MCP-011Salute To Sir Lew Grade/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-011 - Salute To Sir Lew Grade.jpgOn 18 April, 1975, John Lennon made his last public appearance on the
ATV/ITC TV special Salute to Sir Lew Grade. The television special was
recorded in The Grand Ballroom of the New York Hilton Hotel. The event
was a star-studded event to celebrate the career of Sir Lew Grade. John's
appearance at this event, in which he performed live versions of Slippin'
and Slidin', Stand By Me and Imagine, was part of a settlement arising
from a publishing dispute over material written by John and Yoko.

John's bandmates, known as "+"Etc."+", were costumed in two-faced masks during
the performance. The "+"two-faced"+" stunt, and the line "+"... don't want to be
your fool no more"+" (from "+"Slippin' and Slidin"+") were seen as digs at Grade,
who Lennon and McCartney had been in conflict with due to his previous
control of The Beatles publishing concerns. Dick James had sold the
publishing to Grade from under the group in 1969. During "+"Imagine"+" Lennon
interjects the line "+"... and no immigration too..."+", a reference to his
then-unresolved battle to remain in the United States.

Sir Lew later became Lord Grade. He passed away at 91 on December 13, 1998.

- Introduction
- Dave Allen
- Tom Jones
- Sir Lew Bio
- Peter Sellers
- John Lennon
- Julie Andrews
- Julie Andrews and Tom Jones
- Award presentation
- Curtain Call
MCP-013PBS/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-013 - PBS.jpgTwo appearances of the Lennons on PBS in the US transfered from an old VHS tapes.

01. Freetime 1971
02. Flipside 1973
MCP-026Listen To This DVD (DVD1)/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-026 - Listen To This DVD (DVD1).jpg1. John with Bob Dylan - outtakes from the D.A. Pennebaker documentary,
"+"Eat The Document"+".
2. John & Victor Spinetti on the BBC program "+"Release"+" broadcast in 1968
3. Clips from the Amsterdam Bed-In 1969 and the visit to Denmark 1970,
taken from the documentary "+"Den Farlige Beatle"+"
4. "+"John and Yoko Lennon Have A Message For The World From Their Bed In
The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal"+" broadcast on Metromedia TV, 1969
5. One-To-One Concert workprint excerpts 1972 ("+"Come Together"+", "+"Mother"+"
and "+"Hound Dog"+")
MCP-027Listen To This DVD (DVD2)/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-027 - Listen To This DVD (DVD2).jpg1. 1968 Auction Movie excerpt
2. "+"Look At Me"+" from Preiner doc
3. CBS News 1969
4. Bryant Park Peace Rally excerpt
5. Ten For Two movie excerpt
6. CBS News 1972
7. French TV 1975
MCP-042Imagine John Lennon Outtakes/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-042 - Imagine John Lennon Outtakes.jpg1. "+"Give Peace A Chance"+" complete from 16mm film
2. Canadian TV 1969 30 minutes from 16mm film
3. "+"Imagine: John Lennon"+" Outtakes 30 minute reel
- Robert Fraser's Gallery 1968
- Apollo Theater "+"Imagine"+"
- NY Times interview at Tittenhust
- Shopping for a gazebo
- Al Capp at the Bed-In
- Record Plant "+"Stand By Me"+"
MCP-046Ten For Two - John Sinclair Freedom Rally/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-046 - Ten For Two - John Sinclair Freedom Rally.jpgJohn Sinclair (born October 2,1941 in Flint, Michigan), was a Detroit poet,
one-time manager of the band MC5, and leader of the White Panther Party
from November 1968 to July 1969. He was jailed in 1969 after selling two
joints of marijuana to undercover narcotics officers. His case received
international attention when on December 10,1971, John Lennon and Yoko Ono
headlined the "+"Free John Now Rally"+" in front of 15-20,000 people at Crisler
Arena in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Lennon performed the song, "+"John Sinclair,"+"
calling on the authorities to "+"Let him be, set him free, Let him be like
you and me."+"
Three days after the concert, the Michigan Supreme Court released Sinclair,
and later over-turned his conviction.

