear John Message (and playing Dear Prudence)
19. Noel, Gem & Stereophonics - I'm Only Sleeping
20. All the above artists - All You Need Is Love
2000My Power To The People/images/dvd/John Lennon/2000 - My Power To The People.jpgDVD5Aud/Proshot1
2001-10-02Come Together (Tribute 2001)/images/dvd/John Lennon/2001-10-02 - Come Together (Tribute 2001).jpgDVD5Proshot1
2003Inside John Lennon/images/dvd/John Lennon/2003 - Inside John Lennon.jpg2xDVD5Proshot2
2003Lennon Legend/images/dvd/John Lennon/2003 - Lennon Legend.jpgImagine, Instant Karma!, Mother, Jealous Guy, Power To The People, Cold Turkey, Love, Mind Games, Whatever Gets You Thru The Night, #9 Dream, Stand By Me, (Just Like) Starting Over, Woman, Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy), Watching The Wheels, Nobody Told Me, Borrowed Time, Working Class Hero, Happy Xmas (War Is Over), Give Peace A Chance.
Special Features:
- Working Class Hero (Anthology Version) – A video made for the “Anthology” version that acts as a short documentary of John’s life, narrated by him.
- Slippin & Slidin’ – John’s performance filmed at The Hit Factory in New York on March 18th, 1975 (first broadcast on the BBC’s “Old Grey Whistle Test”).
- Imagine (Live) – Filmed at the “Salute to Lew Grade” concert on April 18th, 1975 – John’s last live performance.
- Hair Peace – A little something we uncovered in the archives.
- Everybody Had A Hard Year – An excerpt from John & Yoko’s “Film #6” that features a never before released performance by John & Yoko from Dec. 1968.
- Imagine – Audio instrumental version with picture gallery.
- A selection of animated John Lennon line drawings.
2006A Love Story/images/dvd/John Lennon/2006 - A Love Story.jpgSet against some of the greatest music ever written, John & Yoko tells the inside story of the extraordinary relationship between the most outspoken Beatle and the artist changed his life.
John & Yoko is the true story of two incredibly talented artists who touched the lives of millions.
2006FILM The Killing of John Lennon (Chapter 27)/images/dvd/John Lennon/2006 - FILM The Killing of John Lennon (Chapter 27).jpgDVD5Proshot5
2006FILM US vs John Lennon/images/dvd/John Lennon/2006 - FILM US vs John Lennon.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2008A Tribute to John Lennon Live/images/dvd/John Lennon/2008 - A Tribute to John Lennon Live.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010Lennon NYC (PBS American Masters)/images/dvd/John Lennon/2010 - Lennon NYC (PBS American Masters).jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010The Day John Lennon Died/images/dvd/John Lennon/2010 - The Day John Lennon Died.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010The Last Year & More/images/dvd/John Lennon/2010 - The Last Year and More.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010The Last Years And Legacy/images/dvd/John Lennon/2010 - The Last Years And Legacy.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010The Rare And Unseen/images/dvd/John Lennon/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0
2010-06-23TOTP 2 Special/images/dvd/John Lennon/2010 - TOTP 2 Special.jpgDVD5Proshot1
2010-07-10Rock Shrine/images/dvd/John Lennon/nodvd.jpgDVD5Proshot0