Ten For Two and Concert For Bangladesh occurred only about four months
apart but what a tremendous difference.
The Ten For Two features John Lennon at his most polemic. The speakers in
the rally, Father James Groppi, Bobby Seale and Jerry Rubin, are quite
extreme and make some inflammatory statements (Groppi comparing Nixon to
Hitler is a bit much to take). The music is a mixed bag too. It's obvious
Allan Gingsberg can't sing, and I'm not sure about some of the minor acts
like The Up either. A young Bob Segar plays a great version of "+"Carol"+" and
there is a rare performance by Phil Ochs (several years before his suicide).
The whole interest in the film is John Lennon of course, and his set
consists of four songs (three really with one Yoko song). He sounds very
raw and unrehearsed, even reading the lyrics off of a music stand. But his
charisma comes through very strong, being able to hold the entire arena by
just his very presence.

01. The Up
02. Allen Ginsberg with Gary Williamson
03. Ed Sanders
04. Bob Seger with Teagarden & Vanwinkle
05. Father James Groppi
06. Teagarden & Vanwinkle
07. Bobby Seale
08. Phil Ochs
09. Rennie Davis & Dave Dellinger
10. Archie Shepp & Rosweil Rudd with Contemporary Jazz Quintet
11. News Film
12. Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airman
13. Leni Sinclair and Elsie Sinclair
14. Stevie Wonder & The Wonderlove
15. Jerry Rubin
16. David Peel & The Lower East Side
17. John Lennon & Yoko Ono with Plastic Ono Lower East Side
- Attica State
- The Luck of the Irish
- Sisters O Sisters
- John Sinclair
18. Epilogue
MCP-050Imagine John Lennon Workprint/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-050 - Imagine John Lennon Workprint.jpgEarly version of the Imagine - John Lennon Documentary, with several
differences compared to the final product.
This version was made in early 1987. Discover John...the angry youth,
the musician, the radical, the husband, the father, the lover, the idealist...through his own words and personal collection of film and music.

Uncut and not compromise on the tape to DVD transfer. This is not great
quality, but certainly watchable. Time coded for your convenience.
MCP-061ORF Profile And More Rarities/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-061 - ORF Profile And More Rarities.jpg1. ORF Profile by Hans Priener
2. Man Of The Decade from 16mm
3. Instant Karma (Top of the Pops, as shown on Entertainment Tonight)
4. Bryant Park Moratorium 1972 (CBS News raw footage)
5. Monday Night Football 1974 (from rebroadcast)
6. The 50 Greatest Moments of MSG (the Elton John show, no concert footage)
7. Newsreport
8. Imagine: John Lennon EPK
MCP-064Imagine/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-064 - Imagine.jpgThis is a fairly raw version, of course more advanced than MCP-050,
the 1987 Workprint. And this time it's in STEREOPHONIC SOUND.
And no time-code.

Complete Post Telecine
Andrew Solt Productions
"+"Imagine John Lennon"+"
1st Warner Brothers Screening
35mm workprint
Stereo Temp Mix
MCP-069The Benefit Concerts/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-069 - The Benefit Concerts.jpgDisc 1: The One-To-One Benefit Concert 1972

1. "+"One To One Concert"+" WABC-TV Broadcast with Stevie Wonder,
Sha Na Na, Roberta Flack, and John Lennon & Yoko with Plastic Ono
Elephant's Memory Band
2. "+"Mother"+" outtake from TV broadcast

3. ATV "+"Man Of The Decade"+" complete Lennon segment with slate and
ending credits

Disc 2: The John Sinclair Benefit 1971

1. Black & white from original broadcast taped on open reel
2. Color broadcast with tv station logo
3. Color excerpt from "+"Ten For Two"+" film

4. Amsterdam Bed-In Interview 1969
5. "+"War Is Over"+" in Holland Interview 1969
6. At Court Interview 1975
7. French TV Interview 1975
8. "+"Piece Of His Mind"+" Austrian TV tribute
MCP-070Radical/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-070 - Radical.jpgThe David Frost Show
January 13, 1972

1. 55-minute Composite version from 4 sources:

- Off-air black & white 20 minutes
- Color with slate 45 minutes
- Color without slate 20 minutes (better quality than above)
- VH-1 Rebroadcast (best quality, VH-1 logo)

My preference was to not see a VH-1 logo unless all I had was a black &
white piece to replace it.

2. 20-minute Off-air black & white version - taped on open reel

3. "+"Luck Of The Irish"+" rehearsal on Bank Street 1971.
4. "+"Attica State"+" from Aquarius 1972.
MCP-089John & Yoko - Everybody Had A Hard Year/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-089 - John and Yoko - Everybody Had A Hard Year.jpg01. Everybody Had A Hard Year - from the Austrian TV broadcast of "+"RAPE"+"
02. Polygoon Newsreel - Amsterdam Hilton, 1969
03. Whatever Gets You Through The Night - from 16mm
04. Dutch tribute montages
05. Eye on L.A. 1983
06. Yoko & Sean in Liverpool - New York Channel 7 Eyewitness News
07. Good Morning Britain - March 20, 1986
08. Aspel & Company - March 22, 1986
Mike Aspel talks to Boy George, Yoko Ono, and John Cleese
09. Good Morning Britain - March 24, 1986
10. Pete Shotten on South Today
MCP-099Meet The Lennons/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-099 - Meet The Lennons.jpgDisc 1

- Lyceum 1969 clip*
- "+"Mind Games"+" TV ad outtake
- "+"Lennon: Dreamweaver"+" broadcast on "+"Celebration"+"
- "+"Imagine"+" the Interactive Experience - Internet promo*

- Good Morning Britain
- Release 1985
- Weekend # 1
- Weekend # 2
- Wogan 1985

Disc 2

- Cynthia Interviews Julian
- Jim'll Fix It
- Jimmy Tarbuck
- Swedish TV
- Russell Harty

- Good Morning Britain 3-85
- Whistle Test 3-85
MCP-101Remember/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-101 - Remember.jpgDisc 1

1. David Frost: Interviews I'll Never Forget
Eye On People Channel, 1997
Excepts from John's Frost interviews from 68, 69 & 72, plus excepts from
Paul's 1997 interview.

2. Time & Again
Draws mainly on the Tom Snyder interview from 1975, but also has brief

Disc 2

1. WABC-TV New York Live Broadcast from the Central Park Vigil,
December 14, 1980.
Includes interviews with Sid Berstein, Cousin Brucie & Norm N. Nite.
I had gone to the vigil that morning so I set the timer on my VCR.
The tape has not held up very well, and I really do not like to watch
anything having to do with John's death, but looking back now, the vigil
was an event in Lennon history worth immortalizing on DVD.

2. Silence still resonates for writer
(from the Arizona Republic newspaper, Dec. 4, 2005)
NEW YORK, Dec. 14, 1980 - More than 100,000 people fell silent for
10 minutes at the vigil for John Lennon six days after he was slain in
front of his home.
New York was cold and dreary. The streets were strangely quiet; the whole
city was in mourning.
At 2 p.m., as Central Park settled into silence, one man yelled, "+"We have
to stop the madness of handguns, people!"+" Twenty-five years after two
friends and I drove seven hours from Ohio to New York to channel our
grief over Lennon's Dec. 8 death, the emotions remain. For 16 years, we
had watched Lennon mature from a smart-alecky 24-year-old on the Beatles'
1964 U.S. tour to a mustache-wearing, pot-smoking member of Sgt. Pepper's
Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967 to a 40-year-old parent who was "+"starting
over"+" in the music business.After hearing that his widow, Yoko Ono, had
called for 10 minutes of silence that Sunday "+"to pray for John's soul...
wherever you are,"+" there was no doubt we'd make the pilgrimage.
On this December weekend, the sidewalk in front of the Dakota, the luxury
complex where Mark David Chapman had gunned down Lennon, was filled with
scores of quiet, sobbing people. Stunned couples embraced, strangers
shared their feelings. Flowers, candles, notes and photos of Lennon were
Before the vigil in Central Park, Lennon's music was playing. Songs from
his just released Double Fantasy album reminded everyone that he was
poised for yet another musical phase. A large photograph of him wearing
his "+"New York City"+" T-shirt was set up on the stage of the band shell.
People of all ages had gathered, a tribute to the universal appeal of
the Beatles and Lennon.
No one said much as we slowly found a spot beneath a large tree that had
shed its leaves for winter. Everyone was bundled against the cold. People
stared at the ground, still in shock. When the Beatles anthem All You
Need Is Love played, we managed half-smiles and sang along. Many flashed
peace signs.
Then it was time for silence. TV news helicopters provided the only
After 10 minutes, which seemed more like half an hour, the opening piano
chords of Imagine began and we started crying.
My friends and I grieved for Lennon, and for the first chink in the armor
of our "+"forever-young"+" generation. The Beatles - and the baby boomers -
were mortal after all.
MCP-102War Is Over/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-102 - War Is Over.jpgDisc 1

1. Mr. & Mrs. Lennon's Honeymoon * sourced from a.b.beatles

2. John and Yoko Lennon have a message.....
WNEW-TV Special
Most of this is from the same copy used on MCP-026, however that version
was the If Productions version that removed the Lennon/McCartney
compositions (Ballad Of John & Yoko, Help!) and overdubbed non-Lennon/
McCartney songs (Dizzy Miss Lizzie, Ain't She Sweet), as well as removing
some of the phone conversation from the final scene. This version takes
that version but edits in the first song from another copy I had on VHS,
and then the 2nd song is "+"lifted"+" from FAB's version.

3. Eye On L.A. 1983
4. Yoko Ono on Live at Five to promote her "+"Starpeace"+" tour in 1986

Disc 2

1. Root Wit Blauw (the dentist interview)
2. "+"War Is Over"+" in Holland from 16mm
3. "+"War Is Over"+" film * from
MCP-107Cold Spring Harbour/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-107 - Cold Spring Harbour.jpg1. The Uncut Cold Spring Harbor Video
2. Yoko & Sean ASCAP

Frederic ("+"Fred"+") Seaman, (born October 10, 1953) is the former personal
assistant to John Lennon and Yoko Ono, during the former Beatle's final
years, when Lennon and Ono lived in The Dakota Apartments in New York City.
After Lennon's assassination on December 8, 1980, Seaman, by his own
admission, took several items from the Dakota apartments, including stereo
equipment and John Lennon's personal diaries. After his arrest, Seaman
insisted that John had specifically instructed him to give the diaries -
handwritten and assumed to be intensely private - to his eldest son Julian
Lennon in the event of his death. In 1983, Frederic Seaman was convicted
of stealing the diaries, which had by then been returned to Yoko Ono, and
sentenced to five years' probation. In 2002, Seaman also lost a long and
contentious court battle against Yoko Ono for copyright control of more than
300 unique photos he took with a camera the Lennon's owned during his employ
MCP-114I Read The News/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-114 - I Read The News.jpg01. CBS News 1969 (*)
02. Bryant Park 1972 (*)
03. Green Card Interview (*)
04. Bryant Park 1972 (*)
05. Eyewitness News San Francisco 1972
06. Eyewitness News Malibu 1973
07. 10 Around Town 1980
08. Handel Medallion 1981 (*)

* - new transfers of previously released MCP material


09. Fillmore East With Frank Zappa 1971 (**)
- Well!
- Say Please / King Kong / Jamrag / Aaawk
- Scumbag

** - obtained from the Zappateers tracker
MCP-116Milk And Honey - Truth/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-116 - Milk And Honey - Truth.jpgDisc 1

01. MTV Sunday Special: Milk & Honey
02. Borrowed Time (with slate)
03. Nobody Told Me (with slate)
04. Friday Night Videos - Nobody Told Me introduced by Mick Jagger
05. Un Jour Futur 1975 - interview with French voiceover

Disc 2

01. Man Of The Decade - ATV 12-30-69
02. Robert Fraser Gallery - July 1, 1968
03. Bed In - Donald Zec
04. Bed In - Al Capp
05. New York Times Interview at Tittenhurst
06. Gazebo Shopping
07. "+"Imagine"+" Apollo Theater 12-17-71
08. "+"How"+"
09. "+"Mind Train"+"
10. "+"Give Me Some Truth"+"
11. "+"Oh My Love"+"
12. "+"Mrs. Lennon"+"
13. "+"Crippled Inside"+"
14. "+"Jealous Guy"+"
15. "+"Whatever Gets You Through The Night"+"
16. Monday Night Football 12-9-74
17. 20/20 "+"Woman"+"
18. SNL "+"Goodbye Sadness"+"
MCP-119Unfinished Video Volume 1/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-119 - Unfinished Video Volume 1.jpg1. "+"Two Junkies"+" interview at Twickenham for CBC-TV Jan. 14, 1969
2. "+"Two Virgins"+" movie by John & Yoko
3. JOKO Films Excerpts with slate
4. "+"Freedom"+" movie by John & Yoko
MCP-138Imagine 1972 Version/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-138 - Imagine 1972 Version.jpgThe original version of the Imagine movie. The release in 1985 cut out 2 songs, shortened one song, and shortened some of the other footage.DVD5Proshot1
MCP-139Then and Now/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-139 - Then and Now.jpgThis is the documentary from 1986.DVD5Proshot1
MCP-140Freetime/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-140 - Freetime.jpgThis is new capture of the Lennons' PBS show, previously shared on MCP-013. This copy was captured at a higher bit rate, and the color correction and TBC seems to have helped. The other piece from MCP-013, Flipside, will be re-captured at a future date.DVD5Proshot1
MCP-141Imagine 1985/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-141 - Imagine 1985.jpgThe "+"Imagine"+" movie from 1972, as released on VHS in 1985.DVD5Proshot1
MCP-152One To One/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-152 - One To One.jpgThis is the original ABC-TV broadcast. Taken from two sources.

"+"Imagine"+" (audio only)
Stevie Wonder "+"Superstitious"+"
Sha Na Na "+"Sea Cruise"+"
Sha Na Na "+"Tears On My Pillow"+"
Sha Na Na "+"Tell Laura I Love Her"+"
Sha Na Na "+"Rama Lama Ding Dong"+"
Roberta Flack "+"Reverend Lee"+"
Roberta Flack "+"Somewhere"+"
"+"Come Together"+"
"+"Instant Karma"+"
"+"Sisters Oh Sisters"+"
"+"Cold Turkey"+"
"+"Hound Dog"+"
"+"Give Peace A Chance"+"

plus, from a workprint
"+"Come Together"+"
"+"Hound Dog"+"
MCP-160The Interviews/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-160 - The Interviews.jpgAvro Televizier Magazine 12-16-1969
Man of The Decade 12-30-1969
KABC-TV Malibu 11-1973
The Today Show 12-17-1974
Ugly George 9-24-1976
At The Circus 3-29-1977
MCP-161A Journey In The Life/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-161 - A Journey In The Life.jpgProgramme taken from the words and music of John Lennon and from the recollections of his friends, which combines dramatised sequences, archive film, interviews, live music and fantasy sequences to give an insight into the man behind the legend, on the 5th anniversary of his death.

Plus: Yoko Ono: My Journey After John 30 minutes
MCP-164John Lennon The ORF Tapes Volume 1/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-164 - John Lennon The ORF Tapes Volume 1.jpgA memorial special as broadcast on Austria's ORF TV station (and Germany's NDR)DVD5Proshot1
MCP-165John Lennon The ORF Tapes Volume 2/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-165 - John Lennon The ORF Tapes Volume 2.jpgA memorial special as broadcast on Austria's ORF TV station (and Germany's NDR)DVD5Proshot1
MCP-175Julian Volume 1/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-175 - Julian Volume 1.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-176Julian Volume 2/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-176 - Julian Volume 2.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-179December 9th Volume 1/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-179 - December 9th Volume 1.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-180In My Life/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-180 - In My Life.jpgDVD5Proshot1
MCP-181December 9th Volume 2/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-181 - December 9th Volume 2.jpg2xDVD5Proshot1
MCP-189December 9th Volume 3/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-189 - December 9th Volume 3.jpgTaped on VHS December 9, 1980, digitized from VHS and authored January 2016, by mcp
I taped these before I had cable, so there's interference, ghosts, etc.

The Today Show (New York Edition)
NBC Nightly News
NBC News Special Report: The Man And His Music
MCP-190December 9th Volume 4/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-190 - December 9th Volume 4.jpgNews 4 NY December 9
News 4 NY December 10
America's Top Ten Tribute
PBS-TV December 9
MCP-191December 9th Volume 5/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-191 - December 9th Volume 5.jpgTaped on VHS December 9 and 10, 1980, digitized from VHS and authored January 2016, by mcp
I taped these before I had cable, so there's interference, ghosts, etc.

CBS-TV New York and national December 9, 1980
CBS-TV New York and national December 10, 1980
CBS News "+"The Dream Is Over"+"
MCP-192December 9th Volume 6/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-192 - December 9th Volume 6.jpgTaped on VHS December 9, 1980, digitized from VHS and authored January 2016, by mcp
I taped these before I had cable, so there's interference, ghosts, etc.

MCP-193December 9th Volume 7/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-193 - December 9th Volume 7.jpgWABC-TV
December 14, 1980
Live Coverage Of The Centrak Park Vigil
MCP-194December 9th Volume 8/images/dvd/John Lennon/MCP/MCP-194 - December 9th Volume 8.jpgDVD5Proshot1